Kahani Kismat Ki 1973 Movie Full With English Subtitles

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Prem, my daughter married you Against my wishes.
And separated from me forever.
Now she is no more, and I am anxious to see my grand chiId.
Being a bIood pressure patient I couId die any time.
I do not wish to die without seeing my Grand daughter.
The heir to my fortune
Bring her to me As soon as possibIe
Master, Mr. Prem has arrived with your Grand daughter
Thank you, mercifuI Lord
WeIcome, I was hoping You wouId come and forgive me.
Mohan, call my Iawyer I want to will all my weaIth
To my Grand daughter!
HeIIo, Yes Sir, Mr. Prem is here.
Sir, call for you
Call for me ?!
HeIIo, who's speaking ?
Your father !!
Congrats ! You've gone from Rags to Riches ?
Get it ? don't get it ?
I don't know what you mean
I am the one who knows, the baby you have taken
To the oId man Is not your daughter
But I know for sure who's daughter she is
Get it, Don't get it !!
Who is on the Iine ?
It's an oId friend of mine.
He is unweII, and has come here for treatment.
His heaIth has deteriorated
Why don't you teII him the truth ?!
Look here, don't taIk too much of the iIIness
TeII me the cure !
I am taIking from 1 1 , Union Park
Get it, Don't get it ?
How do you know me ?
The way a Hunter Hunts his Prey.
Your daughter died on the 4th of January
Here is her death - certificate
Idiot !
You think, that's the onIy one I have ?
This is the dupIicate
The originaI copy is in my safe
Get it, don't get it ?
What is your demand ?
Since you have taken someone eIse's daughter as your own.
Why not treat me aIso as your brother !
Don't worry, you don't have to share the weaIth
Just keep giving me a big amount of Pocket money !
Get it, Don't get it ?
Want to say anything eIse ?
OnIy this, the money shouId reach me by the 5th of every month
My expenses are not that high Rs. 10,000/- per month is enough.
Ten Thousand !
Yes ! you can spend Rs. 15,000/- on me, if you Iike
Why worry ? The money doesn't beIong to us.
Get it, Don't get it ?
Hey Mister ! Move side !
Are you bIind ? Can't you honk?
Are you deaf ? I've been honking continuousIy
Horn is not working ? why keep a Iousy car ?! Get out of here !
He's really deaf Lets go
Asha where is Chanda ?
She has gone to get water
Finally, I have a good photo of you.
You jerk.
If you don't want troubIe give me the fiIm
Don't worry ! No one has seen Your mischievous friends are not here.
Give me the fiIm, or eIse...
Oh ! they have gone back That is good news!
Today, I will reveaI my true feeIings for you
I Iove you since past two months
I can't eat, drink or sIeep because of you
I Iove you and you are sIapping me.
Mina, Sonu, Barkha, Rekha PIease, come soon.
What happened ?
Hey, they are all back You toId me they had gone away
This joker is teasing me Iets teach him a Iesson.
Don't remove your shoes Your feet might get hurt. HeIp !
My sandaI ! He has taken away my sandaI.
So, Mr. Romeo ! What are you doing with a sandaI ?
Today, I won't eat food.
Put on your hearing aid
Where did you get this sandaI ?
This beIongs to your future sister-in-Iaw.
So, when will you get the other sandaI ?
Every man suffers the sandaI from honeymoon tiII death
Come on Ajit, its time to Ieave for work.
Good morning, Doctor ! - Good morning !
I know I've to take injections today But I have urgent work.
Give me the injection tomorrow
Nothing doing ! HeaIth comes first
TeII me, if I don't take the injection, will I die ?
When did I say that ?
Fine, then I will take the injection tomorrow
O.K., you proceed, I'II have some tea and Ieave.
Brother, you forgot to drink miIk here, have some.
No he won't drink the miIk no pampering during work Iets go !
Oh Daddy ! She Iooks so sad I'II go taIk to her
There he goes again !
What do you know about a sisters Iove ?
You do not have a sister
Maybe not ! But I know my wife's Iove for me
Sister, pIease don't be upset ? Come on, I'II drink the miIk.
Scared ? I couIdn't have it today No probIem ! I'II have it tomorrow
No brother, I won't Iet you go It's unIucky when miIk is spiIt
You are being superstitious
You are educated yet you taIk Iike this
Ajit !
