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What are you doing? Why don't you run away?
Nice to meet you, Miss Jang Man Ok.
Just know that I will report Take One or whatever as the thief of my scooter. Do as you wish.
Hey, you thief!
My apologies are put in here.
You needn't.
This and that can happen in life.
Why should I go there?
Then, should I send him in that condition?
I was really looking forward to this shoot.
I said I don't want to do it!
Don't you know I don't like kids?
Are you going to keep acting like this?
If that's how bad you don't want to do it, then break the contract and leave!
What is "Paing, Paing"?
I dislocated my arm...
I need to go to the hapkido (type of martial arts) studio.
Careful, it hurts.
We meet again like this.
Lee Tae Ik!
What is this horrible photo?
Man Ok Kwan? Is it a Chinese restaurant?
Tell her to get rid of the photo immediately and shut down her homepage.
What revenge does she have against me that this kind of photo...?
What is this?
This is the hapkido studio which Tae Ik visited, right?
Yes, it is.
I sent Secretary Hwang there, so he will take care of it.
Secretary Hwang?
Using the photo without permission.
Illegally using his name and infringing on his portrait rights.
We will take steps immediately to sue you.
You know where Take One's lodging is, right?
Episode 2 Part 2
Settlement? Then you aren't going to sue me?
If we go to court and this gets into the tabloid, it is not good for our clients either.
The damage to their image is inevitable.
So our position is that we would rather get a settlement than go to court.
Then...how should I...?
Shut down your homepage immediately and the settlement fee is 30 million won. We can't yield anymore.
30 million is no joke.
Ah, what should I do?
Jang Man Ok! Look at your posture. Where there is a will...
There is a way.
That's right! If I give them everything they ask, I am an idiot.
I will go and settle it with the person directly.
What? Is she going inside?
Come out! Where do you think you are going? Come out quickly.
I have business here. Let me go!
Don't you know who I am?
Hey, ahjussi!
What the? Move.
This unni is completely devoid of sense!
There are rules here, too.
No matter how much you like oppa, you can't force yourself into the office.
Move out of the way!
This unni has urgent business and must see this Tae Ik or whoever.
What did you say? You called oppa "Tae Ik or whoever"?
Is this Ahjumma really crazy?
"Ahjumma" (Older-Woman)?
Hey guys! Tae Ik oppa has appeared!
Where, where? Where is he?
What the? Where are you all going? To meet Tae Ik?
Girls, lets go together! Hey, girls! Hey, girls!
Hey, girls... just a moment. This unni has business so just a moment.
I'm sorry. Sorry.
Look here. If you step on someone's foot you should apologize.
Tae Ik!
What is all this?
What is this?
It's off-limits now.
Off-limits? What is the problem?
What are you doing in someone else's studio? Who are all those people?
By any chance, are you the owner of the studio?
Yes, I am the master here.
Illegal gambling took place at the studio. The police who were on ambush duty caught all of them in the act and arrested them.
You didn't know?
Gambling? In my studio? But... who?
That person is that...
Do you know him?
You have to accompany us to the police station briefly.
How many times do I have to tell you? I am really innocent.
Miss, look here. You even received money for providing the gambling house.
No. I haven't received it yet.
You haven't received it yet...
So, it means that you were to receive money, right?
That's not it. I really swear that...
they said they are going to practice dancing or something like that...
This ahjussi said that he needs a place for his association to practice.
I just lent it to get usage fees.
Miss, think about it reasonably.
Gambling which entails tens of millions of won going back and forth took place,
does it make sense that the owner of the house didn't know about it?
Tens of millions of won?
Wow! They have grit! How could they bet tens of millions of won...?
But you said that you would give me just 200,000 won? You are cheap!
Miss, if you get hooked on that kind of money, you'll be in trouble.
Like me. I only look for Oriental paintings.
Ahjussi, do you know the sorrow of a migratory bird?
He settles down with difficulty.
But he has to escape if the police appear.
Then he settles down with difficulty there, but he has to escape again when the police appear.
She only accepted me with the love for migratory birds.
If she is guilty, it is only for providing me with a location.
Be quiet. What did you do right to interfere?
Whatever. For lending your studio to compulsive gamblers after receiving money...
It is definitely your mistake. Alright?
So, even if you don't get sued for criminal charges,
you should be prepared for at least suspension of business and getting fined.
Keep that in mind and you may go.
Sus.. suspension... of business?
A good citizen was scammed by swindlers
and has incurred damages.
Far from comforting me, what do you mean by suspension of business?
The public police...
to a good citizen...
can you do this?
I can't budge one step from here till I am proved innocent.
Police Investigator Park!
Miss, there is no use doing this here.
Let go of this!
How could the public police use violence against a good citizen?
It is something that can't take place in a democratic country.
Let go! Let go!
Ahjussi, get me a short sentence this time.
How could this be in a democratic country? Closed Till the 15th Because of Master Training.
Why does a good citizen have to undergo something like this?
Suspension of business, does this even make sense?
Be quiet. Don't spread it in the neighborhood.
