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The wonderful college years have past.
Finally, I'm in my glorious twenties.
I described my college years as wonderful because of Baek Seung Jo.
For my happiness, for my blessings,
It goes the same for everyone no matter where you're leading to.
I hope happiness goes to you too.
Oh Ha Ni, you're Oh Ha Ni?
I'm proud to say that I loathe girls without intellectual sense.! Why did you appear from there?
Because it's where I stay.
I cannot believe this. I'm having breakfast with Baek Seung Jo.
Logx=30 x 0.3-7 so logx is...
For this question, use the formula F=ma.
Be careful on your way.
It's this.
Thank you.
What's this?
Oh Ha Ni.
Oh Ha Ni.
I'm not kidding when I say you always get into trouble in everything you do.
Ever since I met you, I never get a day of peace.
Didn't I tell you to ignore me? Don't interfere with my life anymore.
How far must you go? Please know the limits.
Although it's hurtful, I can't stop my heart feeling this way.
Because I'm the little star that chases after Seung Jo.
Oh Ha Ni is really awesome.
Have a drink.
Come over.
Your girlfriend?
How can it be.
What does that mean?
How compatible am I with you, Oh Ha Ni.
Now it's time for me to hold back my heart.
Let's move away.
Bye, Baek Seung Jo.
What are you looking at? How engrossed.
It's meaningful looking at people walking past and the scenery.
It catches people's attention.
We'll stay here for the time being and move to a new house when it's ready.
Please, bear with it for a while even if it's uncomfortable.
It's nothing. I'm fine with it. This little district is nice.
Yes, I feel attached with this place after some time.
That's right. There are feelings and being here is comfortable.
Come downstairs for a meal.
Ha Ni, you've come down.
Wait for a while; I'll get the food ready in a bit.
I knew you would come back. I've made sure before that.
But I never thought we could be together this fast.
This brat, what do you mean by being together?
Pass me a bowl.
Ha Ni, have some rice.
Father, living under one roof, breathing and eating together,
doesn't this mean being together?
If you continue blabbing as if you're drinking kimchi soup,
Then don't bother coming anymore.
Father, how can you say such hurtful words. l...
Have a mouth of it. Come let me open it for you.
Take your meal.
Your mom doesn't have an appetite.
Don't coop up at home. Go out and take photos with your friends.
- If you continue staying home... - Aigoo, how irritating.
I don't have things I want to do, not even something to be happy for.
Are you ok with it? You're talking as if nothing has happened?
I'm fine. Everything's peaceful.
Peace. What do you mean by peace?
Nothing expected happens. Nothing is out of your control. Do you mean that?
That's why you feel meaningless and empty.
Enrolling to Pa Rang University instead of Te Sang University.
Isn't this all because of disliking that peace?
Please taste this.
Our Ha Ni,
is totally down. How worrisome.
I have to lighten up Ha Ni's mood. This can't continue.
On such a night? This fellow, you're getting out of hand.
Our Ha Ni is most beautiful when she smiles.
She frowns all day long, that's why I say so.
I will change her into that cheerful self in one night.
Can father allow us to go on a date at night?
You sure you can lighten up her mood?
Of course, does that mean consent?
Ha Ni ah.
The number you've just dialed is unavailable; please record your message after the beep.
- What's up? - She's not answering.
Dad says we have to split the chores for the time being.
Hyung does the cleaning, washing of dishes and cooking food.
Huh? You expect me to do all those?
Do you want a small kid to do all these?
Dad still needs to head down to the company.
You're taking the exam tomorrow right?
Aren't you capable of doing well in everything?
That good brain of yours is used for the good cause of humans.
I feel that this should be shared among the rest when you have it more.
Good luck on your exams! Fighting!
I thought you would spend the rest of your life living at his house.
You've lost such an outstanding guy.
Forget it. I don't need it now.
I really gave up on Baek Seung Jo.
- What? - Really?
You're a person that hangs on to people.
The person I am now is different from the past.
Not attending the extra-curriculum, not going after Baek Seung Jo.
Ha Ni ah.
I've told dad about this before. So I've settled myself down.
I'll find a really suave boyfriend next time.
Is that so?
GoodBye, Baek Seung Jo.
Come on, let's go eat lunch.
I sneaked out without the boss knowing. So, I have to hurry eat and return back.