Dad's getting impatient I have to Ieave
PIease don't wait for me at dinner
Have I ever eaten without you Brother ?
You are very Ioving
Tomorrow I'II sureIy dine with you
Oh God ! PIease protect him.
Let's go Daddy
Have you read today's paper ?
It's embarrasing, Thieves are at Iarge, and we are inefficient?
Who he is, how he gets in, how he breaks open a big safe
all these years and there is not even a cIue
What are you all doing ?
Inspector Khan ! what about your scheme ?
We have fitted burgIar aIarms in many safes
If the safes are opened we will know at the poIice station
Ok ! Don't Iet this information Ieak out
Robbery at highways road - Drive to the highway road
Stop ! Or I will shoot
The thief has escaped foIIow him
It's a yeIIow jeep MRX 4920 !
Surrender ! Or I will shoot
Oh God ! what happened ?
Don't worry mother He will be fine
Mina, call up the Doctor
Arrest them !
What's all this ?
They are thieves ! They've robbed many houses
Thieves ! It cannot be
Steallng is their business
Brother ! TeII me its a Iie !
You have done no wrong
Laxmi ! If possibIe, pIease forgive me
The accused has admitted to the crime
On the charges of steallng and housebreaking
The court sentences Mr.Ajit to 2 years imprisonment
Let's go, Daughter
But, where will we go, Mother ?
Anywhere ! The worId is big enough
But mother, why don't we stay here for a few days ?
By then, we can make other arrangements ?
No this house was bought By a criminaI
Staying here is impossibIe for me
But Mother ! That's not our fauIt
Isn't it enough that your father And brother are thieves ?
Come on Ramesh
Madam ! Take me with you I will serve you tiII I die
No GopaI, How can I heIp you When I'm heIpIess myseIf ?
Madam ! I aIways thought of you all as my famiIy
Destiny is separating us. Everyone Has to bow down before fate
God BIess you ! Do come to meet me Sometime. Don't forget me
Where will you go, Mother ?
Wherever fate takes us
Mother, answer my question TruthfuIIy, then you Ieave
Ok ! Son
Mother, do you not consider Me a third son ?
But son, why do You doubt that ?
Isn't it a son's duty to Care for his parents ?
Why are you siIent, mother ? Answer me
Yes, it is
Enough, don't say anything Give me this burden
Listen to me, Son
I have aIways obeyed you PIease Iisten to me today
Mina ! What are you hiding ?
Nothing Mother
Show me your hand
Who is this for ? - For my brother
You don't have a brother He is dead for us
No mother, May he Iive Ionger than me
So what, if he did something Wrong ? he is stiII your son
I am sure he will Turn over a new Ieaf
PIease, do not curse him
Sister, even mother's curses Are a bIessing to us
Go meet him No one will say anything
Mina, hasn't mother forgiven me yet ? - No, she is deepIy hurt
I know
Sister, I have nothing but BIessings for you today
Nothing is more precious Than a brothers bIessing
Just meeting you has Given me new strength
Your hand was dirty Now, you can hit me
You are really shameIess ! - Yes, shameIessIy in Iove with you
Hope you didn't get hurt ! - Hurt !! You scoundreI
Don't taIk rubbish Stay away from me
You think I am Iying I'II prove my Iove
Can't you see I haven't shaved properIy ?
I'II do it for you
Who's that ? Oh ! Are you a barber ?
Father ! I better be running aIong
Run aIong ? I'II show you what Running is Swine, scoundreI
I'm sorry, pIease Iet me go - I'II scratch your eyes out
Where did he disappear ?
He is hiding there
Good - Day Sir
For good behaviour you Are to be reIeased today
Mother !
God, I promise I will never hurt my mother again
Mother, bIess me so that I never stray again
Son !
Forgive me, Mother !
Give this to your sister
Today is Rakhi Day We'II ceIebrate it in the evening
Why Brother ?
Today I will get a job, So I will buy you a gift
Brother, I do not have a bag to keep my book's
Carry them in your hand Don't worry him too much
Don't say that mother Who eIse will he go to ?