Sorry. I'm really sorry, friend.
But even Mrs. Hong really didn't know that he was a gambler.
Mrs. Hong said that she will pay for the penalty and she won't receive rent for the time being.
Is the rent the problem now?
Manokin Wardrobe has shut down, the studio has closed... what do I live on immediately?
Because of that idle and inconvenient Hong mother and daughter, my life is also about to be shut down. Is the rent the problem now?
But see, Man Ok, there is always a way out.
You know that thing... borrowing money with collateral.
If you somehow endure with that for a little while..I will do everything to...
Does it make sense?
How could something like this! Does it make sense?
Master Jang, how could you?
Jin Ho's mother.
I refused all the newly constructed studios and to this old studio...
I kept my kids in your charge, trusting only you.
But, how could you? What do you mean by gambling house?
Jin Ho's mother, that's...
Omo! Omo! Look at that! What? Master training?
Do you think we are idiots?
It is unbelievable that gambling took place in a studio where children do sports.
How could you blatantly lie like this when your business has been suspended.
Seung Won's mother, that is not what happened...
There is no need to talk any further. There is no need for people living in the same neighborhood to burn their faces arguing.
Refund our children's fees immediately.
Then? They won't be able to do sports for months because of the suspension.
Am I to let my kids do nothing at all during that time?
No, you must not.
Alright, I will refund it immediately today.
Client, the amount for closing the Happy Installment Savings Account is 3,610,000 won. Please check it.
Excuse me, client.
Ah! Yes.
Yes, Grandpa!
Did somebody die?
Why are you receiving the phone call with a sigh?
I exercised hard and so I am tired.
Jang Man Ok.
There is no problem at the studio, right?
Problem? What problem? There is no problem, Grandpa.
Really? I called because I have had disturbing dreams for the past few days.
Jang Man Ok, guard the studio well. Where there is a will...
There is a way.
If Grandpa finds out that the studio was ordered to suspend business temporarily.
Jang Man Ok.
For a martial artist, honor is life
You dirtied honor which is like life. Jang Man Ok.
Be determined.
I deserve to die. Yes, a human like me deserves to die.
Why did I do that?
This is all because of you.
You make all this havoc because I used one photo?
If your arm got dislocated, you should have gone to the hospital?
Why do you come to someone else’s studio and cause trouble?
If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have lent the studio.
Then there wouldn’t have been any gambling.
And there would have been no temporary suspension of business.
Ah, seriously! If I catch you with my hands, you are dead!
Ms. Jang Man Ok?
Yes, I am Jang Man Ok.
He… here… pa… pa… parcel service.
What was that?
It’s the shirt that Sir Me ordered.
You are the last order for Manokin Wardrobe.
Please pay attention to the delivery. I request, please.
Alright. It’s the last one.
It’s the last one, so I should at least provide this kind of service.
Sir Me will wear it well.
Wow! The house is nice.
Go Dong!
Go Dong!
Where did he go again?
Is nobody in?
That’s right! I was asked to call before making the delivery.
Oh! What are you? How did you know about this place to come here?
It seems you live here?
You wouldn’t see me no matter how I went to see you. How did I run into you in a place like this?
What are you? A stalker?
Are you Won Kang Hwi’s W.P?
W what?
W.P. Don’t you know? Wicked private fan.
Even if we are in the same team, one who only takes care of the member one likes. A person just like you!
Though I have an imaginary friend, I don’t know about W.P.
I feel bad enough about (being called) the stalker, what do you think of me?
You are wicked!
When you sell out someone else’s face with a wretched photo,
where do you think this is that you shamelessly come here? Aish!
What? What did you say? Wicked?
What is this?
- What? What did you say? - What is the problem? - Wicked?
Hey! You jerk! Come back here!
You crazy…! Are you really crazy?
First, come out. Oh! Oh! Come out when I speak nicely. ! Come out quickly!
Come out! Hey! Come out quickly!
Take responsibility for everything. Take responsibility for everything. You bastard!
What is this?
That guy… perhaps…!
I said take responsibility.
If you are a celebrity, do you think you can do anything? Is it such a big deal if your face was embarrassed?
Who are you to tell me to shut down my homepage?
Fine. I was really wrong in using your photo without saying anything.
But, do you have to take the bread out of somebody’s mouth to feel relieved?
For you it is just a matter of getting embarrassed and irritated. But for me it is a matter of making a living.
Were you able to sleep comfortably after taking the bread out of somebody’s mouth?
To me, this face is how I make my precious livelihood?
You are the one who touched my livelihood first. Do you know that?
You live luxuriously in a place like this and how can you speak of livelihood?
How big is this place? 100 pyeong (1 pyeong = 3.3 square meters)?
No, it’s more than 1,000 pyeong, right?
But what? I am really dumbfounded.
You are the just like that person who insists that’s his entire fortune is only 270,000 won.
Why? You have nothing to say, right?
Where are you going? You bastard!
Come out! You aren’t coming out?
Am I that easy? You bastard!
