[GALAXY Note 10.1] Photo Editing - Official Hands-on Video

Uploaded by SAMSUNGmobile on 31.08.2012

Hi we here at Samsung Mobile would like to go into detail on what you can create with the Galaxy Note 10.1.
Now, this is really impressive, and if you’re creative, you’ll especially love this feature.
Exclusively to Samsung, the Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with Adobe Photoshop Touch pre-loaded.
Photoshop Touch is specially designed to give you incredible control and precision that only the S-Pen can provide.
Let me show you an example.
Using the S Pen and Photoshop Touch’s cool features such as this lasso tool right here,
I’m going to blur out just the background of this picture so it looks as if I took the photo using a very professional camera.
So let me carefully select just the boy in the picture like so.
As you can see the S Pen’s amazing precision lets me quickly and accurately select just the area I want.
OK, I got the ear there. And this is only possible because the S Pen has extreme accuracy and precision.
And I’m done.
I’ll create a new layer from the selection.
and I’m going to select the background to add the blur effect.
I’m going to adjust it like so and apply it, and there we go.
With simple to use options you can easily apply a whole range of artistic effects,
like converting it to a pencil sketch or a charcoal drawing. Or even this watercolor effect like this.
With this photo, I can just select the background and make it black and white using this.
I’ve already done so and I’ll show you…like this.
Here I’ll show you how I am going to duplicate this dog to various parts of the picture using this tool.
And as you can see all of Photoshop’s main functionality is available so I can do cool stuff like I’m doing right now.
And better yet, I can reset the layer and I’m going to delete the dog just like so.
and I’m going to delete the dog just like so.
So hopefully you’ll have a bit of a feel for how cool and fun it is to create with the Galaxy Note 10.1.
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