CGRundertow EGG PUNCH for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 08.12.2011

is not some strange beverage that can be served scrambled or sunny-side up. No, fortunately,
this is not a beverage at all. It’s just a delightful little game for the iPhone.
It’s Egg Punch, and it’s not as gross as it sounds.
Egg Punch comes from Pixel Juice. Again, that’s not a recipe. That’s the name of the Danish
developer that made Egg Punch. Though its members have lots of experience individually,
this is their first project as Pixel Juice.
And if first impressions are any indication, this is a developer App Store browsers should
keep an eye on. Because with Egg Punch, it has really hatched a winner.
The game is perhaps best described as miniature golf mixed with pinball and a little Angry
Birds. Some jerkoff rabbits have stolen your feathers, and as a bird, this quite understandably
upsets you. So you hop into an egg shell and decide retribution is
best served sunny-side up.
What’s that? I already used that egg joke? Oh, man. Sorry about that, everyone. It’s
just...I think omelet-ting all these eggs get to me.
The game couldn’t be easier to play. You touch the egg, pull back and let go. The velocity
and direction of your shot is determined by how far you drag back and the angles with
which you do so. It feels a lot like Angry Birds, hence the comparison.
The birds and general game structure had nothing to do with it.
The idea is to collect feathers and coins scattered across the course en route to the
hole that is your objective. Those things give you lots of points, so the more you grab,
the higher your score. You also want to finish the level with as few turns as possible, while
bouncing around all over the place and smashing into rabbits.
That’s just cathartic. I mean, those guys stole your feathers.
What’s up now, doc?
So the game is really simple to grasp, but it does get pretty clever. Collecting those
feathers within a small number of turns requires some seriously smart puzzle-solving, and the
game consistently throws new obstacles at you to keep things interesting. It’s definitely
tricky at times, and it can be really rewarding to maximize your score.
Egg Punch also has a nice amount of content to unlock, as well. Using your coins, you
can buy new eggs, new abilities and lots of new levels, and for those who would rather
use real coins to get that stuff, you can also buy them via in-app purchases.
Egg Punch is a really fun game. It’s polished, it plays well...and best of all, it’s a
free download in the App Store. So kudos to the guys at Pixel Juice for not only making
a solid game, but for making it free. That’s a good way to make a splash in the App Store,
and uh, that’s no yolk.
Neither is Egg Punch.