Archbishop Tutu addresses Australia Award Scholars

Uploaded by AusAIDvideo on 11.11.2010

Education is central
to meeting all Millennium Development Goals
and is fundamental to meeting the development challenges in Africa.
Education provides a pathway out of poverty
and gives people the tools they need to help themselves.
As a former teacher and global activist for universal education,
I am well aware of the impact that education can have
on an individual,
on families, communities
and on countries.
Education creates opportunities for children and adults alike
to escape the cycle of poverty.
But we must be willing to do more than talk.
We must put all levels of education
and development through education
on the fast track
to break the cycle of poverty in Africa.
Recognising this,
the Australian Government has committed to expanding
Australia Awards in Africa.
Australia Awards provides scholarships for postgraduate study
and professional development opportunities,
and will support sectors that are crucial to Africa's development.
The aim of Australia Awards is to support a new generation
of highly capable African leaders
by providing access to Australia's international-standard
education, training, research
and professional development institutions.
Through building critical skills and knowledge in Africa
and supporting the development of future generations of leaders,
Australia Awards will have a lasting impact
on development on the continent.
I support the efforts of the Australian Government
fully and enthusiastically.
To those of you who are considering applying for an Australia Award,
I say go for it!
I believe it will change your life forever.
It will shape you as a future leader,
and ultimately will empower you
to make an important contribution personally
to Africa in the future.
God bless you.