bruno banani Flirt Camp - Episode 2

Uploaded by bbFlirtCamp on 23.11.2010

Day2 Beach Club
Tonight we gonna have a little beach party.
Of course you can invite pretty girls as well
and you train your flirting skills already today.
Go ahead!
You shall not try to talk in the club.
You work with dancing. You making her feeling comfortable
and you communicate with your body language.
So that means the worse your lines are the better your dance must be
and you'll be successful in a club then.
Rodrigo. I would like to give you personal coaching on dress, looks and grooming
so we go shopping and we can see that your packaging
fits the secret gems you hide inside.
About my new image I feel when I look in the mirror it's strange to see me.
I know it's important, the image and I respect it
because I have to respect the woman. That's the game.
What is your name?
Rodrigo, from Spain.
Oh from Spain, nice to meet you.
I have to do it the Spanish way. Two kisses.
Oh, ok
That's the way we do.
I see. Nice. I like it.
Hi, how are you?
Are you having fun?
Yes thank you. You?
Oh also, yes.
You are the best girl I've seen for my whole life
and you have such a beautiful smile.
See you later on.
Wow! What a difference!
Honestly he walked in and the outfit was gorgeous.
Today, chest up, head up and that's hot.
He said "Hi" and he was like "Oh I'm Spanish we do it like this".
Made me feel comfortable. Very friendly. Brilliant. Loved that.
If you do it like that in Spain and you are Spanish, that's the way to do it.
I'm Cenk I'm 23 from Zurich.
The women play a game so you have to kind of adapt
and bring yourself around those walls they’re building in front of you.
I was wandering
if you ever going to take a break.
From dancing?
You seem to be more quiet there.
Me? I'm tired.
In fact I was sitting over there and waiting for you to take a break
so in fact I had so much time to make this
What do you think Rachel?
That's very sweet.
Where are you from?
Scotland. Where are you from?
Yeah, Zurich.
I'm Cenk by the way.
I like it.
Now you know how much time I've spent there
looking and waiting until you'll finally take a break.
Meet you at the bar?
All right. See you later.
Oh my gosh!
What is that?
What was he like?
This girl nearly cried.
I could see it. You melted for this one.
It's ok, it worked.
Thing is. The best thing about this one was that
he walked over. Eye contact the whole way.
You know I had to come up with something
so I just grab whatever I could and made something like McGyver style.
It made her really nearly cry.
"I was standing here for half an hour and it's given me time to make this"
and he's made this rose and he said
"I want to give this to you. I've been watching you for half an hour. I think
you're beautiful."
Now you know what? Done!
Interesting day. You know what? Good day!
Next episode 6th of December.
May I introduce you to the ambassador of the brand.
May I join you?
You guys have any plan for tonight?
I'm not going
I guess you are going.
This is the greenest light you can ever get and it's really that easy.
Latest advice:
Be a little naughty. If you're in a great mood let that shine. All right?
Good luck guys!