Travel Plans & Packing Tips : How to Pack for a Trip to Hawaii

Uploaded by eHow on 20.11.2008

Hi, everyone. I'm Russ Handler, travel expert, and, you know, there's nothing more enjoyable
than a trip to Hawaii. But there's a couple of things you're going to need, essential
items. And even more essential than some of your clothing. So, let me tell you how to
save a little bit of money, in advance, before you hit those islands. In advance, what you'll
want to pack is a few things. Most importantly, I always suggest, go with lots and lots of
sunscreen, enough supply to get you from the morning till the night for your entire duration
in Hawaii. That's going to be very important. On top of that, keep a good hat on your head
during that hot summer sun or even during the colder months or the winter months, rather,
when that sun is still hot. Lots of nice excursions throughout Hawaii, rain forests, volcanoes,
so make sure you have plenty of sunscreen. Not just a bit bottle for the family in the
evenings when you're out, but also a small, compact one that you could actually put in
the back pocket for some of those day excursions. That's very important. Hawaii's all about
the beach, my friend. There's lots of them and have lots of great places to go. Make
sure you have your guidebook or map in advance. Comfortable shoes are a must on the beach.
And sneakers and, in some cases, hiking boots are very important for those evening and daytime
excursions. I'm Russ Handler and that's how you do it.