Training your inner beast: 3/12 Cats are puzzles to be solved

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The purpose of this series is to better understand our own minds and how to train ourselves to
better our lives and train our inner beasts.   We will start off first teaching universal
conditioning and training in all animals using cats.  Cats are nothing new in regards to
my videos but in this case there is a real reason besides the interwebs is full of funny
pictures of them.   Aside from dogs, cats are the most studied animal to train because
they are in all our lives.   Dogs can be trained do things because they are pack animals.
 If dogs are children then cats are autistic children.   The do not get the same emotional
reward out of social feedback and nuance.  They don’t have the social drive and empathy
to read us.  They don’t do boundaries unless it is the rest of the world respecting theirs.
 They feel life should run on their schedule, they are easily overstimulated and they want
physical and emotional interaction on their terms.
Training all animals require learning the rules for training cats, however dogs and
humans have other layers and tools you can use for training, so we will use cats as a
base.    Cat training relies on four major methods, conditioning, reward, environment
and restriction.    Many people tend to anthropomorphize their pets and assume motives
for their animals acting up or misbehaving, when there is a logical reason for why they
are acting up but it’s more like a puzzle to solve.   Sadly many people take it personally
or try and beat through the puzzle just making things worse.   Children at certain developmental
stages are much the same way. An example of puzzle solving is of a woman
had a cat that started peeing all over the house just out of the blue.   The owners
were naturally confused.   Dr Sampson the vet in the book listed below, realized that
the cat had a UTI.  When an animal feels pain or sickness when doing something, it
will associate that action or stimulus as the cause and try new things.   It's why
animals appear to know cures for different diseases when they are actually just trying
something different and not doing what they were doing before.   This cat kept trying
to pee in different places around the house in hopes that the new location wouldn’t
hurt.   The first thing the vet had to do was to fix the problem.  The UTI was fixed
however the conditioning was now set.  Horses have the same problem with injury and unless
reconditioned they can walk or move as if the injury is there even if it is long healed.
    So they had to recondition the cat.  This
involved changing the environment.  The cat’s box and litter were completely switched out
as the cat had linked the smells and that type of litter to the burin urine.   They
ended up using cheese as a way to create positive reinforcement, though that ended up backfiring
as once the cat realized he was rewarded with cheese when he went in the cat box he woke
them up at 2 in the morning to let them know he was using the catbox and they’d better
ante up with the cheese.   This required new conditioning but the positive connotation
of the catbox was there. Many people don’t understand what is going
on in the mind of their animal their child or themselves and they take their anger out
on themselves when they or their pets can’t live up to their expectations.  Their inner
beast then retaliates, or runs and hides preventing you from making any meaningful progress in
your training.  Guilt and shame blocks willpower.   If you can learn and study the workings
and nature of your beast and solve the puzzle of the problem you can fix your beasts irrational
and bad behavior and be much more healthy. Many people need attention and validation
by others.   However if excessive, other people can find that need overwhelming causing
them to pull away.   A certain cat owner was at her wits end trying to figure out why
her cat had stopped loving her.   The cat however seemed to want the attention of her
husband who was not a cat person.    This lady took it as personal rejection and took
it out on her own inner beast making the problem worse and her need for acceptance even worse.
   Dr Sampson said that it is very common for
a cat to enter a room full of people and head directly for the person that least likes cats.
  With that many people in the room oohing and ahhing and wanting to pet and snuggle
it, the cat can be very overwhelmed and just want to chill with someone.  So it heads
for the person who isn’t being overwhelming and isn’t fawning over it.   It is one
of the reasons why that person you are infatuated with has the least interest in you because
you are so overwhelming when around them.   It’s why the miracle method can work
because if you appear like you aren’t interested or at least going to treat them as an equal
and not a god or goddess which is a lot of pressure to live up to, they will be more
drawn to you, especially if the stimulation is so high.   People like being admired
but for things they like about themselves.  Often the outside obsessed observer really
focuses on things she either thinks is weird, unimportant like she didn’t actually do
anything to have that trait or hates about herself making things more awkward.
Many will take rejection it out on themselves making them even more starved for attention
creating a vicious cycle that makes their social life even worse.   The vet stopped
the cycle by having the woman train herself to ignore and give the cat space.   I’m
sure it killed the woman to do so because she loved the cat and wanted to love it in
the way that made her feel good and in a way she felt expressed her love.   It didn’t
feel like love to the cat though, just over powerful stimulation, her petting alone probably
felt like a constant tickle because all cats and people’s nerves and perceptions are
different. She then had to calmly and lightly  learn to pet the cat with with one or two
fingers and carry treats to create a positive and safe conditioning from being in her lap.
Thanks to aspergers my ribs and joints are hypersensative, and I have insomnia.   If
it were up to my GF she’d be laying all over me at night, that's how she shows love.
 However I perceive it differently and so she has to adjust just as I do with things
I associate with showing love that she doesn’t perceive as pleasant.
Thanks to aspergers I am naturally over stimulating.  I can exhaust people just by being around
them and talking to them.   Aspergers are also super obsessed and when I had a crush
I was so over stimulating its any wonder they tolerated me as much as they did.   I of
course internalized this refusal as rejection, which made me even lonelier and depressing
to be around which was of course a massive turn on.   The only girls who wanted me
were so needy that they acted like doormats and I knew if I tried to date them I would
fully take advantage of that.    It was not until had conditioned myself to
a point to where I was just enjoying dating for the sake of dating that I was able to
find someone who fit the complex criteria for a relationship.    She wasn’t someone
I was smitten with and put up on a pedestal, so there was no pressure there, we were equals.
 She was almost if not as obsessed with science and many nerdy things as I was.  I had also
conditioned myself with buddhism and taoism to be zen and relaxed making me much less
overstimulating.   I was 30 by the time this happened, staggering in the dark, maybe
some this will help some of you avoid many of the pitfalls sooner.    
The cat ended up becoming more conditioned to the woman and the woman had trained her
inner beast to set aside her emotions to love her cat the way he perceived love and not
just the way she wanted to give it.  There is a idea out there that if people don’t
like you the way you are then they aren’t worth your time.  Sadly this mindset may
prevent you from actively changing things about you that drive good people who could
be your friends in other circumstance away.   Friendship goes both ways and changing
who you are by training your inner beast can make a friendship stronger and more enjoyable
for everyone involved.