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[Marshall at Farmers Market] The smaller ones are $3 and the biggest ones are $5.
[Marshall Wright] You can come to the market and get food straight from the source. It's
going to be better for you to eat and it's better for the local economy.
((change rattling))
[Narration] Marshall Wright is a foodie and a blogger.
[Marshall] Because of the rise in obesity in America, because of the Food, Inc. movies,
because of the Michael Pollan books, it's hard now to ignore where your food comes from.
(crowded market)
[Narration] Writer Hank Shaw sees this trend catching on.
Wild food is ..well, it's all hormone free and it's all pesticide free..utterly devoid
of any pathogens More and more people are really facing the
fact that hunting is a legitimate, honorable part of our culture and heritage. And that,
especially, I mean hunting for food, you know 'I'm going to fill the freezer,' almost nobody
has a problem with that.
[Marshall] There is a primal and uh back to basics element of it that I think is very
prominent in food culture right now. What can we do and how can we find ways to eat
that we know what we are eating?
[Narration] So Marshall took a hunter education course.
[Instructor] You got a 92. Congratulations.
[Narration] Learned to shoot a shotgun ... sort of.
((gun shot))
[Marshall] It's going to take some more practice, but I'll definitely get it.
[Narration] Bought a hunting license.
[Marshall] Thank you so much.
[Narration] And found someone to take him duck hunting.
((gun shots))
[Guide] Nice shooting
[Chef in cooking Class] It's very lean, has a lot of Vitamin D and E, and it's very high
in iron.
[Narration] And there are more places to learn how to prepare wild game from cooking classes...
[Narration] To online wild game recipes.
[Jesse Griffins] Today we're going to be cooking some feral hog.
[Narration] Bringing another dimension to dinner.
[Hank Shaw] You went to the trouble of going out there to the wild and getting it and bringing
it back and eating it. And every time I do that, uh it makes the food taste better.
[Narration] And gathering your own food is a healthy trend that is likely to continue.
[Marshall's daughter] Daddy, I like your gumbo.
[Marshall] Thank you, Maggie.
[Narration] For Texas Parks and Wildlife,
[Daughter] Is my face messy? ((laughs))
[Narration] This is Abe Moore.