That's right, I'm hungry too.
I don't feel like eating, you guys go ahead.
Oh Ha Ni, why aren't you acting like my friend Oh Ha Ni?
Are you afraid of bumping into Baek Seung Jo at the canteen?
My heart will waver if I see Baek Seung Jo.
I really can't stop you.
If you were to do things this way, I'm really worried that you won't be seeing other guys.
That's true. I'll eat later.
Ya, Oh Ha Ni. Since you've made your decision,
meeting each other often is a good thing. That way you'll get used to it.
How can you two not meet when you're both in the same school?
That's right. Loner Min Ah is right.
No matter what, seeing each other is good.
Hurry go, I'm hungry. Let's go.
Let's go, go, go.
I'll give you more meat.
Student, please look above.
Please spread the words.
If other students around you don't know about this, please just tell them.
- Next please. - One set of beef meal.
Here you go.
Ya! Bong Joon Gu! What do you think you're doing now?
Oh Ha Ni, you're here. What would you like to have today?
Today's beef set is especially delicious. Are you eating that?
Ya! Bong Joon Gu! I don't have the mood to joke with you now.
Ya! Bong Joon Gu! You're in trouble.
Ya! Bong Joon Gu! Why don't you have a mind of your own?
What if Baek Seung Jo sees this? What will Ha Ni become?
Baek Seung Jo? He's seen it already.
- Over there. - What?
How childish. If it was me, I would be irritated too.
How tiresome. Baek Seung Jo.
Are you putting up an act to change Baek Seung Jo's heart?
Ya! Irritating fellow! What're you talking about?
No. I've already given up on Baek Seung Jo.
I have nothing to do with Baek Seung Jo anymore.
We're not living under one roof now.
He's just another stranger.
Our Ha Ni said it absolutely right.
Baek Seung Jo, have you heard that? You got that clear?
Ha Ni ah! Don't you want the beef set anymore?
Ya! Oh Ha Ni!?
Hurry, pick up all the balls.
I'm beat. Can I rest...
What have you done that made you so tired?
Don't spout nonsense and pick up the balls now.
That, sunbae. Can you place your tennis racket down before talking?
I've heard that you're still picking balls up.
Why did you come?
What do you mean by that? I'm part of the club too.
No... that's true too.
To get you out of my mind, I'm putting in a lot of effort.
I can't even pay attention in class.
What should I do when you appear out of the blue this way?
Ha Ni, Ha Ni.
Seung Jo, you've come at the right time. I have something to tell you.
Our tennis club, Is having a 3 days-2 nights camp next Friday.
- Come with us. - I don't want to.
I joined because of the freedom to come and go as I want.
Seung Jo,
you and I are both members. Do you want to have a match?
If you win, you don't have to go. If I win, you go.
Let's have a tennis match, what do you think?
It's ok with me. But are you sure you're fine with it?
Ah this brat. I know how well you play.
Let's have a match.
Let's play doubles. Doesn't that sound more interesting?
- Ha Ni and you, a team. - What?
Then I'll pair up with Yoon Hae Ra. Let's try this.
- Is your hyung upstairs? - No.
Not there? Where did he go?
Didn't he say there's no class today? That he'll be studying at home?
I saw him taking his tennis racket just now.
Ah, that means he went to the tennis club.
Oh yes, how are you? I'm Seung Jo's mom.
I have something to be curious about.
Do you know what club Ha Ni is in?
Omo, really?
Excuse me, how do you get to the tennis court from here?
I wish to see Student Oh Ha Ni.
I don't think you know Oh Ha Ni.
Ah, that club.
Ah, Oh Ha Ni?
You know Oh Ha Ni?
The banner that says something like breaking up with Baek Seung Jo.
What're you talking about? What kind of news is that?
That's not true.
Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni will never separate.
They're both passionate now. Students, please advertise this.
But ahjumma, who are you?
Oh! That.
I mean the tennis club. Do you know Oh Ha Ni?
Aren't you Baek Seung Jo's mom?
I'm right. Hello!
Joo Ri, Min Ah. So happy.
What's going on? Why do you dress like that?
Oh, I wanted to go on low profile. Can you tell who am I?
Yes, it's obvious.
Mother, you're here to see Ha Ni play tennis?
