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Episode 10
You haven't gone down yet?
From early tomorrow morning, I will wake up and train hard!
Please, take care of me!
The president said something before he left.
That winning the LPGA won't be a problem if I learn well from you.
Stop saying useless things and follow me in.
This is where we will live.
Here, just the two of us?
Then where will Grandfather sleep?
Why? Should I sleep outside?
Ah, no.
You have to wake up early to train so eat up and sleep early.
I'll eat well.
It's no use.
If you wanna make a phone call, you need to go to the top of the mountain. So just give up.
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But where exactly are we going to train here?
Over there..?
Good morning.
Grandfather sleeps in a lot !
Here, let's start practicing.
Yeah. Let's start.
Let's start.
Start out with getting some water.
Eh? Water?
We need water to make rice.
But, grandfather, why should I...?
There will be a little pond if you follow that little road.
Get some water from there.
Then, should I do it?
What are you doing? Hurry get moving.
He just said a little - how is this a little ways down?
I still have long to go.
Am I his servant or something?
Alright. I'll do whatever he wants me to do.
However, grandfather, if I see it's not right.. you'd better watch out.
Grandfather! I brought the water!
I'm hungry.
Doesn't even give me food..
It would take you at least a day at the first time
Did you really finish?
Why don't you check it yourself then?
How cruel.
You said we needed to fill up the water so we could eat!
Well then. Why don't you eat also.
How was the teacher's reaction?
Whether he approves of her or not, I can't tell at all.
I don't really know.
He just stared at her
He was complaining: her back is bent, why did you send a girl.
It's teacher, alright.
But anyhow, he didn't chase her out right?
At first he did tell me to take her down
But after Mi Soo showed her skills and cutely clung on..
He didn't say anything.
Good. Then that's done.
.You worked hard.
Pfft - worked hard? Anyways, he's asked you to check back in a week.
If Steamed Bread sees me there, she won't stay still.
Then.. should I go?
After a week, the Kangwon Off Hae Ryung participates will be over.
I'll go then.
I do miss that kiddo. And I'm curious.
Do you miss her that much?
Are you that curious?
She's really young, you know!
You shouldn't be like this.
How is she young?
She's late at making a debut as pro.
There is food everywhere. Take a look and if they look edible,
Bring them back.
Really, food was all around.
These are all not edible!!
Grandpa! I lived my whole life in Kangwondo!
These are all edible and also very good for you!
Look carefully.
This, this, this and that (all names of weird edible grasses)
These have grown by taking in the power of the nature so these are really good for you.
If you eat these, you won't need to take any vitamin tablets.
Especially these! They are great for old peo-
.. Seniors like you! They're really great.
How did you get these roots?
I needed some rope so I tried to pull some ivy and these came along.
With your bare hands?
With my hands of course! Would I have used my teeth?
You're.. really like a monster.
Grandfather, do you have anything else for me to do? If not -
Hurry up and let's practice.
Not yet. We need to get some wood for the winter!!
We need to fix the roof, and...
Why should I get the woods for the winter!! Why!!
You said you would work hard until you die!
By that I meant golf!!
I didn't come to work for you!
Then, I saw you wrong.
What did you say?
I don't need a person who only plays golf.
Grandpa, are you kidding me?
What good is it in me if I joke around with you?
Either go pack, or get some wood! It's your choice!!
Ah man...
What do you have on your mind?
Do I look like I'm worried about something?
You seemed to have stopped your putting practice every night.
What kind of woman is my mother?
Did you ever think of her as a woman who can abandon the person she loved in a day?
I mean, did you ever think of her as a person who can take everything from you.
The president is waiting for you.
You need to get some water before the sunset. But why are you resting?
I got some water this morning!
It was so hot at noon so I took some cold bath, so there is no water now.
You should just buy water, why do you have to shower with the water someone worked so hard to get?
Stop talking back at me!
I continuously, again and again, try to tell you that I am not here to take care of you!
I don't know anymore! Grandfather, you get water.
Then, no dinner for you.
I won't die from skipping one meal!
Just when exactly will I learn golf?!
Does he not know how to play golf?
I'm hungry...
Do you get stressed a lot before competitions? How is it for you?
It would be a lie if I say that I don't get stressed out.
I do get stressed but I don't get affected by the stress much.
mind control can be someone's weakeness but also someone's strong point. Good for you Hae Ryung.
She is very independent. She was like that ever since she was young.
I guess she got that from you.
I don't know who my father is.. but I think I resemble my father more.
