Minecraft Videos: Minecraft on Xbox 360 How to get a Diamond Sword Tomcraft Episode 3

Uploaded by TC9700Gaming on 18.05.2012

Minecraft on Xbox 360 How to Get a Diamond Sword Episode 3
Hey. Whatís up guys? This is Tomcat from TC9700Gaming. Welcome to another episode of
my Minecraft letís play. I have actually decided to change from the
world I was in before to another world. This is a world thatís a little older. A world
that Iíve been working on; that I started before the other world and I thought this
one might be a little more interesting to you because itís got some larger buildings
and just more cool stuff in it. Iíll go ahead and give you a quick tour.
Let me just get all the way out of the house. This is the entrance to the basement. Oh God.
Run. Run!. Run! Anyway, this is my extra safety double door
system. This is the basement section of my house. Iíve got a crafting table over here.
A chest over here. Iíve got a couple of diamonds in it. Some red stone. Weíre going to use
that later. But that isnít the best part. Down here leads
to a mine. I need to put some torches in here, but weíll do that later. Up these stairs,
and yes, I need to make them real stairs and not just blocks. I know that. Up these stairs,
that ladder leads into the actual house thatís above ground.
This is my bedroom. You can see I have a chest, crafting table, painting with some spiders
in it. Hereís another bedroom that my brother made in split screen. Itís pretty basic.
Oh God. Zombie. Zombie! This is the side door, which Iím not going
to go out of because I hear a zombie. This is actually the cool part. Weíre actually
going to go up into my house thatís the above ground part of my house.
This is all wood made out of wooden planks. Hereís my furnace, crafting table, windows.
Some more windows over here. This floor, the first floor, isnít the most
exciting floor though. We go up these stairs, and yes, these are proper stairs, not just
blocks. The second floor is quite a bit more elaborate.
Weíve got picture windows. I hope you can see the view there. Itís not as easy to see
at night, but you can see thereís some desert out there. Weíre going to go explore that
later. Another window out this way. This is something really cool that I did with
a friend. These are little glass windows up by the stairs. We have actually a door on
the second floor, which is kind of a neat thing. We have a door right into the house.
Oh God. Shoot! Get back inside! Stay away. Stay away! Stay away. I am not going back
to that door anytime soon. Anyway, you can see the torches and everything.
I think it looks pretty cool. Now up to the third floor, which is probably
my favorite floor in the house. It needs more torches though. The reason why itís my favorite
floor in the house is because of the glass roof.
My house has a glass roof and I thought it was a pretty good idea. I might expand on
it later and make the glass higher, make it quite a bit pointy so itís actually like
a roof and not just a ceiling, but I think this is pretty cool.
It gives a nice effect. It lets a lot of light in. You can see the moon right there, which
is pretty cool. You have an even better view than you did on the second floor.
Itís got more picture windows up here. Another crafting table. Iíd say my favorite floor
is the third floor. Good. The sun is coming back up. Now that
the sunís back up, I can show you the exterior of my house.
Oh God. Not yet. Creeperís still there. This house was not built just by me. This
was built with the help of my subscribers. I had a great time building this house. Some
of my subscribers helped me out quite a lot with it.
I get a lot of friend requests from people just wanting to play with me. They just send
me random friend requests. Iíll tell you right now. I do not accept any random friend
requests. If you want me to add you, send me a message with your friend request explaining
to me why you want me to add you, otherwise I wonít.
If you send me a message and say, ìHey. Iím a subscriber. I want to play Minecraft with
you or Iím a subscriber and I want to play Forza with you,î then I will definitely add
you. What the heck is that creeper still doing
there? Itís daytime! You can hear a skeleton shooting stuff. Dang!
I think Iím going to go out of the basement area. See if I can lure that creeper away
from my house. That thing is bugging me. In this world, my friends, my subscribers,
and I plan to build some more houses. This is the exterior view of my house from this
side. I think it looks pretty cool. Itís pretty big. I want to eventually do a town.
Let me see if I can lure this creeper away. Come on little creeper. Come here boy. Thatís
right. Now can I kill you? No. Never mind. Oh crap. I donít want to grab all this dirt.
Pig. That means food. Come here piggy. Got you. Yes, food. It only gave me one heart.
Now that itís daytime you can actually get a much better picture of what my house is
like. The whole basement is built into this mountain here.
What weíre going to do now is we are going to do some mining. Let me get out my torches.
A friend of mind built this tunnel, so I didnít build it. I have no idea how deep it goes.
Thatís what weíre going to find out now. Apparently itís pretty dang deep. Oh my God
itís deep. How far did this dude go? Iím going to run out of torches before I get to
the bottom of this thing. Apparently, from what he told me, this is
where he went to get the diamonds and I can see why because this thing is deep. Really,
really, really deep. We hit bedrock, which means we have hit the very bottom.
Red stone ore. I do not have an iron pickaxe with me, so canít really do much with that.
