How to Prepare & Deliver a Wedding Toast : Toasting the Wedding Couple

Uploaded by expertvillage on 30.09.2008

OK, it is the magic moment. It is time for the toast. So, after you have ended your speech
on this joyous and happy note, you want to tell everyone to lift their glasses, and you
lift your glass. And you don't need to go on and on at this point, you just need to
make a simple statement. So, here's to Jim and Sandy for a wonderful, prosperous future,
we wish you all the best. And what you want to do in the toast is don't make it directly
from you, include everybody in the room. We wish you all the best. We give you the warmest
feelings that we can. We love you, whatever it is. And you raise your glass, and then
to let everyone know that it's time to drink, because they're going to be waiting to make
sure that you're finished, you want to throw in your favorite drinking catch term, catch
phrase. Whether it's, you know, down the hatch or salute or what ever it is, let everybody
know it's time to take the drink. And then you take the drink, and voila, you're done.
Now next, we're going to talk about some dos and don'ts of the wedding speech.