Yuri Lowenthal Extended Interview from Castle Panic - TableTop ep 6

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YURI LOWENTHAL: My name is Yuri Lowenthal, and I'm known
for acting primarily, and within that, voice acting in
video games and animation and things like that.
Being a voice in video games is kind of a dream come true
for me, because I grew up playing video
games from Pong upward.
So it's great because it's getting to play in something
that I love.
And it's also great because being a voice actor, I get to
play a lot of different kinds of roles that I would never
play on camera, limited by the way that I look.
And in video games, I've played all manner of
characters that I would never be cast as on camera.
I would say among the most prominent or popular games
that I've worked on, I'd have to put at the top of the list
the Prince of Persia games.
But besides that, Dragon Age: Origins.

It's always the characters that you never
expect would be popular.
There's a special little dwarf in Dragon Age: Origins named
Sandal, and very close to all our hearts.
And we never thought that that little guy would be quite the
hit that he was.
Finding the voice for game characters, and specifically
RPGs, is something that I sort of had a lot of practice with
in the sense that years of playing Dungeons and Dragons.
I actually grew up in West Africa for a time, because my
dad was in the Foreign Service, and I had just gotten
the D&D basic box set for Christmas right before we
left, and I hadn't even opened it.
And I remember I got out there, and I didn't have any
friends, and I was baffled by living in
a Third World country.
And my dad said why don't we invite some
other kids over from--
there was another embassy family, and and why don't we
invite those boys over, and I'll sort of show you how to--
he didn't know how to play D&D. But he figured he could
lead us through it.
There would be instructions.
When I look back on that, that was a momentous day in my
youth that that came into my life because
I learned so much.
A, I learned how to socialize and
interact with other people.
We learned team building skills, and I learned about
mythology and history.
And it got me drawing, and it got me thinking
in different ways.
Only good came of it.
We still did stay up for 24, 48, 72 hours at a time on a
weekend playing until we were just burnt on caffeine.
Like, all our adrenaline was gone, and we were fueled by
caffeine and sugar and laughter.
But some of my fondest memories came over Dungeons
and Dragons.
And I can only wish that every parent introduces their kids
to, if not that game, then some other game.
Whether they're more geared towards sci-fi or fantasy or
soldiers, whatever it is, there's a game out there that
can only be good for you.
Gaming is everything.

Wow, I don't know if I've ever been captured on camera saying
those lines.