Wonder where this goes. I just hope there arenít any monsters down here. Iím out of
torches, so Iím going back up. That was probably the most uneventful mining
event ever. Now Iíve got to climb all the way back up these stairs. All the way back
up. Maybe I shouldnít have come down here because this is really, really, really deep.
I can see the ladder though, which means weíre getting close. Come on. Weíre almost there.
Weíre not as deep as I thought we were. Actually, wait a minute. I know what Iím
going to do. Grab some diamonds real quick. Letís go ahead up to my crafting table. I
would prefer to craft stuff in my house just because I like it above ground better.
Weíre going to go ahead and make a diamond sword. Bam. Swinging my diamond sword. Iíve
wanted one of these things for so long. That is so boss. Check that thing out. Beast.
I forgot the most important thing, a diamond pickaxe, which is what I really needed. I
could have diamond boots. Thatís awesome. I want a diamond chest plate.
Letís go do some adventuring. See where we can get to, what we can find. Do a little
bit of questing. That is probably a sub right there.
See what I mean by random friend requests? You need to send me a message with them, if
you want me to add you. This diamond sword is so beast!
Not very interesting over here. Not very interesting at all. A sheep. Are you thinking what Iím
thinking sir? I think so mate. A pig. Thatís exactly what I need. I need health. He didnít
drop anything. He didnít drop any meat. That was worthless.
Thereís another one over there. Hopefully heíll drop something. Do you think he will?
I don't know mate. I think he might. Come here piggy. Come on man. Just need some meat.
Not just any meat, epic meat. Whatís over here? Nice looking beach. I should
definitely build a boat. I wonder if I can do that without a crafting table. No, I canít.
Letís make a crafting table. I donít need that dirt. Pick up this crafting table. Letís
make ourselves a boat. Now letís get rid of this crafting table. We canít pick it
back up. Iíll get rid of these stairs. I can make more later.
No, I donít want to bring the stairs back. I have to get rid of all of them. This is
frustrating. Now weíre cool. I can make more stairs later.
Where is my boat? There it is. Oh yeah! Check me out. Mega beast mode. I got myself a boat.
Letís see if I can see my house from here? Yeah. Check that thing out.
I wonder what we can find out here. Donít worry guys. I will be doing dual comms with
some of my friends that I play Minecraft with. I will be doing dual letís plays. Possible
even triple or quad letís plays, which will definitely be interesting. I am really excited
about that. This is the beach that you could see from
my house. It feels like the current is pushing me or something. Wow. This is cool. Check
out that formation over there. Thatís cool. Letís go check that out.
The sunís about to go down though, so we only have a little bit of time to check this
place out. I wonder if this is a mine over here because if it is, thatíd be really cool.
Possibly. Iím going to get out and check it out real
quick. Boat come back. No! Never mind. Let me see. I need to make a boat, get back
to my house immediately because the sun is starting to go down and I do not want to be
out in the night with low health. So we basically have to have a mega rush back
to my house. Why is my boat not moving? There we go. Turn boat. There we go. Go for it.
Iím sorry if this episode is getting a little bit long. Itís just passing 16 minutes. If
you guys want shorter Minecraft episodes, then tell me in the comments below, but I
personally like longer episodes from time-to-time. I think theyíre fun.
Iíve got to get back to my house. I shouldnít have stayed out this late. My house is going
to be surrounded by creepers when I get back. That sun is completely gone. Moon is up. Itís
nighttime. Thereís a creeper right there. He canít
get to me on my boat though, which is pretty nice. Thereís my house, but how am I going
to get to it without going through creeper territory?
Why is there light in here? Lava. Theyíre shooting arrows at me. Thereís an archer
up there. A couple of archers. Theyíre all over the beach.
Itíll give me a chance to exercise my diamond sword.
Mad charge for the house. I canít get out of the boat. There we go. Time for a mad charge
for my house. Whoa, that cow scared me. Get all this leather real quick. Itís too bad
I donít have torches because torches would be really helpful.
Creeper. Oh no!!! Do not want to die in another letís play episode. Is he gone? No!! Heís
still there. Shoot. A zombie. Got to get back to my house. Yes, meat. More meat. Yes! Minecraft
loves me. Need to get back to my house. Iím almost there. This is epic. If I can make
it, this will be epic. This episode is coming up on 20 minutes. Wow.
Longest video Iíve ever done. Thereís a zombie chasing me and I saw two creepers off
in the distance. This is not good. I donít see my house. Thatís not a good sign. Zombie
is dead. Spider. Thereís my house. Get this spider out of
the way. Thereís my house. I can see it. Yes! Weíre almost there. Go! Go! Go! Get
some meat. Letís get rid of this. The meatís much more important. Come on. More meat. Eat this meat. There we
go. Look at all those creepers down there. Iíve
got to get into my house now! Like right now. That was definitely the craziest episode yet.
I almost died, but thankfully I didnít. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you
did, please click like and comment on the video. Tell me what you thought of it and
as always, if this is the first video of mine that youíve seen, please hit that subscribe
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