I'm not as cold as my mother, you see.
I got independent since I lived alone, but I wasn't born this way.
I also saw that interview. The word 'father' was a forbidden word for you?
Is that so?
It was just because she was young and immature. The joke had gone too far, hadn't it?
It seemed like a joke?
It was serious to me.
I even remember getting slapped for it.
This isn't a place to whine about your personal issues.
I think it would be right for you to stop now.
I'm sorry. To you who prepared such a special time tonight..
No, it's fine. Every mother-daughter relationship is like that.
I will leave first, I have another appointment.
Hae Ryung.
Let her be, it would be more fun for her to hang around with her friends rather than a old person like me.
I'd like to have a party.
Do you also think that I have everything?
The Min Hae Ryung that people know
is a person who has everything.
That's why,
I can't have more.
That's Min hae Ryung, right?
that's Min Hae Ryung.
You drank too much today Hae Rung.
Hae Ryung.
Can you hug me?
can hold things in well.
I can deal with everything well.
How come it's so hard to do these days?
I've held on and made it through 20 years..
How come it's hard now?
just want to let go of everything now.
Even though I know I can't have it,
How come I'm unable to give it up?
I know there's nothing for me
Even though I know I won't ever be able to have it even if I die?
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Why do I..
Long for father..?
Hae Ryung.
Hae Ryung.
How did it happen?
She drank too much wine.
It's alright. Go back to work.
You're alright, Hae Ryung?
Hae Ryung!
Did you drink alone?
You've betrayed me. Did you forget I also like to drink?
Ah, right. Let's go drink right now.
That's cheating! We have to get drunk together from the start. Otherwise, it's not fun.
No, I'm not drunk. Really.
Hae Ryung, you're really drunk.
Let me go.
Hae Ryung.
I think you're really drunk, why don't we go inside.
Ahjussi, I'll give you a much better present than a drink.You can count on it.
Watch my game for sure! I'll give you a gift.
I'll look forward to it. Rest well.
Hae Ryung won't answer her phone.
Is she still training?
Did you drink?
Do you know how many days are left until the competition?
And what it means to us.
How important it is. Do you know?
Why did you abandon him...
Like a piece of trash... Why did you abandom him?
What are you talking about?
Why did you drink the drink you usually don't and talk about nonsense!
My father...
You abandoned my father.
You all of a sudden stopped contacting him, didn't see him...
You fired him from his work and threw him out from the house he lived in with you...
As if you are throwing away unused or useless things
you just abandoned him..
All of a sudden
How could you do that all of a sudden to a person you love
To a father of a child in your body... How can you just suddenly-
Why did you do it?
Why did you?
How could a person be so cruel?
Woo Jun Mo,
My father. Why did you abandon him? Why?!
That person. He has nothing to do with you.
Why does he have nothing to do with me?
He's my father.
Who is your father?!
Did he say he was your father?
How many times do I have to say it so you'll understand?
You don't have a father.
Even if you do, it's me.
I'm your father and mother.
That person is just your mom's ex-boyfriend.
Then why did you give birth to me?
You should've just erased me when you abandoned the man you didn't need. Why did you give birth to me, why?!
Hae Ryung!
How could you
be so hard...
Bad girl.
To be honest, I was also curious.
What kind of person was Hae Ryung's biological father.
Is he even alive?
How much had he loved you?
Stephan Woo.
Woo Jun Mo
He's very amazing and cool.
To think Hae Ryung's biological father is someone as amazing as he is,
I am sincerely happy.
And for you to love a person enough to bear his child and to have her
I'm even proud that person is such an amazing person.
I don't want to hear his name even from you.
Even if you don't, you must hear.
Return to Miss Hae Ryung, her father.
And to Woo Joon Mo as well, return his daughter.
What do you mean, return?
What did he or Hae Ryung lose?
How can you lose something that you don't have?
You don't have to have something to lose it.
Can you imagine how many fathers Hae Ryung has created and killed inside her?
How many fathers she imagined and erased. Can you even imagine her feelings?
Your job seems to be possible only if you are very perculiar.
Once you start taking care of the grasses, your thoughts go away.
The grasses help me.
I'm not patient or even perculiar.
Without care, There would be no difference between them and wild grasses.
These are those types of grasses.
Sun light, temperature, humidity,
If they don't like any one of them, they start to protest.
Why didn't you come back to Korea for so long?
Just because...
While living life...
made me take over 20 years
You like that that much?
Of course, this is my daughter, Mi Soo's.
