Vete a la Versh - Vete a la versh: Episodio 8 - El Canciller del Pop

Uploaded by vetealaversha on 21.07.2009

The Chancellor of Pop
It's so much fun playing with marbles!
Yeah! You're such a homosexual!
That's a big hand...
Oh, what the fuck!
I'll take you home.
Oh no! Please! No no no!
Mmmmm... Yes!
Okay... I'll give you a chance.
If you guess my name, I'll let you go.
Well, you're "Miguel JoaquĆ­n"
AKA the "Chancellor of Pop"
and the most famous pedophile in the world.
You're like the most perverted of all.
I don't give shit, you're still coming with me.
Well you're really an idiot
at least you should offer me like candy
or drugs or something cool like that.
I have gummies,
little cupcakes,
random shit and cocaine.
And I'll rape you while you sleep.
A while later
*More moaning*
Here's your candy.
And here's where you'll sleep.
I'm so fucked!