It’s bitter! You are really pitiful, Jang Man Ok.
What are you going to do now? You don’t even have immediate living expenses.
30 million won?
I’m drinking soju without eating anything along with it because I have no money.
30 million won?
How do I provide it?
If I sell this, how much will it be worth?
Michelle, should we try this once?
Here. Let’s take a look. How pretty is our daughter?
Wow! It suits you really well.
Mom, can’t you give me this.
Should I? Do you want it?
Dad, am I pretty?
The best! Our Michelle is the best!
Turn around like a model.
So pretty!
Should we try it on your head?
You are prettier than mom.
Of course you should be prettier than mom, our daughter!
- What? - Kiss.
What about mom?
Oh, this pretty kid.
Jang Man Ok! No, Michelle Jang!
No matter what happens, you mustn’t touch this. Never!
Huh? It's Kang Hwi.
But why would Kang Hwi be here...?
I am seeing things now. You're drunk, you're drunk, Jang Man Ok.
Excuse me... Jang Man Ok.
This person is really!
What's this?
Is it really Kang Hwi?
What to do?
Kang Hwi Nim!
Why did you do that?
Why did you come here to get into this kind of thing?
So... how much will be this be worth?
They are people who ask for 30 million won because I used one photo.
But I touched this precious body. Would it be 40 million? No, 50 million?
Really! Why am I like this?
But... why won't he wake up?
No ways...
Are you alright?
Ah! My head!
These are the props that came on Manokine Wardrobe.
Wait a second.
These are all authentic?
Excuse me, Kang Hwi. Do you know Manokine Wardrobe?
Of course, I do. It's me, it's me.
My ID is Sir Me!
It is that outfit!
Do you know now? Do you know how much I wanted to wear this?
You are glad to see me, right?
It's about time the outfit from Manokine Wardrobe should be arriving. How far has it come?
But why?
Why would it suddenly close down?
What am I to do now? What do I do about my clothes now? Aish!
No ways... did that jerk Lee Tae Ik cause a problem?
No ways... did he sue her for violating his portrait rights?
This doesn't make sense. It wasn't even photographed well.
What am I to do now?
Bae Go Dong, where are you now?
I'm in a meeting. I'm hanging up.
What is this?
I'm curious to death.
Come out now when I say it nicely. You!
Come out quickly!
Hey! Come out quickly!
That's weird. There is no way that Lee Tae Ik would cause girl problems.
Who are you to tell me to close down my homepage?
I was really wrong in using your photo without saying anything.
What are you doing and not escaping?
Why is mannequin unni here?
Your name?
I am Jang Man Ok.
Jang Man Ok
Jang Man Ok... Manokine... Manokine... Manokine...
Then the owner of Manokine Wardrobe?
I'm really sorry. Man Ok, you saved me but I shouldn't have brought up the photo?
But I really didn't know that Man Ok, you were the owner of Manokine Wardrobe.
I am really sorry. It became like this against my will. I'm really sorry.
No! You didn't do it knowingly. It's not something that Kang Hwi, you should be sorry about.
It's me who is sorry for inflicting a wound against my will.
The hospital fee...
I don't have any money to give you... But I will pay you as soon as I earn money.
So... can you not sue me?
Sue you? Hey! I'm fine!
How can I sue you for something like this, Man Ok?
I really am okay.
Instead... the lawsuit and the shutting down of your homepage... you must have suffered quite a blow.
Yes... that is... a lot.
Since there is also something I am sorry about...
Those vintage outfits...
I will pay you much more than the market price at the shop, so sell them all to me, huh?
I can't do that.
Why? Sell them.
I will really pay a lot.
And Man Ok you are saying this because you don't know very well... but those pretty looking babies must...
meet a proper owner like me.
That is... they are articles left behind by my deceased parents.
I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't even know that.
Man Ok, did you make this?
You made all the designs in Manokine Wardrobe?
Yes, by just using them.
Man Ok, would you like to work with us?
Our stylist quit sometime back.
Under the condition that we use all the props here, how about becoming our Take One stylist?
Take One?
That is slightly...
Instead, I will make sure you get a handsome salary.
I will tell them to deduct the settlement money from your salary.
And if it goes well, they could reduce it for you.
You are wicked! You sell someone else's face with a wretched photo.
Where do you think this is for you to come here shamelessly?
Kang Hwi, I can't do this.
Why? With your talent, you can do it sufficiently.
Who is born a stylist?
That's not it.
Then? You don't want to work with me?
No. I like Kang Hwi... I like you but still...
You like me but why? Why?
You know that total jerk!
The total jerk?
Do you mean Tae Ik?
It's OK. I have a plan.
Is this 100%?
You....who are you?
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- What is this? - A memorandum for the stylist contract.
This is an agreement to keep your mouth shut
about the location of Full House and everything that happens inside it.
This wasn't a 100%? It itches!
A diamond?
Let's go to the best place ever.
Here you go!
Please take this.
Are you crazy?
I'm dead!
Can't you do it quickly?
No way.
- Hey. - Oh! my.