The EndNote Web Library

Uploaded by EndNoteTraining on 29.06.2010

The EndNote Web Library
This tutorial will give you an overview of your EndNote Web library screen and the options available there.
The EndNote Web library is your collection of references in EndNote Web.
Selecting the My References tab will show you the contents of your library
and is generally the starting point for working with EndNote Web.

The Author, Year, and Title headings can be clicked to sort the library by those fields,
or you can select other sorting options from the Sort by drop-down list.
A small arrow will appear by the name of the field sorted by.
To the left you see the groups associated with your library.
Four of these groups are permanent:
All My References, showing all the references in your library;
Unfiled, showing all the references you have not assigned to a group;
Quick List, a special group to separate out references you want to work with only during the current session;
and the Trash.
My Groups shows custom groups you have created to organize references into categories.
Shared groups show a small sharing icon next to them indicating that you are sharing the group with other EndNote Web users.
If you have a ResearcherID account,
you will also be able to manage your ResearcherID publication lists from within your EndNote Web library.
Groups Shared by Others shows groups other EndNote Web users have shared with you.
Others groups showing an icon by the group name can be edited by you; groups not showing an icon cannot be edited by you.
Editing options are controlled by the owner of the group.
You control which shared groups will be visible on the My References page and which groups can be used with Cite While You Write.
These options are available through the Organize tab.
Click on a group to see all the references in that group.
Above the references on the screen is a drop-down list to select the number of references that will show on the page: 10, 25, or 50.
To the right of this list you can see the number of pages in a group and move through the pages.
Clicking on a reference title will open the reference for editing or to view the details of the reference.
Click in a field to edit it.
After editing, the Save button will let you save the changes to the record.
Click on the Return to List button to return to the previous list display.
Click on the folder icon below a record to see which groups it belongs to.
Click on an author name to see all records in your library for that author.
References can be marked using the boxes to the left of each reference.
This allows you to perform actions on an entire set of references at once,
such as moving them to a group, removing them from a group, or deleting them from the library.
There are also options to select an entire page of references or all the references in the list.
Quick Search will let you search for records in your entire library or in a single group.

If you want more room for editing or the library list,
you can hide or show the panel holding Quick Search and the Groups lists at any time using the Hide Panel/Show Panel tab.