Evening I will aIso Bring you a bag
Ajit, take this Rs. 10/- There is nothing to cook in the house
Buy the food stuff
Yes mother
Mr. Ajit I will pay you Rs. 350/- per month. You may start tomorrow
But, I forgot to mention I've spent 2 years in jall
What ? Even I forgot to mention This is my office, not a jall
Who will fight him ? You will get Rs. 200/- for Rs. 10/-
Ajit, there is nothing to eat at home Buy the food stuff
This man will fight - I don't want to fight
Return my money Come on Sir, Fight him
Why, Are you scared ? You Look Iike a body buiIder !
Look, I don't want to fight Return my money
If you are your mothers son take Rs. 200/- instead of Rs. 10/-
You Swine, Don't take my Mothers name
So, the Hero gets angry too
all of you, move behind and see two tigers fight
I'II crush this mosquito
Boss, do something or we will Iose Rs. 200/-
Give me the money
Mina, a saree for you
Did you get a job, brother ?
No, I fought for the money where is mother ?
She has gone to the tempIe
A bag for you - Thank you brother
It Iooks Iike I will keep Praying all my Iife
What are you doing here ?
Brother bought me a bag I want to put my books in it
This sandaI beIongs to your future sister-in-Iaw
But I toId mother it beIongs to a nun
But, I was taIking about the bag - TaIk, she won't even Iook at me
Oh ! His deafness
Is my story making you sad ?
Brother ! what is this ?
Ajit ! have you started your oId Iine of work again ?
Why do you say that ?
Did you bring this bag ?
It probabIy got exchanged At the saree shop
The address says Premchand, ViIe-ParIe Scheme
Did you not Iike, any of them ?
They are not worth even Iooking at
Oh ! So you want a prince in shining armour !
Better seIect from one of these
My dear, your youth will Not Iast forever
Don't worry about me, Think of yourseIf
I wouId stiII prefer to Wait for my Prince
And how will he be ?
He will be the bravest Most decen't
And the most handsome A man amongst all men
I doubt you will find all four quallties in one man
Idea ! Get married to Four different guys !
I'm sure that will soIve your probIem
Leave me - Oh ! Just Iook at you blush
Hope you did not Hurt your seIf
But of course she's hurt Her heart is wounded
Excuse me ! - Chanda, use your manners !
Who have you Come to meet ?
Mr. Premchand
Oh ! That's her father, and she his daughter
Her .... father ?!
HeIIo !
Her father is inside PIease go
Have you got your Photo with you ?
Stop it chanda, You pIease proceed
Excuse me ! Nothing ... PIease go in
Wow ! What a Hunk ! Do you fancy him ?
My Bag ! Where Did you find it ?
It got exchanged at the shop
I think my bag - is with me
Sir, onIy a decent Man wouId do this !
PIease take your reward from this
No, Thank you very much
Come, PIease sit
What's your name ? - My name is Ajit
What work do you do ? - I am unempIoyed, aIthough educated
PeopIe do not give me jobs
Why ?
I have served sentence for a crime !
You ?!
Hence PeopIe Do not trust me
I will give you a job
Why wouId you do that ?
I need an honest and decent man
I will be obIiged To you for Iife
Think nothing about it Have some tea
I will expIain your Duties Iater on
Mother ! I have found a job
It pays Rs. 1000/- Here's Rs. 500/- advance
BIess you !
Gopu !
Thank you God !
What's wrong son ?! Meena Get water !!
Give it to him
How do you feeI now ?
A IittIe better I feIt giddy suddenIy
I was really worried
Make sure you see a doctor soon
God ! He has paid enough for his crimes
PIease spare him
If any thing Punish me instead
Nobody around To deceive today
Oh ! We have snared somebody !
Ramu Dada, Here's Rs. 100/-
For what job ? - Her name is Chanda
Forget the name TeII me the job
I repeat, teII me the job
I need your heIp To woo a girI
She traveIs this Road, every evening
I want you both to try and moIest her !
Just Iike the viIIain MoIests the heroine
In the movie ''Ganga Jamuna'' !
I will be there In a fIash
And save her Heroically
I'II beat you up Oh ! Sorry
OK ! we'II be there In the evening
Make sure you don't Over act
And after the fight Ieave immediateIy
Ok, Ok !
It's evening, and She's stiII not here
Let's go and check
Listen kaalla That's some babe !
Let's check her out !
As you wish
Leave me !
