Silvina and Marisa 146 (english subtitles)

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What do you want to tell us?
- Sil.. - No, I want to tell them, they need to know.
I don't get it..
At the beggining, it was difficult for me to understand as well, but..
now I am sure and I know what I want
and I'm in love with Marisa and she is in love with me..
Dad.. please, don't be sad.
Really, I didn't mean to..
I'm fine.. I'm happy.. I really mean it.
It's okay..
No, I'm sorry, really. What I only wanted was for you to know, that's it..
Because I want you to know that I'm fine, that I'm happy..
Do you understand that?
It's okay, Silvina.. we are not sad, it's just..
Say something, Alberto..
Well, I better be going..
No, wait, wait..
No, I'm sure your parents want to talk only to you and..
they don't want me here.. so, excuse me.
Don't go.. Wait, wait, wait..
Stay here with me, really. Look..
Eh, well, sorry. Perhaps it's not what you expected but truth is that
it was nice to meet you..
Wait, don't go..
Sil, I got to go, it is too much..
Good Morning!
Yeah, it's a good day for you only, for us it is a shit..
Why? What happened?
Nothing, the caveman didn't show up..
Diente! (Tooth!)
It's the truth! Let me tell it, the caveman didn't show up!
I.. Today is the 30st day and I can't be with Estela!
Laura can't be with Tomás, and the boss is even more lonely than a dog.
Hmm, what a nice day we have.. Is Marisa here?
Hmm, boss, I need to talk to you.. It is a private matter..
Yes, I need to ask you something..
Can we talk about it later?
Okay, we'll talk about that later. Hey, you two, cheer up, c'mon!
The new cops are coming and the doctor.
What? Is more people coming?
Yeahh, so we won't feel lonely and we get altogether to suffer..
They they are getting here..
Good morning..
Good morning!
Good morning, how are you? Welcome. Do you come to the 099 interview?
No, I'm not a cop..
Oh, what a pity..
I'm looking for Mario Arcapalo..
So, Mario Arrrrrcapalo.. Are you sure he is here?
Yes.. Oh, you sure don't know him as Mario Arcapalo. It is Marito.
- Marito, do you know him? - Yes, Marito, we know him..
And.. what's your name?
Is he?
- Y-Yes. I'll go get him..
Fucking assholes.. Yeah, yeah, I've heard..
- Hi, my love! - Hello, my love!
- How are you? - Fine? - Fine..
Oh, what a waste!
I've come to see you, you seemed very upset, so sad last night.
You know I don't like to interfere in your job but.. I wanted to know how you were doing.
You got me really worried..
You are SO cute! SO cute!
You are spoiling me! be careful because I may get used to it..
Yes, last night I wasn't feeling very well.. Thanks anyway, I don't care if you..
Boss, do you mind if I show my boyfriend the brigade?
Thanks! Excuse.. He is handsome! Come on, honey, I'll show you the infirmary..
And I'm with the stupid Popeye..
What a cute boy! Isn't he?
- What are you doing here? - I was waiting for you..
Yes, I told Fausto to tell you to come here.
I rented it.
I was looking for a flat and I found this one and..
- Uhh, a raid.. - Okay, but give me two minutes..
- I need to tell you something. - But I got to go to..
- I know! It'll only be two minutes. Just let me, please.
But, why did you meet me here?
Because, this flat showed up and I rented it out because I want us both to do it.
Yes, so we can start over, our relationship.. a commited one, real one. To be together.
I-I.. I really love you and I'm in love with you and..
Truth is that.. you'll think it's ridiculous what I'm going to tell you and..
..illogical and I don't care.
But I thought that maybe we could do it together, you and me.
Do what together?
You wanted a child, didn't you?
- No.. - Sil..
No, I know it's crazy but I already told my parents and I don't care if they know..
I'm in love with you and.. I don't care.
I love you and.. I'm not telling you to do it now because it would be crazy and I couldn't do it, but..
In a while, I would like to be a mum and I thought we may adopt a baby together.
I really love you, honestly and..
I've never felt like this before with anyone, and I know you love me..
Let's try it..
I assure you, we can be happy.
I.. I don't assure, I promise.
I've got to go now..
Wait for me..
- Let him go! - I'll kill him!
Put the gun down! Put it down!
Come closer and I'll kill him!
We are four against one, don't get yourself killed!
- Fuck, I'll kill him! - Go slowly!
- Get closer to me, come here.
- Lean him on! Lean him on! - Stay still!
- On your knees! - Kick the gun! Kick it! Kick it!
Tomás Ledesma, go away.
Ledesma, Ledesma, go away.
I can't believe it! Why is she giving me so much trouble?
- Will you stop, please? - No! Judge, I'm coming from a raid! How she dares to..
- Can you stop it? - But she scold me!
- Truth is you are not formaly dressed, Ledesma.
C'mon, shape up, please! Be happy..
See what a wife you got yourself..
Yes, you are right!
Hey, don't scream that much that there's nobody here!
Laura Noemí Copioli de Ledesma.
Ehmm.. that thing. That little thing was something I wanted to talk about.
No, no.. We are not talking about anything, you already signed!
I know, I know I'm already screwed! But I think it will be better if it is:
Tomás Rodolfo Ledesma de Copioli.
You already signed it, Laura. I'm sorry.. You should have thought that before. That's it.
Yeah, it's true..
Husband and wife. Are you ever going to regret it?
Me neither.
Can I tell you something?
Do I need to?
I don't know what I was, but what I do know is what I want to be from now on..
- Tomás. - What?
I don't know what I was, but what I do know is what I am from now on..
My love..
My love..
I got married! I got married!
I got married!
Hey, guys, a photo with the couple! Get a little bit closer to them!
There, it's perfect!
Stay still!
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