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When I thought he told his mother that we wanted to get married..
because he wanted to hide that he was gay..
When Jin ho said that..
Even if he was gay..
I would've marry him.
That's how much,
I wanted to stay by Jin Ho's side.
I don't care..
Yes, I understand.
Then please do that.
Hye Mi sshi..
Is something wrong?
During that time, you had feelings for Jin HO as well, right?
Just forget it.
Since everything is over now.
Now his mother isn't thinking about me,
but rather the other woman.
It advanced faster than I expected..
Even Jin ho was gay,
the woman said she would still marry him.
I'm going crazy.
It's like the 2 of them are really in love!
How could people see JIn HO ..
as someone gay.
I also thought that was strange.
Don't you think there is a problem somewhere here?
I think Jin Ho sshi, is being kept in the dark about something.
don't you hear that?
This woman ..
do you know her?
She has been my friend for 10 years.
By chance..
Has she turned back to a man named Han Chang Ryul?
Han Chang Ryul?
That son of the man who took everything when Jin Ho's father died?
How do you know that household?
If things didn't go wrong, he would've been my husband.
Ah. Really?
However, everything went terribly wrong during the wedding ceremony.
Kae in spoiled the plans.
Kae in was Chang Ryul's girlfriend.
That's how the two of us..
broke up.
Although it hasn't been long since the two of us broke up..
The two people,
Have been meeting up again.
Ah. then,
You are saying that Park Kae in is two timing both of them?
Jin ho opaa, and that Hang Chang Ryul person.
Aigoo! You are here.
I got too impatient waiting for Chang Ryul,
Well since it isn't much.
Please accept these gifts, theres no meaning to them.
Take it that I'm substituting for my son.
Please open the door.
What are you doing not bringing them in? Wait.
Ahh. no.
I can't let you.
I broke up with Chang Ryul.
I've never got back together again with him.
Hehe, a relationship between a couple is bound to have quarrels.
But my son,
Although he may not know how much wrong he has done to you.
I would like to apologize on his behalf.
I haven't taught my son well, So it is my fault.
Please be magnanimous, and forgive him for his past actions.
Bring them in..
What brings you here?
I don't believe it.
Do you know my future daughter in Law?
Daughter in Law?
Why are you calling her mother?
I will explain everything to you later.
Don't call me mother.
Oppa, how could you choose that woman.
That father of that household brought her stuff-
You just stay still.
I will explain everything to you.
I will not allow the both of you to be together even on my deathbed.
She can't be it.
If you want to see me die,
then do as you wish.
Give me an explaination!
Give me an explaination!
The park's daughter..
and that's Jin Ho mother..
and why she called her mother?
How is..mother?
She must've been very angry right?
How did Chang Ryul's father,
find you and give you presents?
It wasn't something I could've prevented.
He just came directly..
That's why you shouldn't have any form of interactions with them.
That's because of you.
I tried so hard to forget you..
So I tried to distract myself with thoughts of revenge.
Then you should've said that at the very beginning.
"Because I like you, that's why I distracted myself with other things."
How could I say that?
Then why didn't you tell me that you weren't gay from the very beginning?
Then things wouldn't have gone this far.
Fine! Everything was my fault from thevery start.
That's not what I meant..
Anyway this was started by me,
I will resolve it.
J..Jin Ho.
She and Chang RYul..
had broken up a long time ago.
Just a month..
Just a month ago..
It was she broke up Chang Ryul's marriage.
I understand how angry you may be right now.
Then, lets not talk about this anymore.
I was the first one to like her,
and I was the First one to truly love her.
Jin Ho.
If she was still together with Han Chang Ryul,
I would never have fallen for her.
I'm your son, But do you not know me?
I don't like her..
No matter what you say,
Having relations with Han family..
I do not wish for her to be my daughter-in-law.
I can't exist if it isn't that woman.
How does Han Chang Ryul that rascal keep being a pest to you?
Ahh. Geez!
Jon Ho's words were right.
I did wrong.
I took revenge as an xcuse and caused trouble for him too.
Why are you speaking of the past?
You guys will be fine again.
If the both of you persevere, everyting will be all right.
Jin Ho was ver upset and stormed out.
What shall I say to his mom?
I called Sang Joon.
I didn't really want to have any contact with him.
But because of you, I called him.
What did he say Jin Ho was doing right now?
He's not in the office.
Oh! right.
Jeju Island! You go too!
He's going there.
Explain things clearly to him when you are there.
No, no.
Just get pregnant fist before marriage.
That way even Jin Ho's mother can't refuse.
Oh! Yes.
Director Choi is your savior indeed!
He is helping you out.
When you really need it.
I don't know if going there is a good idea.
Jin ho .. he probably wouldn't have wanted to go here.
Hey.. Geez.
He will be so moved when he sees you there.
But Kae in.
Why am I going?
I wanted to ask you too.
Why are you going?
Why aren't you coming down? come down.
Im going down right now.
I'll be right there.
Yeah. I got it.
Oh. Jun Hyuk's dad is calling so hang up.
Oh. Sang Joon.
Kae In's down at the lobby right now.
What about Jin HO.
This Unnie is really..
Who am I?
But, Jin Ho doesn/t know this and he went downstairs.
Shouldn't we be there with them.?
Ah! Forget it.
Why would we want to be third wheel when they are dating?
Those two will figure things out by themselves.
I am free now.
How about a drink?
I feel like drinking.
Don't you think you like me too much?
Young Sun..that evil witch..
I'm here for work.