It Goes On 1

Uploaded by Sophisticateddddd on 17.12.2012

Take any situation and let it inspire you Life's a bunch a trees
Where people are the leafs Who fall to the ground in the slightest breeze 
Nd I make ya knees weak with the words that I'm saying
Going broke with the habit of paying for your actions
Substitution  method  where highs are the additions and love is
the subtraction Math magician 
we think we know it all until we divide up the sum an there's no remainder at all
Walking around like the worlds mad at me, how about anatomy
46 chromosomes should be enough to be happy But sadly we're depressed, starving, overweight,
in this recession No progress to the progression with segregated
professions The press insist on making the strongest impressions 
Love is like a meteoroid Coming from the unknown to make an impact
But all it inflicts is damage that results to be destroyed
So sour like altoids left under the car seat  of that 99 Honda with crumpled up receipts 
Fallin in love like it means something, wait a month
Just a bunch, of elastic feelings that snapped back to your face
Cardiac insomnia, friends so on to ya Filling voids with alcohol and steroids to
make ya body stronger  Drunk paradise, sober hell
So Closed off like a jail no longer your hotel Bootin the trash to the back posted  in
my suit  mints left on my pillow, pillars of my soul
driftin lika ghost the one I truly  loved is the one I missed
the most Don't mean to boast but I'm on another level
While your rebelling with the rebels I'm in army making treason
I was Put here for a reason, not to sit an waste my life 
trending with the hype Sophisticated type of 
mind set that's what I need  hungry for the news feed