Chanda, here I come ! Don't worry
If you vaIue your Iife Get Iost from here
Oh ! Iooks Iike Ramu Dada Sent somebody eIse
If you vaIue your Iife Run away from here
Or eIse I'II cut your heart out !
He has rehearsed his diaIogues weII !
Are you challenging me ?!
One Punch, and you will see stars in the day !
Raju, he seems stubborn
Beat the dayIights out of him !
Oh ! A reaI attack ?!
Be carefuI you do not really hurt me
Don't forget, I have Paid your Boss money
What money ? What Boss ?
Shh ! TaIk softIy ! Pretend to fall down
Oh ! This is getting too reallstic !
They are reaI goons Save me God !
Oh ! Fantastic Gopuramji !
I hope I have taught You a good Iesson
Dear Gopuramji, I'm sorry I misunderstood you
You are such a nice man
Thanks for saving me
I have done it onIy by Grace of God
Those Guy's took my money, And DoubIe Crossed me
Who doubIe crossed you ?
I mean't they crossed me with their knife !
But God saved me
Gopuji, you are indeed a brave man
PIease don't embarass me
My Queen, Iets enjoy ourseIves
Just Iook at the sIy feIIow
Without our heIp he Has snared the girI
Let's fIee ! Or eIse he Might take back the money
So ! You Iove Ajit ?!
Did you sIeep weII ?
What did you see in your dream ?
When I haven't sIept How couId I dream ?
Sorry, my mistake
He must Iove you at Ieast a IittIe ?
He doesn't even Iook at me !
This means, we'II have to pIan something
Start pIanning before I get oId
Don't worry I am an expert at this
Remember, I arranged Lame SarIa & Fat KaIavatis marriages
But you being most speciaI why onIy Ajit, I couId
Make his father marry you
Oh sorry ! My mistake again
I think its your fauIt - My fauIt ?
Yes, the whoIe matter Is spoiIt now
How so ?
He shouId have fallen in Iove with you
But now its the opposite
I have found the soIution !
See what's written - Read it aIoud
If your Iover is tormenting you
Obey the foIIowing instructions
Where does Mr. Ajit Iive ?
He Iives here, I am his mother
Mother !!
BIess you chiId, But I did not recognise you
Mr. Premchand is my father
He is Mr. Ajit's empIoyer
I am so happy, You have visited me
It's my pIeasure
I feIt as if I have met my own mother
We had a reIigious function at our house
I have brought some Offerings from the same
What reIigious function ?
You fooI ! The one we had yesterday
You were so drunk You don't even remember
Drunk ?
Of course ! That is why Daddy was going to
Kick you out of your job
I saved you, for the Sake of your chiIdren
ChiIdren ? But ma' am,
Shut up aIready And quit arguing
Nobody appreciates Good deeds anymore
Who is this GirI ? - This is ....
My name is Meena I am Ajit's sister
Ajit's sister ?
I'm sure we'II be good friends
And you ?
I'm Ajit's younger brother
I'II take your Ieave now
No chiId, I cannot Let you go
Without having some Refreshments
I was not going to go anyway
You are very sweet natured, come
You take the car home I'II come Iater
Meena, pIease cook something for our guest
Ok Mother
PIease don't treat me as a guest
I don't want to be formaI
It's no formallties
Being dinner time Ajit will aIso be coming
Meena pIease Iet me cook today
No my chiId, you are Not meant for meniaI work
PIease don't treat me So formally
Am I not Iike Your daughter too ?
Of course you are But ....
You have aIready accepted me as your daughter
Oh, pIease don't refuse
Come Meena Show me the kitchen
God bIess this girI
She will spread happiness Wherever she goes
In such a short meeting I feeI Iike
You are a very oId friend
I too feeI the same way
PIease ask mother Where to serve the food
Thank God our IittIe PIan is working
Hope everything turns out aIright
Meena, what are you Cooking ?
You ! here ?
Meena, how is she here ? - She is now my new friend
Where's mother ? - Brother, shouId I bring the food ?
Looks Iike he didn't Like me coming here
No, my brother's not Iike that You don't beIieve me ?!
Ok ! You go to his room And ask him
Fine ! I'II go ask him
What a woman ! She has aIready Invaded the kitchen
You ! Why didn't Meena Bring the food ?
Why ? Did I do something Wrong ?
I didn't mean that
Then why didn't you thank me ? You don't want to ?
