Optical Express - Meet our surgeons - George Settas

Uploaded by OpticalExpressUK on 19.09.2012

My name is George Settas. I am 40 years old and I’m an Ophthalmic Surgeon with Optical
I started my Ophthalmology training in Greece back in 2003. I subsequently moved to the
UK in 2004 to complete my general training in Ophthalmology, which was followed up by
a Fellowship in laser refractive surgery and I started working with Optical Express in
I have worked with another laser eye provider in the past, but Optical Express is undeniably
the market leader, so that's why I wanted to work with Optical Express.
I enjoy most about working with Optical Express the team, so we have a very supportive team
in every clinic. We also have the latest world in technology as well, which is constantly
upgraded and it’s always a pleasure to use all the latest gadgets.
I have treated more than 10,000 patients during my Ophthalmology career to date. My highlight
so far was diagnosing a little girl with a brain tumour 4 years ago. I was just sitting
there one Sunday watching a little girl having her face painted when I noticed that she had
a little squint. I thought it was a bit out of the ordinary. I called her into the hospital,
checked her and it turned out that she had a brain tumour and she went on to have chemotherapy
and she’s fine today and suddenly, you know, my choice of doing eye surgery made sense.
I think that was the plan all along.