Barack Obama - The Audacity of Thought - Episode 528 - "The Only Thing I Feared" (Parody)

Uploaded by ObamaPress on 23.06.2009

The Audacity of Thought with Barack Obama - Episode 528 The Only Thing I Feared
Music: "Grand Fantasie" from "Die Walkure." Performed by the United States Marine Band - R. Wagner (Public Domain)
You know the one thing, that scared me about 'Joe The Plumber'
Was that I thought that the Republicans
Would start showing up at my rallies waving plungers.
You know like how they did flip-flopper John Carey with the slippers.
Flip-flop, flip-flop.
The could have had plungers.
And they would chant NO Obama! No Obama!
That could have turned the whole election.
The End.