How to Remove Fat & Cooking Oil Stains with Dr. Beckmann Stain Devil No. 5

Uploaded by StainTalkCanada on 27.01.2012

I'm thinking that my husband is going to start having to wear a bib.
I'm tired of mystery food stains on his shirt!
Oh no! It will never come out. Stain removers never work.
Well let's try Dr. Beckmann #5 for Fat and Cooking Oil.
What if you don't know what the stain is?
Most of the time, if you find stains and don't know what they are, it's actually oil from food.
Okay Julia, let's watch her remove this stain.
I know this part!
You soak the stain and use another dry cloth to tap it into the cloth underneath.
Good job, Julia!
Like I said, this is Stain Devil No. 5 for Fat and Cooking Oil.
It also works on other mystery stains like pesto, butter, margarine, lard, vegetable oil, ointment, and even shoe polish.
Really? Shoe polish?
Yeah, really! Now as soon as she's done tapping, she just needs to rinse it and wash the clothes like normal.
That sounds great. I don't need a bib for my husband anymore.
And I don't need to keep buying him new shirts. Thank you, Amanda!
Dr. Beckmann: "It works because we care about cleaning"