Yes, I see people wearing white when they play tennis.
How cool is that!
As I imagine how Ha Ni would look like them, I just couldn't sit still anymore.
Where does it take place? I need to have a look fast.
I think it has already ended now.
It has ended?
Later on there will be a tennis match with Seung Jo and Ha Ni as a team.
Of all the rest, why must she pair up with Seung Jo.
That's right, Ha Ni was intending to forget Seung Jo.
Omo, what does that mean?
At first I thought that Ha Ni and Seung Jo would progress well.
I had the same sentiments too.
Think about it, after the both of them ended their graduation ceremony,
they had a kiss-relationship.
What? Kiss?
That happened on the graduation night.
And it's Baek Seung Jo who initiated!
How cool!
Seung Jo is really... then what happened?
I've decided. I have to get Ha Ni back home.
Now whatever Seung Jo says, it'll be objected.
What is there to say when the both of them kissed?
We'll end up losing anyway. Why not just go to the camp?
You're giving up at this moment? Listen up.
You have to shun in the opposite direction of the ball.
Never get in my way. You get it?
That... take me as invisible. Don't pass the ball to me. Alright?
I hope that Seung Jo will go to the camp, so I won't be helping you.
Play well.
Didn't I say not to get in my way?
I'm sorry.
Fifteen - love*. (*means 15-0 in tennis.)
Ah, really.
Don't come over, don't come over!
Service over. Wang Kyung Soo and Yoon Hae Ra.
Ya! If we lose this round, it will mean game over.
You better clear your head, Oh Ha Ni. Get it?
Last ball.
Game set. Wang Kyung Soo and Yoon Hae Ra's team wins.
Yes! We won! We won!
All thanks to you, Oh Ha Ni.
All because of you, I had my first time losing. How interesting.
I'm sorry. That's why from the start...
Mr. Baek Seung Jo, have you hurt your pride?
Is this the first time for this kind of humilation?
I will definitely get this back.
Really? Anytime.
But the team has to be the same. This is for fairness.
Oh right. We'll have another round during our camp, how about that?
What? The camp is next week.
Really? It's overboard for even a talent to be given a week to train, right?
Fine, we'll rematch at that time.
We'll play on the last day of the camp.
We still have a week. We have to win after a week, you get it?
Is that possible?
When did you start minding this?
Allowing me in one week's time to pull up your grades and get into the top 50. Where did that courage go?
Space out your feet, in line with your shoulders.
More. Bend low. Follow me.
- One. - One.
- Two. - Two.
Move your feet forward.
- Three. - Three.
Your right feet have to move forward too.
Hold your racket this way. Move your arm in the direction of the ball.
One, two, three. Mind your right foot. Again.
One, two, three.
Like this.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
No matter what, you need to focus.
In a given distance, you need to use a constant speed.
You need consistency.
Here, hurry. Hurry.
Use more strength. Good.
Really serious, I mean Oh Ha Ni.
Although you only have a week, what are you hoping for?
Nothing. I just find it interesting.
Oh Ha Ni has something in her that interests me.
Something in her that interests you?
Seeing her puts me in awe. In believing that working hard is everything, and she really does it well.
That's right, you can do well without working hard.
That's why you don't know what hard work brings.
- Aren't you the same? - That's right.
Focus on the ball.
On the right, the right.
I asked you to focus.
I still can't see it no matter how big my eyes remain.
I said no. How many times do you want me to repeat it?
Father, think about it.
Staying together for 3 days and 2 nights. Feelings can be nurtured even when there aren't any.
Put me on leave and I'll watch over them.
How long do you want to chase?
Don't only think about chasing, can't you let Ha Ni go after you instead?
What's that? You need to have existence, it is existence.
You keep going after her with all your might.
That's why Ha Ni doesn't bother about your existence.
Hurry clear up the mess in the kitchen.
Change your hairstyle too.
That wave of yours, Ha Ni doesn't like this kind of style.
Why am I doing this?
I've already made my mind up.
Yet my heart skips when I think about spending 3 days and 2 nights with Seung Jo.
What to do? This can't go on.
Ha Ni ah.
Joon Gu, you're up so early.
Bring this with you.
What's inside?
Eat this when you're hungry. A lunchbox for you.
Joon Gu.
Remember, I'm your home.