If you hit this, it goes way up high like wee~
goes up way high!
High high way up high!
Gong Sook it's your turn today?
I took the rounding early today.
I brought some steamed bread.
Father, have some steamed bread.
It's good if you eat when its still hot.
It's Mi Soo's ball.
it's his treasure number one.
It goes way up high if you hit it.
Why did you come in so early? Didn't you go out to work today?
Mom, let's sell the truck now.
Why the truck all of a sudden?
What about the vegetables?
If we exclude the gas fee, there's not much left
and since the vegetable cost so much these days, the business isn't so good.
and I'm also sick of fixing the old car.
I'll take care of father during the day, you take care of him during the night.
What are you saying?
Gong Sook got me a job at the resort.
I took an interview today, and they want me to work from next week.
At the resort?
It doesn't look right for you to use all your free holidays to take care of dad
and I feel sorry to make Jun Gi's take care of dad as well.
Mother, don't worry.
Tae Gap will do well.
Have some steamed bread.
Mi Soo hated steamed bread...
Father seams to like it.
I don't think this is right.
Yeah, this is wrong! So wrong!
That unidentified president, and also that oldie...
What did I believe in to follow this far?
Let alone golf practice, I haven't even seen a golf ball yet.
What is this!!
I always got water, got wood, and got things to eat rather than doing practice..
Am I going up or down?
It's cool.
Mom, please hang in there.
Just train well; and don't put up an attitude.
Mi Soo's father~ are you looking at your phone again?
Mi Soo.
Mi Soo.
Mi Soo is doing well. Don't worry. Let's eat.
Mi Soo.
Mi Soo is doing well.
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Oh! - Oh my!
Aigoo. You're scaring people.
Did you come here to play? What are you doing?
Ah, it hurts.
Grandfather, I'll go in to sleep a bit.
Is Hae Ryung ready to leave?
Hae Ryung left early for the competition this morning.
I found the club missing so I called her
She wanted to finish this competition only with John Lee.
I think she has left already.
Can we just leave like this?
I hope you guys play as a team for the player.
You said you feel like you'll catch cold.
How are the conditions of our player?
I still feel a bit dizzy but with the pills I'll get better.
You will really be alright?
It's okay. Its a three day long competition.
You don't talk about the Steam Bread these days?
Did she go somewhere?
I sent her to the teacher who taught me.
You really want to make her my rival?
Why am I so unhappy to see you concentrating on someone else?
It's just that her father is...
I feel a little bit stuffed...
How's the atmosphere for the Ilrose Competition?
People are all betting on Min Hae Ryung.
And quite the money is on her.
You could have made the judgement for yourself, but you didn't. Why?
Min Hae Ryung isn't in the game for real.
In this game, over 80% has bet on Min Hae Ryung.
Why didn't you bet on Min Hae Ryung?
Min Hae Ryung's win... I don't know.
Golf is a mental sports.
Mental stability is very important.
Alright, should we go?
Alright. Let's see who wins, why don't we!
The position of her arms that creates a full whole entity with the grip.
Good angle of the knees, and good eye contanct.
There's no heads up and her swings are very consistent.
Just high enough to the right point
Good impact.
With her back more straight, she will become perfect.
Ilrose Competition.
Ilrose Competition with 24 years of tradition.
The first round has started.
Today Han Sol Hee commentary has joined us for today.
Yes, how are you?
This competition's possible winner Min Hae Ryung.
She is getting ready for her first round's tee shot.
Yes, but she doesn't seem to be in a good condition.
Min Hae Ryung/ 1st round +4, ranked 15th
I did everything you told me to do! I got the water when you told me to, and I got the wood when you told me to!
When we will start, or show me something!
What do you mean, 'what' - golf of course, golf!
Do you even know how to play golf, Grandfather?
Show me your golf skills.
To be honest, I was almost about to go back home.
You don't believe me?
If you show me, I'll do everything you want.
I'll even build you a house.
If that's your wish, I'll show you. Get the balls.
Preview ep 11
From today onwards, practice your swing.
With this?
I feel like I'm burning.
Can you fill up the tub for me?
Kiss me, please.
Stop joking around.
The hole is refusing my balls today.
It has just started. Your personal feelings, get over with it out side the field.
you said golf is a game played only by yourself.
Did you do this? Why did you do this?
Min Hae Ryung, if it wasn't on purpose, I don't think it would have been possible.
I found my father.
John Lee.
Why are you stuck here?
Please release me!
What about master?
This grandfather is your master?