[the films of] Wes Anderson

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Shall we take the shortcut or the scenic route? - Let's take the shortcut.
Aw, but the scenic route is so much prettier. - OK, let's take the scenic route.
It's actually slightly quicker anyway.
Let me tell you about my boat.
The Belafonte was a long-range subhunter
which we bought from the U.S. Navy for $900.000.
Two Albino scouts swim with the ship.
They're supposedly very intelligent
though I've never seen any evidence of it.
Don't listen to me.
I never understood any of us. I wish I had more to offer in that department.
I know you do, Pop.
What's going on? - I don't know, I guess the train's lost.
What'd he say? - He says the train's lost.
How can a train be lost, it's on rails.
Holy swearing cuss!
I know what it's like to feel different. - I'm not different.
We all are. Him especially.
But there's something kind of fantastic about that, isn't there?