Fred Parody... Parody

Uploaded by kirastanza on 10.06.2010

Hay, it's Lennon
You'll never guess what happened today
We went out to the creek
and then John humped a tree!
Eww! Gross!
So then we went over to the creek
and found a cave
and then we went through it and found a doo-doo next to it. Eww! Gross!
and then we found a bunch of curse words in the tunnel
Eww! Gross!
and then we went to the park and got
stalked by a little 13-year-old
who wanted to be in this movie
Eww! Gross!
So then we found the kid who we thought
was 13, but he was actually 18
but he turned out to be a midget that
lived in John's butt.
Eww! Gross!
and then we made him look for a green rock
because, well...
he started stalking us. Whoaaaaaaa!
We had to go to a completely seperate
park because he was stalking us
Eww! Gross!
So then we made this documentary
just to prove that we did all this
Eww! Gross!
And that's the end of the video