Welcome to NHS Westminster

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Hello, my name is Michael Scott
and I'm chief executive of NHS Westminster.
What is NHS Westminster?
Well, it's the local branch of the NHS.
And it's dedicated to serving the health and healthcare needs
of people in Westminster.
We have almost a quarter of a million people here in Westminster
and we spend something like £500 million promoting health
and looking after people should they need healthcare.
We spend our money on family doctors, general practitioners,
which most people see as the first line of the NHS.
We also provide community services,
so district nurses, health visitors.
We've just moved those staff into a brand-new provider organisation.
We also purchase hospital care.
So if people have to go into hospital,
then we make sure that the hospitals are providing
the right level of care for Westminster residents.
We also provide services for other groups of people
with mental health needs, learning disabilities and physical disabilities.
What are our big goals here in Westminster?
Well, first and foremost, we want to reduce health inequalities.
It's a sad fact that if you live in the more deprived areas of the city,
you're more likely to suffer from ill-health and die early.
Secondly we want to add life to years.
This goal is to ensure that people's chronic care needs
are met and supported.
Thirdly years to life.
Generally in Westminster, life expectancy is long.
However, there are still deaths from the major killer diseases,
that of cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease.
And fourthly a choice of quality healthcare.
So if you do have to go into hospital, there is a choice
between a number of different acute providers here in Westminster.
We're also very keen to encourage patients to choose their GP.
And our fifth goal is about health.
We've called it Fit for 2012.
This means that when the Olympics come to London,
they find Westminster and its residents as a fit city.
We've coined a phrase "The best of health, the best of healthcare".
That is what we want to deliver for people in Westminster.
NHS Westminster covers the whole City of Westminster,
so we stretch from the river in the south,
through Victoria and Pimlico, across Hyde Park,
and up into the north to Queens Park and Bayswater.
It's a big area, and it exactly covers the same area as the city council,
an important point because much of our work
is done in partnership with the city council,
and other organisations in Westminster.
So that's NHS Westminster.
We're based at 15 Marylebone Road,
very much in the heart of Westminster City.