Content Marketing 101-SEO that's Panda and Penguin Proof

Uploaded by DawnResearchDiva on 29.06.2012

Hi there Dawn Damico from and I just wanna thank you for stopping by
and check ing out the course for Content Marketing SEO 101 here on Udemy.
And I want to give you a little bit of a peak or a little bit of idea of what this course
is about that you can decide if it’s right for you.
Now, What is Content Marketing ? Basically it’s a way of taking the content
that you create or somebody else creates for you for your business which could be written
content or it could be videos or it could be audios or webinars, teleseminars all kind
of stuffs. And it’s taking that content and having a strategy together where you can
actually get it out onto the internet, get in front of your customers where they are
at the right time so that they will notice you and come back to your website and be able
to meet you virtually find out more about you and your company and decide whether it
something that right for you and of course when your in business that’s always the
goal right? You wanna draw your customers to you if your online you wanna draw that
traffic to your site and then be able to do something have to call an action there that
will entice them to stick around in doing business with you right? So a Content Marketing
Strategy is what helps you to do that. Now, how or why is content marketing beneficial
in your business? Over something like a traditional paid ad. Well, something that I always say
is that when you’re doing a content marketing strategy and you create that content with
really solid SEO tactics you create something that’s gonna be out on the internet virtually
forever until the sites that there sitting on go away or the interet goes away. Where’s
the paid ad, when you stop that ad when you stop paying for it goes away. So, your money
runs out for your advertising campaign and campaign stops and it stop what you’ve got.
But there are strategies within your content marketing that you can really get a lot of
bang for your back and that I always that I strive for.
So, who am I? Who am I to tell you what to do? Well, I am a little bit humble here but
I am probably one of the most sought after people that you ‘ve never heard of. I do
a lot of ghost writing and I do a lot of marketing for people behind the scenes. So, I am usually
not in front of the stage, I don’t necessarily need to be in spotlight. My passion is that
I love to be able to see people succeed when I have a client that working with and I can
help them take their vision in their business and bring it to where they want it to be that
is extremely satisfying to me. So, I am usually behind of the scenes but I keep updated on
everything I test a lot of things that I do have my own sites that I ran, I use of them
for monitoring purposes but I also used in testing browse for new changes come up I want
to see what’s workings that I let my clients or people that I coach in their businesses.
I let them know what their able to do and especially now that you see that in the heading
of the course this is how to Panda and Penguin Proof your business and this is kind of one
of my missions my passions to help people really have a littlbe bit more control over
their business cause it seems that every time google sneezes, the gates open on a zoo, and
flock of seemingly black and white colored animals come right out now and for some business
when that happens they kinda get stampeded and shut down and for other business they
actually thrive during those kinds of changes and within this course I’m gonna show you
how you can stacked the odds in your favor and perhaps be one of the people that thrives
rather than gets trampled on. Thanks for considering the course I hope that
you will join me here, leave you comments once you in there and ask your questions,
let me know what’s working for you or is not working for you, what information you
want to have or what you want more information about so I can bring that to you. I’m offering
this at special price on Udemy you will see it in every places on the web for about double
the price. So, I kept it very reasonable because I really want this get in the hand of a lot
ot people so that they don’t have to go to sleep at night wondering what’s the next
move that google is going to make. So, thank you for joining me.
Please you click on the button go ahead and sign up for the course and get started right
away and share your success stories with me. Thank you so much once again this is Dawn
Damico from and I will see you on the next site.