PIease have the food at Ieast
I am not hungry - Because I cooked it ?
I didn't mean that - Then pIease have it.
But I'm not hungry
If you were not hungry you wouIdn't have come in the kitchen
Admit, you didn't Iike me coming here
I didn't say that
Then why didn't you smiIe When you saw me ?
Servants aIways have To be humbIe
Miss Rekha, you are rich man's daughter
And I his empIoyee
I am not scared Why are you being a coward ?
I will teII everyone that I Iove Ajit !
But you don't have the guts You are cowardIy.Don't do this
Don't mistake my Decency to be cowardice
Can you teII everyone That you Iove me ?
Rekha, go to your room !
Is this how you repay me ?
Sir, do not Misunderstand me
Is there anything eIse Ieft to say ?
Daddy, Ajit is not at fauIt It was me who ... !
You keep quiet
Sir, our Iove is pure But, punish me, if you want
Why didn't you teII Me this before ?
I didn't have the Courage to do so
But you had the courage to Love my daughter ?!
Sir, unknowingIy I Started Ioving her
I feeI Iike shooting you
You will have to shoot me first - Get out of the way, Rekha !
No Daddy, you can't do that
Oh ! You Iove each Other so much ?
Speak up !!
Yes - Yes
Then why don't you Get married ?
Oh Daddy ! You are great !
I must go I have to check the accounts
Come home tomorrow, it is Rekha's Birthday and your Engagement too
Yes Sir
What's happening
What happened, Son ? Get some water, quick !
How are you feeIing, Son ? - Quite fine
Have you had this attack before ?
Yes, once - What did the Doctor say ?
I haven't gone to The Doctor yet
Didn't go to the doctor ? That was really careIess
My car is downstairs Go to the doctor now
Get up, Thats good !
I can't say anything now I've taken a bIood sampIe
I will teII you when the Report comes in
Ok ! Doctor. I will Come by tomorrow
See for yourseIf The girI is beautifuI
They can get married As soon as possibIe
Without knowing anything How can I say yes ?
Sister, we will Iet you know - As you wish
UncIe, do Iet us know
I can't decide What to wear
It is your engagement Not wedding, wear anything
I want to wear something SpeciaI, to pIease him
You really want to know
Wear skimpy cIothes That shouId pIease him
AIms for a beggar
I am so happy today Here's a fuII Rs. 5/- note
May God give you A very Iong Iife
Am I Iooking speciaI ?
And now ?
I am sure you will be pIeased
Good morning Doctor Is my medicaI report ready ?
I don't know How to break the news
But I will have to TeII you eventually
PIease, be frank with me doctor
Son, you have bIood cancer
Me, I have bIood cancer ?!
Yes, there is no Cure for it
This disease cannot Be detected earIy
But, Iets pray for the best
These are faIse hopes
I know, neither medicine nor prayers can cure me
Doctor, pIease don't discIose this to anyone
What's the occasion ?
Your sister's engagement has been finallsed
Meena ... BIess you !
God, pIease Iet me Iive tiII my sister gets married
Why so anxious ? He'II turn up soon
May you bIoom Iike these fIowers
And aIways Iook as beautifuI as you Iook today
What's wrong with you everyone's staring
I don't care
True Iovers are not scared of any one !
You seem to be dead drunk !
It is a happy occasion This night may not come again
Take this
Ladies & GentIemen, I will sing Rekha and Chanda will dance
You sIut, you dare come here too ?!
KiII me if you will
But being your wife I cannot Iet you Iove another woman
Cut out this BuIIshit and Ieave ...or eIse
What's this commotion ? who's this woman ?
Looks Iike a cheap woman she is faIseIy accusing me
PIease don't abuse me I'm the mother of your chiId !
Ajit, what is this woman saying ?!
She's Iying ! Even if she's not I will divorce her
Sir, PIease beIieve me Now Rekha is my onIy Iove
Don't even dare take Rekha's name again
Why get angry Sir, now its a fashion
To have a wife, and a Iover aIso
I couId never imagine that you wouId stoop so Iow
You scoundreI !
How dare you pIay with someone's Iife !
Get out of the way !
Why did you do this to me ?
Get out of the way I say !
Leave here immediateIy and don't show your face again
Mr. Ajit, why did you pIan this drama to break her heart ?
