Yukari's SHOGA-YAKI (Pork Saute with Ginger) 豚のしょうが焼きの作り方

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And there, my "SHOGA-YAKI" is ready to be served.
This recipe is easy. I do hope you make it.
Hello, again.
Today, I'm going to make "SHOGA-YAKI" that is a popular dish in Japan.
This is a pork dish with spicy ginger flavor.
It's a perfect accompaniment to cooked rice.
I hope you eat it with cooked rice.
Ingredients are as follows;
Sliced pork, Sake, Sugar, Soy sauce, Mirin(Sweet sake), Grated ginger.
And I use sesame oil as a hidden flavor.
By adding the sesame oil, The pork get a rich flavor.
Now let's get started with me.
Let's get started.
SHOGA-YAKI is very simple.
First, make base sauce.
Mix all the ingredients for sauce.
The sake (Rice wine).
The sugar.
The soy sauce.
The MIRIN (Sweet cooking rice wine).
The grated ginger.
The sesame oil.
Mix the liquid.
Here, The base sauce is done.
Next, set a flavor to the sliced pork.
Lay the sliced pork over a shallow tray.
Spread in a single layer as wide as possible.
Next, soak the pork in the sauce.
Cover the tray with a plastic wrap, and leave it for 15 minutes.
Leave it for about 15 minutes at room temperature.
15 minutes has passed, cook the pork.
Pour cooking oil into a pan at the right heat.
Cook the pork on medium heat.
Cook on both sides until they are cooked.
They have been cooked enough, remove from the heat and put them on a tray.
Next, cook down the sauce.
Add the remaining sauce to the pan.
When the sauce is syrupy like this, the sauce is done.
Finally, place them in a serving dish
You can set favorite vegetables on the dish.
Put the pork.
Finally, put the sauce on the dish.
Now, we're all finished.
Now, This is my "SHOGA-YAKI".
My recipe is easy. I do hope you make it.