That's right. A home that always exists no matter when you come back.
It's here when you're tired after playing, when you're tired after crying. A home like this.
Come back soon. Be careful not to get hurt.
Thank you. I'll eat well.
Joon Gu, thank you.
This is totally not my style. How tiring. Existence, I need existence.
Sunbae, it's raining. What to do? Can we still play well?
Ya! Look at the way all of you dress.
Our tennis club camp is
a special tradition of outbound school activity.
This can't be. Sunbae, how can this work?
Keep quiet.
I'll give you five minutes.
Gather back here after placing your stuff at the club's hostel.
Not all are present. We'll wait for them to come before changing our attire.
What? Who?
Baek Seung Jo, Yoon Hae Ra, Oh Ha Ni.
Alright. Baek Seung Jo and Yoon Hae Ra
are special members. Let's not talk about them. Oh Ha Ni?
What is this fellow doing!
Are you busy now?
There isn't much to do until dinner time comes. Have a seat.
But why?
Seeing a girl like Ha Ni riding on a bicycle looks great.
So I bought it.
But this doesn't fit in the car's trunk. So, I rode it over.
Let Ha Ni ride this.
I don't know if I can accept this.
You can't reject it.
Oh right, there's mail too.
Yes, thank you very much.
I didn't change my address.
Are you happy? Living alone?
I've fallen sick.
My depression is still deep.
I've heard it from Soo Chang.
Before Ha Ni came over,
I was the only one joking and getting into trouble.
Seung Jo and Eun Jo are not the kinds that play.
My husband is busy too.
If it wasn't for me, the house would have been bored to death.
But after Ha Ni came, it has been great.
It felt alive, really blessed.
Can't we just live together again?
Didn't you say you haven't changed the address?
I think too much. Am I too selfish?
I feel blessed, that she's compatible with Seung Jo.
So, am I too selfish?
However, I feel that Ha Ni must be lonely too.
Actually, I'm hesitant, too.
But she went to a university, and Seung Jo has a girlfriend.
As compared to having feelings before moving away,
why not just bear with the pain now?
Isn't this better? As for Ha Ni...
Tomorrow wake up at 6:30 am.
Practice tennis in the morning and learn some techniques in the afternoon.
Don't think of camp as a place to eat and play.
From now on, better start changing that mindset.
Here. From now, it'll be break time.
After resting, please gather at that place we were just now.
You've worked hard.
Ha Ni, come over.
You don't have to join in the afternoon's training.
Why not?
You are responsible for dinner. Throughout.
Only me?
Weren't you late this morning?
Take it as detention, go make dinner.
Isn't this better? You don't have to train hard.
Hold on. What about the match on the last day?
That? Of course we will have a match. That's as promised.
But how can you just let her be responsible for dinner?
She has to train much harder than the rest.
That's your business. Late means late.
Don't tell me you're afraid of losing, that's why you don't let her train?
Sunbae, are you that unconfident?
Of course not.
Hurry set up dinner. Use the time left to train.
I've said before, we have to win the match the day after.
It's tiring, for just one person.
You never offer help.
I don't wish to. I don't like cooking. I have something to say.
Maybe you've guessed earlier that I'm interested in Seung Jo.
So I have to tell him. Tell Seung Jo. Are you ok with that?
Why do you have to ask me?
That's right. I just feel like I'm snatching a child's sweet.
What? No, it's ok.
Really? I feel relieved now. Thanks.
No matter how much I peel I can't finish peeling. It's making me tear.
Ya! Oh Ha Ni. Are you done with it? You won't have time to train with this speed.
Seung Jo, Baek Seung Jo. Help me. I have to get this done fast before I train.
Hand me the sesame oil.
Ya Ya! Enough!
Just a little. I told you just a little!
What're all these? So hungry, who made them?
It looks delicious. How capable, to finish all this alone.
Please sit.
Ha Ni, you made all this?
You're great! You're ready to get married. What're all of these?
It looks delicious. Ha Ni.
Really delicious! Taste it, taste this.
What's this?
You have your way.
This cake just melts in my mouth.
Really tasty.
Baek Seung Jo, what's with you? Praise a little.
That guy's palette is picky. Really.
Is this cuttlefish? I really like this.
Oh Ha Ni, time to practice.
Will they do it well?