Who does such things willingIy ? BeIieve me, I had to
She did not have a future with me
I don't understand you at all
Nobody can change destiny here are your fees
Sir - You!
How dare you come here !
PIease don't get angry
Whatever happened yesterday was a prepIanned drama
I had to do it as I have onIy a few days to Iive
I have bIood cancer
This is shocking news! You have bIood cancer
PIease forgive me for misunderstanding you
PIease don't say that
HeIIo ! Get it, Don't get it ?!
I repeat ... HeIIo again
You pIease wait outside We'II taIk Iater
Why have you come Get out of here
This is not your father's property
Rekha's father is stiII allve
And I stiII have your daughter's death certificate
What are you trying to ImpIy ?
You are stiII so innocent in your oId age
Your installment is overdue by 5 days
The company has incurred huge Iosses
And I have aIready paid you huge amounts
And you have spent 10 time that
BeIieve me, I really don't have any cash
May be you are not Iying
I'm sure there is honour among thieves
I suggest you seII the mansion we'II share the proceeds
Get it, Don't get it ?
And where do you think I shouId Iive after that
Where you Iived earIier
That's impossibIe
I have nothing Ieft to offer you
Remember if I don't get the money in 7 days
I'II destroy you ! Get it !!
Both our Iives are Iike that setting sun
Cancer will kiII you and to save honour
I will commit suicide
Commit suicide ?!
PeopIe say youth is irresponsibIe and I too had been at one time
I have paid for that dearIy
Now I am bankrupt
And that bIackmaller is threatning to inform the poIice
My daughter has grown up
And I fear society will reject her
Son, your sacrifice will go in vain
How may I heIp you ?
all evidence against me and money I paid him
Is Iying in the bIackmallers safe
If you can make him unconcious and get those things
I will be gratefuI forever
But that's steallng !
No, Not steallng
Its a good deed
Done for somebody in his time of need
I no Ionger break into safes now
I have sworn by my mother I will not steaI anymore
You are just remembering the PIedge
But what happens to her when you are no more ?
You have a younger brother and a sister to be married
Do this for me I'II pay you Iots of money
Which will heIp them Iive comfortabIy
I'm sorry, I can't do it
Ok, we have to cIose office next month
PIease Iook for another job
Why the sad faces ?
So what if one groom has high dowry demands
I'm sure we'II find a better suitor for our sister
Yes, but they too may have the same demands
Mother, pIease don't Iose heart
I guess you're right
I'm sure, Ajit will manage to get his sister married
I'm ready to compromise for my famiIy's sake
But you have to pay me Rs.1 ,00,000/-
Fine, It shall be as you wish !
Then show me the safe
There !
That safe contains my money and evidence against me
OnIy 4 safes Iike these were made by
Jackson & Jackson Co. of EngIand in 1932
Of these two are in a bank one with Jackson's daughter
And the Iast we are Iooking at right now
There are onIy three peopIe who can open this safe
OnIy three peopIe ?
Yes !
One, Mr. Jackson, Second the owner of the safe...
And the third is ?
Third is me
Look ! It's his servant
Oh ! GopaI - Do you know him ?
Yes, he worked in our house earIier
Very good ! Take this
A few drops will make him unconscious
You will get everything tomorrow - Thanks
Lord, on one hand, I am answerabIe to you
And aIso to the woman who gave birth to me
With your bIessing, I had become a good human being
But, for my famiIy's sake I have to become a criminaI again
PIease forgive me
PIease forgive me God
I have just fIown down from DeIhi
I did not want to Ieave without meeting you
Get it, Don't get it ?!
You are a beautifuI butterfIy AIways fIitting about
Get it, Don't get it ?!
I have a two hour stop over so Iets make the most of it
You are so seIfish You Iove me onIy for my money
Get it, don't get it ?!
That's not true. I really Iove you for your manIiness
Get it, Don't get it ?!
Liar !
I'II meet you when I return
CouId I borrow matches ?
Oh ! You have come - Sir, why don't you consoIe Rekha ?
Its of no use onIy time will heaI her
Have you soIved my probIem ?
I'm indebted to you for Iife
Take what cash you want from this bag
Just pay me as agreed earIier
The rest beIongs to Rekha
Take it
Inspector, Iast night I saw him at Karamchand's fIat
I'm sure he is the kiIIer
KiIIer ? I haven't kiIIed anyone !
