RAM Manager For Android [App Review]

Uploaded by TheSmokingAndroid on 06.01.2012

Hey everyone! today we will be looking at an app that will make your phone feel like
new again!
Well happy new year everyone! I hope you all had an amazing beginng to the new year.
If you havent noticed i havent released a video in a little over a week because, well,
i need a break from testing all the different apps and hacks out there BUT i couldnt help
myself and as a result, i have a bunch of awesome new apps to show you guys!
Today we have Ram Manager for your rooted android device. Designed heavily for Samsung
devices, the app is STILL designed to work on most android devices.
What the app does is increase performance with switching between apps quickly, increases
system smoothness! and lets you multi task like never before while still providing you
with the memory we all greatly cherish.
Once you start the app and grant it superuser permissions you'll be presented with this
very simple and easy to use set of options.
Starting with the first option "BALANCE" which optimizes the ram for everyday usage,
like if you just want to fly through everyday apps like facebook, your messaging app, email
and so on.
Next we have "BALANCE WITH MORE FREE MEMORY" This option is GREAT for people who have less
than 512mb's of ram. This option has the same effect as the Standard "BALANCE" option as
i mentioned before but with less multi tasking.
Next Option is "BALANCE WITH MORE MULTITASKING" Which again has the same effect as "BALANCE"
but is designed for those users who have more than 512mb' of ram. This option give's you
the most multi tasking bang for your buck.
Then last but not least we have "HARD GAMING" and "HARD MULTITASKING"
Both of which are self explanitory, hard gaming is for hardcore gamers that need that extra
gain in performance to make sure they expeirence no studdering or lag and hard multitasking
is for those who are really hard on their phones...the true power user!
There is a paid version, i am using the free version.
The free version only has the standard BALANCE" option available, which i find is enough for
me. The paid version opens all the other options for use.
I HAVE been testing this app for a few days now and i must say, as soon as i installed
it and set it up, i DID notice an imidiate increases in performance and multitasking.
My facebook app opens and loads faster than ever before, games load faster, my messanger
apps open quicker and the broweser loads pages faster.
I strongly recommend you try out this app. The developer's are constantly testing and
working on it to provide the best possible ram optimization for your device.
I HAVE put a link in the description below to download so go check it out.
Anyways, thats it for me, i hope you enjoyed. Please don't forget to give this video a thumbs
up, let us how your device is running with this app and make sure you subscribe for more
videos like this one.
till next time, thesmokingandroid signing out