Homemade Hello Kitty Mini Card with Candy

Uploaded by ashleyebegin on 07.08.2011

I'm gunna show you how to make this super cute litte hello kitty card using the hello kitty greetings cartridge
I got the idea from the little face from the little image you see on the side
I made a little slot inside to hold the smarties
So you have a extra little treat with your card I got the idea from the perfume samples you get at the mall
I already cut out my layer

So let's get started
it's part of some of the um... first layer
The circle is cut at
2 1/2
uh... from the plantain school book cartridge and then the flower
is from the hello kitty cartridge
and it's just the clothes layer right there
and I used the real dial size and cut it at 2 1/4
and then layered them on and then I'll start assembling her face
uh... I cut
the Hello Kitty Face Out
at 1 1/2 I think it's the very first page
Oh she's the second page
There she is A little Zig 2 way glue Line it up with the little cut lines the put in there for you then we do her little ear
and you are going to want to
make sure it's going the right way
there's a little extra glue but it will dry clear, it's OK
and there is my cat
and do her little bow
and sometimes I just keep it on the matt and take it off as I go along
So I make sure all the pieces are going the right way
But you can just you know mess with
them and make sure you got them fitting in there right
I always second guess myself Do the little center to her bow
and there is like these little tiny things that go in between the bow
you can see them right there
and they are just too small with this little face
so I just skip them
And I think it still looks good
And do her nose and her nose is from the same button as the bow so you have to cut it out twice Once in yellow
i cut it out at 2 inches instead of 1 1/2 because it's so tiny
And I did it the first time
An it was pretty impossible to get it on there And I'm going to use my Xacto Knife to get it off my finger and on to the little nose part
I'm going to attach those in a minute But I'm going to let it dry just for a minute
and I'll do the next part
So then for the base of my card
I have a piece of Kraft Cardstock
And It's cut at
6 1/2 by 3 inches and you are going to see why in a minute
I am going to grab my Martha Scorepal thing And...
It's missing the top because I stepped on it
So I'm going to score at three inches And I like to do it a couple times so you get a real good score And I'm going to score at 3 1/2
inces and I'm doing a couple Get That out of the way
Alright so then on your first score Your going to bend it, then use your bone folder
grab some sissors
and you're going to be able to see that score line
and you are going to want to turn it over right where you see that score line and then cut right up to it
and then do another one
and try to
make like a little square
and then take this one and score that one now And then it looks like that
And then you push it in from the back like that
And then just Bend it forward
So now you have a little pocket for your candy
i'd like to make this the front of the card you could make that a front if you
wanted the candy showing through
kind of like a hidden surprise
I'll go ahead and adhere my little layer
this is
K and company cardstock
it's from the sweet nectar stack
and it's cut at
2 3/4ths square
Get my ATG out Just do one ate the top and bottom
I think one of my cat's hairs got attached
Got a little bit of ATG on the top Fold that under And I'm going to glue my hello kitty face on I'll try and center that up on there
Aww that's too adorable
and then we'll use some ATG
And see I tried it out the first time and the flower was a little too small
so I made it a little bit bigger
Put that right in the middle
and then for the smarties
I find that I need a little ATG to keep it kind of attached
I tried it without and it slid out a little bit
and you don't want to lose it
while it's flat
I just put a little teeny bit try to put the least possible
Because you don't want it to be hard to get out and then just push it in and slide your little candy in
You gotta do it when it's a little bit closed so it has a bigger hole
And just push it against there
And it's all glued in you can put your sentiment or message to your friend inside
I hope you like this card