SJ foresight ep12 [eng & spa subs]

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we will play the role of the characters in the story
what are the characters?
are the queen ... the mirror ... Dwarfs
wait ... who will be ... that makes the apple?
who you think should be?
is because it looks like an apple
* The song is about apples *
ok, will narrate the story as the characters act...
children's musical: Snow White and Super Junior Dwarfs
ready~, action!
after taking a bite of the apple
Snow White fainted due to the poison
[the princess who reached out with her legs to the position to lie down at]
at this moment, one of the dwarfs started to shake snow white
-there's 7 of them, right? - yes
1 person 7 character roleplayed perfectly by Yesung
seeing that snow white had fainted, the dwarfs were very upset
engrossed in the character...
suddenly one of the dwarfs started to shake snow white..
wake up~! wake up~!
princess~! princess~! can't die~~!
the dwarf started to shae the princess even harder
because the dwarf was very upset, he shook snow white vigorously
vigorously shaking snow white awake
ahhhh~ princess wake up, please wake up~~~!
eat this time, the dwarf started to pinch the princess's cheek
a little harder
LT: more harder KH: ahh~ wait
LT: harder KH: ahhh~~
at that moment, a handsome prince from a far away land
[Eunhyuk charismatic prince]
appeared riding on a horse
Eunhyuk too 1 person as 2 characters, prince and horse
the mischievous prince then crawled towards her
the prince then crawled towards her
[the playful prince Eunhyuk ]
the cute prince finally found the princess
discovered princess
ohh~ how pretty~!
the prince slowly went close towards the lying down princess
could not help but stare at her small beautiful lips
[stuck out lips to welcome the prince]
slowly... very slowly...
a very long kiss
a very long kiss
[prince in despair] LT: a very long kiss
kiss him!, kiss him!, kiss him!
determined prince
planning to give the princess a very long kiss
[shocked by the sudden showers]
and even used his hands to force open the princess's eyes
wake up!!
at this moment, the dead snow white suddenly woke up princess kyuhyun in distress
snow white and the prince lived happily ever after
absurb sudden ending
what a suspicious ending... dd princess and the prince really lived happily ever after...
laugh out loud
you just have to let it go and enjoy
The second is to accept and when you get shocked
yes, when you accept and when you shock
ohhhh really?!!
and next the surprise
the surprise
let's try. Your first Kyuhyun-shi *imitating the gestures of noona*
No, I could not make those gestures~~
it will show again. Please show us once again
1. laugh out loud
I can not imagine how it will do
I said, I will not do this
[seri ous]
Eunhyuk-shi try to surprise
ahh surprise?
Please show your look of surprise
surprise Eunhyuk version
have to say ready, action
ready, action!
is okay
ah Yesung-shi is the next. you have "surprise"
surprise Yesung version
ready, action!
ready, action!
*surprise noona version*
no, she was like "I can not~ huhu... wahhh"
so in these pictures we are going to choose the person, the key point and music
choose between one of these
Now the key point
missing music
so he has to sing ballad overreacting to fans
YS: overacting and ballad - yes
my dear fans!!... for 6 years... thank you for loving me!
I didn't know i'd be like this!!...
I'm always surprised by your love!!...
I love you... forever
Eunhyuk: Friends, freestyle and dance
he says to his friends in free style with dance music
start off with honesty, and then overreacting and then finish with innocense
friends... I coudln't contact you guys frequently... i'm really sorry
i'm busy!... I can not call, i'm a star!!
hey!.. you have to contact me first...
end to innocence're friend so... let's keep up~
family... of heart... trot * to Leeteuk *
music please!
ahh.. noona... you were an issue
you have to move
yes move
ahh... noona when you said you went abroad for 8 years, noona I thought you'd get a job~
so when you said you'd act... uhmm I was very upset
noona I was very embarrasses after you were on air
so noona I'll ask you something... stop using my name
you have to stop using my name to your advantage
I hope you'd be a good actress and use your own name~~
I just finished a recording, Hodong hyung is doing well in the humor section * Skecth the boys super junior in 2021 *
Eunhyuk you're doing?
recently as yesterday come to Korea
I'm filming a movie in Hollywood
in Hollywood?
what kind of movie?
accidental ninja
I am the first Korean singer who is first in the Billboard
ahh ~ Billboard
that song did you become one?
what song?
why do not we sing a part? ...
I don't remember because I have too at number one
Yesung-shi, you're doing?
I'm just resting
I think the sumbae-nim from 10 years gave me so much, and think that's what made me now
don' yout think?
no, I do not think
LT: Then how you got to be successful? EH: I achieved by myself
that has happened to your voice?
but remember a fat friend ..
the fat that often appeared on the program
EH: I think his name Shindong LT: ahh ~ Shindong
unfortunately retired
ahh really?
retired suddenly ... to become an athlete
he has been on a magazine cover
in a magazine?
Shindong's boy perfect body
because his face is just as plump as before
Eeteuk as you see yourself in 10 years?
I wanna teach juniors
as well as I ever taught me I want to teach the younger ...
EH: ahh really? LT: yes
I love you SM
i'm gonna stick with you.that's why I keep telling you to keep up
Kyuhyun-shi how about you?
I'm gonna keep foresight alone
are you sure? are you sure your own? KH: ehh?
if this show dissapeared, it's all your fault
I might be singing. like musical and acting as well
how was it today?
what I felt as I did the life graph was there are many things left
i've met innocent guys, and I think i've learned from you guys
super junior has to say goodbye, but we here the next week ... in..
Super Junior foresight~~~!!