It'll be great if the both of them can patch up before coming back.
They have been together for some time, why does Seung Jo still act so cold?
It seems fine when she's around.
But when Ha Ni leaves, the whole house seems empty and meaningless.
You feel that way too?
Honey, let's tell Gi Dong to live with us again, can we?
Let me go talk to Gi Dong again.
Honey, I'm so grateful.
Even if she lives here, I will never give up my room for her.
Never give it up.
One, two, One, two, One, two...
How much left? Raise your hip.
Look ahead, ahead.
Raise your hip, not your butt.
I can't do this.
Get up, get up. Ya! Get up, fast.
So tired.
Yes, it's normal to be tired. Get up.
Point, change, backhand. Do it again.
What're you doing? Again.
Baek Seung Jo!
You missed yesterday's afternoon training.
Once you're part of it, you can't have individual activities.
Are you ok? You'll regret it.
No, I was thinking if you still want to buy instant noodles or something.
Ha Ni, what happened?
Maybe something that doesn't look appealing may taste good, too.
Jung Soo, you have it first.
I said you eat first.
No. Where did that Dae Jang Guem Ha Ni go?
Sorry. Actually I wasn't the one who cooked yesterday.
Then who did it? Only you didn't participate in yesterday's afternoon training.
Ah, Baek Seung Jo.
Seung Jo?
You're here?
What're you doing Oh Ha Ni? Why are you sneaking up behind them?
No, not stalking. I'm just having a breather here.
What's up? What do you want to say?
Being straight to the point, that's my style.
Upon admission to the school, because I was in second place,
I don't really mean to act like this, there is a reason behind it.
Because something happened.
Is that so?
I like you.
What about you?
What do you think of me?
Why is sunbae over here?
What about you being here?
Don't tell me you like Yoon Hae Ra?
I see that you guys are having fun here.
But sorry, I have to take her with me first.
Because the match will be tomorrow.
Yes, of course.
How great you are.
For someone who still doesn't know how to serve the ball.
It's not like this.
Come here, today you're going to practice until you get it.
Do I really have to change my hairstyle?
But, this is really popular in my hometown.
Oh Ha Ni, she looked serious. Am I right?
Are you alright?
Yes, I'm fine.
You've done well, you succeeded.
The speed you serve the ball is still passable.
Will the way I play be fine?
Yes, you've done well.
He smiled. Baek Seung Jo threw a smile at me.
Because I wanted to see his smile,
because I wanted to hear him say I've done well.
Are you injured?
Huh? No.
You've sprained your ankle.
That's why I say, how can Oh Ha Ni just fall without getting injured?
What's up?
Regarding the team match we're having later on, I will give it up.
She hurt herself.
No, we have to play.
How are you going to play when you can't even get up?
That's true, but didn't you say we have to win?
I really put in a lot of effort to practice.
Just like how you did?
Forget it, it won't work.
I'm sorry, it's all my fault.
I didn't hope to win in the first place.
I'll carry you.
Ya! Baek Seung Jo.
Play the match as promised before leaving.
You just leave like this, how can it be?
Must we play the match this time around?
We can find another time to play.
Today, you've seen it too.
Omo! Ya... how handsome!
Who's this?
I think I look weird.
You seemed like another person.
You should have done this earlier.
Where's that wavy fringe of yours?
I cut it off.
Who's that?
Isn't that Seung Jo?
What? What happened?
Is she hurt?
Ha Ni!
What... what happened? Are you hurt?
It seems like she hurt her leg.
Father, let her take a seat first.
Yes, alright.
Sit, sit.
Okay, sit.
She hurt her ankle during training.
It seemed to have gotten worse ever since the last car accident.
Seems like you have to bandage your leg again.
There's an aiding machine.
If you use it for 6 weeks on both your right and left legs, it may help.
What? Aiding machine? Oh, okay.
The atmosphere looks different.
What atmosphere? Why do you still have the mood to say this?
You made a healthy person into such a state.
It's not like this.
It's my fault that I got to this state.
Don't say things like that.
Really? You've said it already, what can I do?
I get it, I'll shut up.
So Ha Ni really didn't say anything after seeing you with a new hairstyle?
It must be because of Seung Jo's presence.
No matter what, you're pitiful.
But, you look good in this hairstyle.
