Tarek Mustafa, the treasurer of RETA, the first independent union in Egypt.

Uploaded by ITUCCSI on 14.03.2011

Before the revolution of January 25th ,
we lived 30 years in a state of emergency
and faced lots of difficulties.
As trade unions, we were integral part of the revolution.
Four years before the revolution,
we participated in thousands of labor strikes
and faced lots of security and administrative difficulties
because we have laws that restrict freedoms of associations.
Despite all of this,
we played a role in paving the way
to the revolution
and effectively and strongly participated in until it won.
As for what we need after the revolution:
• We want to be part of opening freedom of association,
as we suffered a lot from the absence of any independent organization
either trade unions or political parties.
All what was allowed is to have a decorative bodies.
• We are looking forward to be an important and pioneer part
in forming independent trade unions
to express the interests of Egyptian labor movement
which is about 23 millions workers
who are not protected.
The existed trade unions were supposed to play such role.
But they are part of the former corrupted regime.
They were against workers,
their hopes and interests.
But now and fortunately,
we succeeded to establish the first independent trade union federation in Egypt
aiming at rising the Egyptian labor movement ,
to be part of ITUC and the global labor movement
and defend workers' rights within the coming period.