Let the courts decide that
No sir, I know my son has given up crime
OnIy he couId break open that safe
Ask him where he was Iast night
He was here at home TeII them son
Who will beIieve a kiIIer's words ?
Son, your siIence is troubIing me
TeII them you are innocent
I had gone there
I made him unconscious
But did not kiII him
Take this criminaI away from here
The court has no doubts that this accused has kiIIed
Mr. Karamsingh
The Court hereby sentences him to death
I had just asked you to steaI, why did you kiII him ?
Sir, even you don't beIieve me ?
I onIy made him unconscious I did not kiII him
PIease, beIieve me
I think you over-drugged him
all these things are meaningIess now
Death will come to me anyway by cancer or by hanging
Don't worry, I will Iook after your famiIy
Thank you very much Sir I am indebted to you
Greetings Sir ! - HeIIo
How are you Jankidas ? Join me for a drink ?
Hope you are happy with me
Very happy here is your reward
You are very kind
How do you know this Iady ? - She is my wife, why ?
Wife ? - Of course
Why did you Iie to me ? How do you know Ajit ?
I am an actress and he Paid me to act as his wife
But why did he do all this ?
I don't know, but when we Ieft your house, he was crying
I just met the woman who acted as your wife
What is all this ?
Its all over Rekha best to forget all this
I just met the woman who acted as your wife
PIease don't make me suffer TeII me the truth
HeIIo Doctor - HeIIo
Where is Rekha ?
God knows what is wrong with her She seems very disturbed
She keeps crying all the time
Since the time Ajit has gone to jall She is devastated
Doctor, I have evidence that you murdered your innocent wife
Thinking she was a Ioose woman
If you want to Iive, hand over your daughter to me
My father-in-Iaw is not aware my daughter is dead
He shall will all his property to your daughter thinking she's mine
Are you sure no harm will come to my daughter ?
I promise, I will bring her up as my own and give her
More Iove than you ever couId
Sir, pIease take good care of my daughter
Don't worry Doctor, from hereon, she is not your, but my daughter !
PIease have some tea
Since I had onIy a few days to Iive, I had no choice.
Ajit, the day you die, I too will Iive no Ionger
Madam, visiting hours are over PIease Ieave
Rekha ! Somebody pIease Iet me out of here.
No, you cannot be Iet out
If you don't Iet me out I'II commit suicide
Rekha is in the hospitaI ? She is serious ?
Lets go - We are just reaching there
Hope she is not hurt badIy, Doctor ?
Her condition is deIicate And we do not have her bIood type
PIease do something - We are trying our best
That creates a probIem
Don't give up Doctor PIease keep trying
If bIood is not given immediateIy She couId die
Doctor, how is Rekha ?
Doctor, he has the same bIood type as Rekha
Yes doctor, pIease give her my bIood
Come, we'II test your bIood
Doctor, you want to give Rekha my bIood, knowing I have bIood cancer?
Go ahead Ajit - Knowing I have bIood cancer ? !
You don't have bIood cancer - What are you saying ?
I had Iied to you
Why did you do that Doctor?
We'II taIk Iater, Just save Rekha
How do you feeI ?
She is out of danger
This criminaI has saved your Iife
Thank you Ajit now we can die together
No Rekha, we will not die This doctor Iied to me
Doctor, you were my fathers friend Why do this to me ?
I will kiII you Doctor
Now nobody can keep me inside this jall any Ionger
I have made arrangements for your escape from here
Sir, somebody to see you - call him in
HeIIo Sir - HeIIo, what do you want/
I have brought you an idoI of a God
I don't beIieve in God I am my own God
This is no ordinary idoI There is a camera fitted inside
If kept on a safe, it starts operating when the safe is opened
And tiII the reeI is not over it keeps fiIming the goings on
Ok! Leave it here and take the payment tomorrow
Go to Karamsingh's fIat and bring back the reeI from the idoI
Remember, I want that reeI at any cost
Thank you for this idoI - Don't mention it
I will pray to God that my brother is reIeased
Yes, I'm sure he will be
What's that noise
The idoI is missing Lets go and inform the boss
Are you crazy ?! He will kiII us
If the poIice get that reeI He will hang instead of Ajit !
What next ? - Lets Iook for the idoI
Escape before they catch you !
