Friday Night Lights (6/10) Movie CLIP - Boobie Cleans Out His Locker (2004) HD

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What's up, Water Bug?
What's up, Boobie?
Water Bug!
Play-offs belong to you, baby. I'll make you proud.
What you all lookin' at?
Play your ass off! Win state.
Be perfect, all that shit.
This is a gift for you. It's gonna be worth a lot of money.
I bet it will.
You be perfect, Preacher Man.
What's up?
Now what we gonna do? I can't do nothin' else but play football.
Hey, hey. Don't worry about that.
Don't worry about it? I can't be doin' nothin' else. You'll be all right, son.
I can't do nothin' else but play football.
[ Sobs ] Why? We practiced and we practiced. It'll be okay.
You told me we were gonna go to the pros.
[ Sobbing ] What the hell am I gonna do without my knee?
[ Indistinct ] You'll find somebody else. Don't worry about it, son.
No! I wanted to buy you a house!
[ Boobie ] They won't let me play, though.!