MGR (2009) w/ Eng Sub - Telugu Movie - Part 6

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Feeling bad for what had happened last night?
Come on...such things are common these days. must feel bad only if I refuse to marry you.- Marriage?
Now...I came to thanK the broker woman who wants to unite us.
No...Indu. My chemistry doesn't match with hers.
Shall I Golconda? Oh! To Golconda?
I'll be there right away. Again...? Okay.
Indu, what are you doing?
If you fail to write your exams, the entire year will go waste.
My entire life is about get wasted.
Come... - I'm tensed.
Come here.
You ass!
My family won't accept. - Crap! What are you doing?
Hi! It's you...! How can I say this to you?
I'm Kissing my darling, my sweet heart Indu.
You crap! That's not Indu.
She is too good. How couldn't she be Indu?
Trust me. Is Indu fat & blacK liKe a pig?
See through my eyes you'll know Indu's beauty.- TaKe your hands off.
Oh no! I am Indu.
Darling, why is she disturbing us? Tell her to go away.
Am I a disturbance? You...Get lost.
Planning to taKe him away from me? Do you want my Harsha for your dirty face?
Turn this side. Look at me.- Don't pull.
Oh no!
Will you take away my Harsha from me?
She is very jealous.
She caught hold of my hair for touching you.
She might have killed me had I Kissed you.
She is caught red handed.
We did it for fun. - It's fun for you but I hate it.
Don't touch me.
O candy doll!
Never stop me from holding your hand...
O branch of snow flowers!
Never stop me from touching you...
If you order me not to touch you or come closer...
what would happen to me?
O damsel! I was born for you...
If I don't get you, this life is waste...
When I touched a flower, it scolded me saying...
That you're the tender flower and guided me to you...
Never come after me... This flower is full of thorns...
Touch me and you will cry in pain...
When I touched a creeper, it scolded me saying...
That you're the lightning and guided me to you...
With lightning comes thunder, with thunder comes floods...
Later its flood liKe you...
I'll consider the floods as a boon...
I'll even drown myself to unite with you...
The air touched you, so did the land...
Is it wrong for me to touch you?
I breathed air... I walked on land...
Tell me what's so special about you?
The light touched you, so did the rain drop...
Why is this indifference with me?
The light showed me the path of hope...
The rain drop quenched my thirst...
How could you be compared with them?
They will be with you until you're alive...
I'll be with you even when you die...
This place is wonderful.
You're astonished for this, Udhaigarh fort will be mind boggling.
Let me go.
How dare you touch my daughter? - Father...
I'll kill you if I see you again with my daughter.
Indu is mine. Mine. Understood?
If you try to separate us, I will kill you. I will Kill you.
Harsha, leave him. - I will kill you.
Indu is mine. TaKe him away. - I will kill you.
Let's go...
Forgive me for not telling you about my love.
There was only pain in his words & not vengeance.
But I Know that he sincerely loves me. I want Harsha.
It's your wish to maKe the decision now.
Forgive me.
I was scared that you might separate me from Indu.
Nothing personal.
Since childhood, she has never asKed me anything till now.
But now, she asked me a favour. She said she wants Harsha.
If I don't fulfill her only wish, I would be at fault.
I will surely perform your marriage.
I never thought that you will agree for our marriage so soon.
Is he Indu's fiance? - Yes.
Don't mistake me for what had happened on the other day.
Nice. A perfect match.
This one thing is enough to prove how good a lover he is.
A good father-in-law and a good son-in-law.
A beautiful daughter. What am I then for?
Say something uncle.
Madam...come fast. He is trying to Kill your father.
Hey boys! TaKe him away. - Father.
How dare you kill him?
Since he didn't agree for our marriage, will you kill him?
Listen to me, Indu. - Crap!
Don't believe him. Listen to me. - I will kill you.
Let's taKe him to the hospital. - Come...
How dare you kill my uncle?
Hey Pilot, start rolling. Careful...
Indu, listen to me.