Catch him ! He has the idoI !
What happened ?
What's all this ?
Hide this reeI, it will heIp in reIeasing our brother
PIease hide it quickIy some peopIe are coming for it
Where's the idoI ? - HeIp me sister
Leave him aIone !
TeII me where the reeI is
Why are you simpIy honking ?
Can't you see the truck has broken down ?
Get that damn thing out of the way
PIease heIp me shift it out of your way
TeII me where the reeI is
Or I'II throw your naked corpse on the road
The reeI is not to be found anywhere
Better find it or I'II crack your skuII open with my shoe!
Shoe ?!
I have found it I have found the reeI !
Meena, what happened here who had come here ?
Brother, he has the reeI proving your innocence
Who was the bastard that dare do this to you ?!
Brother, he was baId and his name was Jaggu !
I will kiII you Jaggu
Don't cry sister, I will avenge your honour!
The reeI is with me
Stay right there I'II join you shortIy
Where is Jagga ? - I don't know
Wait, I'II teII you !
How did this guy escape from jall ?!
Call the poIice !
You take care of him I'II be right back
OnIy one of us will Ieave here allve !
Handover the reeI!
Bad news sir, Ajit has beaten up Jagga and has the reeI!
That's impossibIe Ajit was to be hanged !
Yes, but now he has escaped
You are all useIess, you have not even found the Doctor
And now this troubIe come with me
You ! Here ?
PIease Iisten daughter - Daughter ?
Don't utter that word! what are you upto now?
PIease Iisten
I don't even want to see the face of a fraud Iike you!
Good or bad, I'm your father! - Father ? That's impossibIe
This is fact, and now I will reveaI the truth to you
Oh! So that's how this rascaI framed you
What I don't understand are the attacks of iIIness
I got though I did not have bIood cancer
Let me expIain
What new tricks are you upto now ?
I am your cuIprit But just Iisten to me
Speak up
Premchand drugged your tea to give you those attacks
He forced me to teII you you had cancer
Oh! So he master minded the whoIe thing
Ajit, pIease save my daughter from Premchand
Your daughter! what are you saying?
Rekha - Rekha, your daughter ?!
Yes, its true
I'II teII you the rest
Idiots Iike you, heIp peopIe Iike me survive
Your days are numbered you can't hide your crimes anymore
We will burn the evidence aIong with you
Handover the reeI
No way !
I have aIready kiIIed the doctor
I will count to three If I don't get the reeI
I'II kiII your friend too
Let him kiII me but don't give him the reeI
Ajit, don't worry
I wouId sacrifice myseIf a thousand times for you
Jeevraj, inform the poIice we have captured Ajit
But he had aIready murdered a doctor before we got here
There's your evidence
Find the dog and run him down
PIease heIp the needy
Premchand, I don't care if I die kiIIing you
Ajit, the reeI is not Iost it is right here
You imposter! You kiIIed my reaI father
I wish I couId shoot you down now
No, my daughter You have misunderstood me
You won't shoot me
Leave me
ReIease her
Arrest them - Wait Inspector
That is the reaI cuIprit
No Inspector, he is Iying
Rubbish! He is the reaI criminaI
Brother, why don't you show the Inspector the reeI ?
Ok, Iet's see this reeI and decide who the cuIprit is
ConstabIe! Get Premchand
Yes, arrest him
Start the fiIm
So this is the proof of your innocence ?!
This is confusing the reeI must have got exchanged
Inspector, send him back to jall
Ramsingh, get the jeep
Mr. Ajit, you have been sentenced to death by the court
Today, you are to be hanged any Iast wishes ?
Mr. Premchand, sorry for the inconvenience, you may Ieave
Let me go inside
Who is it ?
Sir, I have got proof of my son's innocence
Sir, our dog hid the originaI reeI in a photographers shop
And ran away with another reeI
This is the originaI reeI!
Sir, this woman is just wasting your time
Sir my son is my onIy support in my oId age
Don't take him away from me
I beg you, pIease see the fiIm at Ieast once
Ok! Put on this fiIm
Inspector, arrest this kiIIer
Son, pIease forgive my mistrust
No mother, it was not your fauIt
Won't you reIease him now ?
But of course
He has heIped the Iaw in not committing a grave injustice
I am sure he will be reIeased