Felicia Day goes Neo-Victorian in a Steampunk Photoshoot

Uploaded by geekandsundry on May 7, 2012


FELICIA DAY: It's Flog time!
I'm Felicia Day, and this is my show.
This week, I prance around in outfits as an
excuse for a segment.
But first, my favorite five things of the week are
happening now.
Number one.
A lot of people know about Maru, but fewer know about
YouTube user Shironekoshiro, who has an army of complacent
cats that don't mind being configured in adorable ways--
having things put on their head, having things put on
their feet, being stuffed in bowls.
I don't know what Japanese factory of adorableness
created these felines, but my cat basically poops in front
of the litter box on a daily basis, so I clearly lost the
cat lottery.
Next up is my friend Phil Plait, who blogs over at
Discovery Magazine as Bad Astronomer.
I think part of the challenge of the internet is finding
places that you learn things without having to scroll below
the fold of your browser, and Phil shares astronomy news
that's very interesting, relatable, and succinct.
He also is not shy about posting things people disagree
with, so if you want to argue with him, he is @BadAstronomer
on Twitter.
You're welcome, Phil.
Third up is a picture of me, which is
off center, but whatever.
The Pumpkin Geek carves fan favorites into fake pumpkins
and sells them at conventions, but he was kind enough to give
me myself as Tallis from Dragon Age: Redemption.
Check it out.
How cool is that?
Look at my pointy ears.
Ooh, spooky.
Can we turn the lights back on, please?
Four, four, four, four, four, four.
Number four this week is a fashion blog.
Now, for the record, I do not read celebrity sites.
I generally wear my jeans until they get
a little bit funky.
But Red Carpet Fashion Awards is a great website.
It compares clothes from the runway to the celebrity who
wears them on the red carpet.
The criticism is never personal, and it really
scratches my girly itch for my RSS reader.
Last but not least is a browser game that I keep open
in a tab pretty much all the time now.
Echo Bazaar is a text adventure game that's not
super easy to understand when you first get into it, but if
you stick it out and scale up, it's an awesome adventure
through Victorian London.
Basically, you have skills, like watchful and sneak, that
you build up through playing story points, and every five
minutes, you get another move.
So it encourages you to go back and forth pretty
much all the day.
(IN ENGLISH ACCENT) Here's my English accent, blimey.
Have you heard of corsets?
Of course you have.
Or steampunk?
It's such a bad accent.
(IN ENGLISH ACCENT) Well, you're about to find out.
Eh, mates!
FELICIA DAY: I'm here with Donna, the owner of this
steampunk shoppe--
is that how you say it?
FELICIA DAY: What is steampunk?
DONNA RICCI: It is an alternate universe of
Victorian lifestyle, where technology went further than
it would have normally utilizing steam power.
FELICIA DAY: So it's kind of like a
mysterious subculture, right?
DONNA RICCI: Steampunk is a literary subculture.
It's coming out of books.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, that's so interesting.
DONNA RICCI: Now there's music to kind of go in, but it's--
FELICIA DAY: There's steampunk music?
FELICIA DAY: Why is it?
DONNA RICCI: Well, I mean, people need a
reason to get together.
That's the only way a subculture will survive.
FELICIA DAY: But I'm so confused about what steampunk
music would be like.
Is it like pistons?
FELICIA DAY: All I think about when I think steampunk are
corsets and ruffled shirts and tiny hats and boots and-- oh,
they're so cute.
Spontaneous photo shoot?
DONNA RICCI: Spontaneous photo shoot.
(IN ENGLISH ACCENT) Where's my dirigible?
I'm going to talk like this for the next 30 minutes.
FELICIA DAY (IN ENGLISH ACCENT): Everyone's going to
want to leave.
I have a first mate named Hemingsworth and a second
named Gravy.
(IN ENGLISH ACCENT) Gravy, man the aft harpoon!

Do I look like a captain?
FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah, you do.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, I look like a captain!
This is like a recruiting poster for my dirigible. (IN
ENGLISH ACCENT) We want you for the Dirigible Corps!

FEMALE SPEAKER: So these go this way.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, modeling's hard.
This one is better, because then it's not like hey,
there's her vagina.

I'm a former virginal courtesan.
Tear my burlap off, paramour.
FELICIA DAY: What time is it?
It's time for paid lovin'.

What courtesans do--
they take money for sex.
A quirky courtesan.

Maybe just look cute in the skirt.
One two, and three.
FELICIA DAY: Nobody's buying, so I have to
just go like this.
Just for the record, though, I was forced into prostitution
because my family fell on hard times.
Am I encouraging prostitution?
I'm not encouraging it.
This is fictional.
I'm pretty sure in this outfit I have a manservant.
I think his name should be Gravy, just cause I really
like that name.
This was me before I was forced to enter the military,
and Gravy is my loyal manservant who's secretly in
love with me, and he sacrifices his life for me.
This is my prequel to the other outfit.
Steampunk Codex!
This is Gus, right?
Gus, the wonder horse.
FELICIA DAY: That's Gus.
I'm gazing at my lover.
He's a highlander.
Am I a virgin?
No, it's what I'm asking you.
It's a story in my head.
DONNA RICCI: This horse is the best thing you've had
between your legs.
FELICIA DAY: Oh no, that dumpster is not period.
DONNA RICCI: Over there.
FELICIA DAY: I mustn't.
DONNA RICCI: By the trash bins.
FELICIA DAY: Don't-- don't get in my swoon.

Maiden looking for mushrooms.
DONNA RICCI: You know we should [INAUDIBLE]
FELICIA DAY: I'm going to devour you.
I'm a devouring virgin, with a highlander man.

So, Donna, thank you so much for having me.
And people can check you out at
clockworkcouture.com, right?
DONNA RICCI: Yes, thank you.
FELICIA DAY: OK, thanks, guys.
See you later.
This week's letter goes to Stacy, who asks, I'm sending
you a picture of my dog, Weezy.
Isn't he the cutest dog ever?
I think you could write a haiku about him for plus 5 to
Cutest dog ever?
Dear Stacy, I have to admit, Weezy has a few qualities that
are admirable, namely shiny eyes and adorable ears.
But the cutest dog ever goes by the name of
Cubby, last name Day.
Here's a peek.
Here he is sitting, here is standing, here
is just moving around.
I mean, it's like a porno what I'm showing you here.
He's so adorable.
Don't you agree?
Don't you?
As for a haiku, how is this?
A dog named Weezy, above average surely.
But beats all.
Unbiasedly, Felicia.
If you'd like your question answered or suggest a fave
five for The Flog, just--
Cubby, stop it--
please email theflog@geekandsundry.com.
CUBBY: Please subscribe to Geek and Sundry, because my
mommy told you to.
Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.
FELICIA DAY: You heard him.