Sammy Morris: A WIC Story

Uploaded by MassDPH on 04.02.2011

Hi. This is Sammy Morris of the New England
Patriots, and I'm here to tell my WIC story. As
a student athlete at Texas Tech University, life
changed for me rather quickly. In the summer
of 1998, my girlfriend Leslie and I were married.
In December of that same year, we found out she
was pregnant. The following September, we
welcomed our first child, Kiera Jasmine Morris
to the world. As a student athlete at Texas Tech
University, the rules of my scholarship stated that
student athletes were not allowed to work and be
enrolled at school at the same time. So going
into my senior year, my plate was full. Not only
was I a student athlete, but I was now a husband
and a father. So not being able to work really
made it difficult for us to make ends meet. The
only money we had coming in was my scholarship
check - and that's where WIC really helped us
out. I really hadn't heard a lot about WIC, until
one day my wife mentioned that she had heard
about a program that we might qualify for. So
naturally we called to see if we qualified, and
thankfully we did. And the rest is history. My
wife and I are extremely thankful for WIC, and
all the services they provide. Not only did they
just provide the healthy foods but the services and
referrals that helped us get through. Thank you, WIC.