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Hello? Mom!
Come quickly! Quickly Mom!
Momma-pajama! Let me tell her! No, it’s mine.
Please? No.
Guess what? What?
Guess. You… passed glass in class today.
No Mom, c’mon.
You… failed all your classes. She did! No.
What? I give up.
A boy kissed me. Jacob.
Wow. Well did you want him to?
He didn’t ask her. Hey, it’s my story.
What happened?
He came up to me, and I thought he was gonna tell me a secret, and then he kissed me!
And then he stood there in front of me, like waiting for, I don’t know what. So I slapped him in the face.
She liked it. No I didn’t. You said you did.
Ok, let’s back it up for a second. Did you know that he liked you?
Ok, so if he would’ve asked you, what do you think you would’ve said?
Oh, she would’ve said yes.
How did if feel? A little wet. Spit.
Ok, so then what happened?
I apologized for slapping him. Good girl.
And then did he apologize for kissing you without asking?
Are they always supposed to ask?
Then how do they know you want to kiss them?
It was all very awk. It sounds awk.
Did you kiss Dad, or did Dad kiss you the first time?
I don’t know, I think we just kissed each other.
You gave each other that look, right? What look?
The look where you’re both thinking the same thing. Like the, “ok, here it comes” look.
How do you even know what that look is?
It’s in movies and TV.
It was all very exciting. Yeah. You weren’t there.
I wish I had been, I want it to happen to me, too.
It will. You don’t know that. I do know that.
‘Cause it happens to everybody, and it’s gonna keep on happening forever and ever and ever and ever.
It’s a little scary, too. Butterflies. It is scary. And exciting.
What are the plans this weekend?
Oh, the girls have a birthday party, at Sally Sloan’s. Oh.
Oh, can you take them? I took them to Lucas’ last week.
Is it on Saturday or Sunday? It’s on Saturday at noon.
What’re we doing on Sunday after the memorial?
We have that cookout with Kate and them, over at Will Roger’s State Park.
I can’t believe it’s been a year.
I know.
Sometimes I can close my eyes and see her face perfectly, and sometimes I can’t see her at all.
She was younger than I am now. Seize the day.
I’m sorry about today.
What part of it?
That I didn’t tell you before. It wasn’t nice of me to let you know at the last minute that I was going to that thing.
I may have overreacted a bit.
Oh you think? The girls in the car? That was a nice touch, you got me there.
They were at your mother’s.
I hate to lie to you, I do. I just, I got, I got antsy. I got insecure. I had to see you there, in that space, look around, and know that there was no real danger.
And some of those texts were a little over the top.
I know. Regrets.
There’s nothing to be insecure about. I know.
Nothing, at all. There isn’t?
It’s just a little bit of oxygen. I need that.
I need a little oxygen, too, sometimes.
Well, then do something about it.
I mean, fair is fair.
Just don’t do anything to hurt me or humiliate me. Especially not with our friends.
I’m a little tired right now. If you wake up early, I’ll make your morning.
So what kind of things are you thinking about doing?
I mean, what kind of stuff?