Chirutha (2007) w/ Eng Sub *HD* - Telugu Movie - 8/14

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ShouId I say something?
I am resigning this job now.
What can you do?
I have doubt on your boy.
He wouId kidnap her for money.
What happened to her?
TeII me. Where have you hidden her?
What are you taIking? He is not Iike that.
We don't know how much she's troubIing him
-she is a kiIIer fish? -kiIIer fish?
Is she a kiIIer fish?
What do you think of her?
If I make a movie.. you know what titIe wiII I seIect?
'My dear girI is my Iife.'
'For the sake of my dear.'
If you taIk too much.. Answer is my dear.
How dare you abuse her?
Stop it sir.
My boss is caIIing.. I don't know what to teII him
What is my daughter doing?
She is sIeeping inside. ShouId I wake her up?
-Wait. -ShouId I wake her up?
TeII me, shouId I wake her up?
Let her sIeep.
If he caIIs again, don't know what to teII him
What are you doing?
It's you..
I am shouting Iike an animaI..
You idiot.
I'II kiII you.
It'II pierce your throat.
You'II die.
If you survive from it, you can't speak.
I toId without knowingIy.?
Don't cry.
Oh God! I can't consoIe them.
Don't cry! I feeI Iike crying seeing your sorrow.
I am trying to find her.
I shouId kiII him.
Do you want to eat it?
-How can I eat it? -wiII you eat or not?
I am a Iady tiger. My dad brought me up Iike that.
Tiger don't eat fishes.
Oh gosh!
You caII Sanjana's father.
I beg you. I beg prostrating at your feet
Your torture irritates me than her.
-Whose house is this? -That's mine. -It's yours?
-It's yours? -Yes. -No, not at aII.
I'II kick you
Get up.
-TeII me now whose house is this?. -It's yours.
-Whose IsIand is this? -That's yours too.
I am the king to this IsIand.
This is my paIace.
You are my sIave.
Are you not?
Why have you come to my paIace?
Get out.
I am very Iucky. I get drinks even here.
Oh girI! WiII you drink this?
Why? Don't you feeI thirsty?
I feeI so.
I'II sIap you.
TeII your dad. He'II bring mineraI water for you.
You are my sIave.
SIaves don't drink mineraI water.
-Kings onIy drink it. -Yes.
Not yes. Say, yes sir.
Why do you Iook so fair?
I don't Iike you are being so coIourfuI. Give this to me.
I feeI tensed whenever that girI arrives or departs.
What shouId I do?
I am not married.
Who bothers if you are not married.
Why do you cry?
Are you starting a company?
Why do you Iay on me?
Do you want to marry me?
For what?
Don't press my nerves and make me say yes.
My body is too weak.
Give some time Iet me think.
I beg you. Get out from here.
Come here.
Get up.
Come here.
-what? -Sing a song.
I don't know.
Look! I am in fuII mood. Come on, sing.
Do some dance and entertain.
CIass song?
-Don't you know about my cIass? -Yes..
That means 'Mass'
-what? -Mass.
You shouId sing to match my cIass.
Come on, sing.
Drum me up.
Drum me up.
l liked you very much and like to play with you.
Should sing about Lord Rama and Krishna.
Fall in love and get a shot in the heart
Come, let's drink and dance.
Your love intoxicates me.
When you are with me, l'll feel thrilled.
Wait and see! l'll do you a body massage.
When l feel amorous, my hook disturbs me.
Now let's start our love game.
We are low-class and take the glass of drink.
You are a jack of all trades, so finish of the glass of drink.