I think so too. Like a completely changed person.
Why didn't you do so earlier?
May not be, what if Ha Ni likes guys with this style?
Ha Ni, eat more.
Have some of this, it's a hard boiled egg.
What about other customers?
It's okay.
Thanks! I'll eat well, Joon Gu.
Ha Ni, I'm really working very hard to learn well.
Do you know that?
Using a sentence to explain everything, it's called proverb.
It's used to portray a hobby or skill of a character in a movie.
The first way is to make use of real-life locations to film scenes instead of using a studio.
This is also known as real-scene shooting.
So when using lighting, sounds, effects and so on,
do away with human resources and skills.
Unknowingly, I came over here.
Since I'm already here, I'll just look around before leaving.
Seung Jo, how about a movie today?
I feel like watching one after listening to that lecture, how's that?
We can discuss it together after watching it.
Alright, let's go.
Anyway, we don't have classes for the next slot.
What movie should we watch?
May I have popcorn and two cups of cola?
The total will be 7000 won.
I'll pay.
Ever since college, I always dreamed about going on a date together.
I think about what to wear on a date,
do a fashion show the day before the date,
catch a movie together, go window shopping after the show...
Look at each other at a cafe while chatting.
All of these will become Yoon Hae Ra's.
I'm sorry.
Ha Ni! What are you doing here?
Sunbae, you...
Ha Ni, you like Seung Jo right? I know.
Yes, you're right. I like Yoon Hae Ra.
But Hae Ra likes Seung Jo.
This can't go on, am I right?
That's why, let's cooperate.
Firstly, since both of us don't have an exact plan,
we will follow behind them.
Wait for a chance, and take action when there is danger.
We will get in their way.
That's a little...
What little?
Did we come here to see them giggling together?
You and I. Am I right?
No matter what, Seung Jo is someone whose reaction is fast.
What? What fast reaction?
That is, touch, touch. Means intimate actions.
This, this!
That's hard to say. But, he hasn't got to that stage.
But he doesn't seem shy about it.
That's because the other party is you.
For someone sexy like Hae Ra,
Even if it's Baek Seung Jo, he can't resist.
Please don't let anything happen in such a pitch dark place.
I heard that in reality both of them are engaged.
Aigoo, sorry, sorry.
You did well.
The movie wasn't bad.
Let's go.
I'm sorry, please be careful.
Look at that fellow, where did he place his hand?
Thank you.
What am I doing now?
Sneaking behind while people are dating.
Get in their way once the chance comes.
In the end, they still get intimate together.
Head that way. Let's hurry and catch up.
What are you doing?
I'm not following.
What are you talking about?
I can't continue seeing them.
Too tired.
Why are you like this all of a sudden?
Hurry, what if we lose them on the way?
There's no way of stopping two people from liking each other.
I've just realized.
So do you mean that you're accepting this?
I don't wish to become more depressed.
Ah... really.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What are you going to do about this?
I'm going to see my girlfriend now!
Do you know how expensive this suit is?
I'll pay you for the dry cleaning.
Ah yes, dry cleaning, dry cleaning.
Dry cleaning.
Yes, how much should I pay you?
Ah, she's my hoobae, I'll pay for her.
Here, 10,000 won.
Are you kidding?
That, is it 100,000won?
Ah! What are you doing?
Are you trying to kid me now?
This is worth 2,000,000 won.
At least pay half the price.
One... 1,000,000 won?
Mister! I'm only 21 years old.
1,000,000won, how can I have so much money?
Please forgive me, mister.
Do you wish to get a beating, or solve it now?
Mister, let him go before talking.
Ha Ni, Ha Ni, mister.
Are you alright?
Mister, no matter what...
Boss, what happened?
Seung Jo, do you have 1,000,000 won?
Your family is rich right?
Sunbae, last time, that...
Ah, one, two, three!
Get them down!
Get hold of them!
Stand where you are!
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Let's move away, Ha Ni.
Goodbye, Baek Seung Jo.
{\a6}I want to know how you feel
{\a6}I won't hope for anything else
I've forgotten about Seung Jo.
I have nothing to do with Baek Seung Jo anymore.
{\a6}Without you, I can't survive
What's up? What do you want to say?
{\a6}Only you
I like you. What about you?
{\a6}I love you