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a Chungeorahm Film Production
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produced by CHOl Yong-bae
executive producers CHOl Yong-bae, KIM Woo-taek
Plastic Surgeon, Noh Do-chul
Are you ready?
Oh Ji-young, Psychiatrist
Broke up with boyfriend a month ago
Sleeping pills (Trazodone, Zolpidem)
And even cigarettes...
Mr. Suh Min-jun?
A business-like voice yet high pitched
Physically sensitive, l bet!
Sometimes a proactive start works well
Since her death a year ago,
l haven't slept well.
- There's a sleeping pill l'd recommend... - Trazodone?
Tried 'em, but no use.
Kill him with my pretty face...
l was just trying to drive on
when this huge truck passed me by so fast
that l nearly jumped and...
Wrap up with extra cutesiness! - l'm terribly sorry. - Okay...
She said to me,
Don't get mad at me.
30 Won
is burning at your fingertips.
Are you hurt?
Oh no.
- Oh no. - l'm okay.
Gosh, l'm so sorry.
You can erase the traces but not the memories.
- Gosh, l'm terribly sorry - That's okay. The car's just fine.
Ah, well, no problem at all.
Yeah, sometimes even l think l'm too much
Anyhow, mission accomplished!
l'll see you next time.
You're a great doctor.
Seduction is not a technique.
lt's a science.
starring SON Ye-jin and SONG ll-kook
directed by Oh Ki-hwan
Give me name-tag, in my heart.
Give me true love, in my soul.
If you truly, honestly love me ,
Just hold me tight.
Let go and it breaks
Love is pain
Gave my love, my heart
- Yes, come in. - Good morning, Ms. Han!
You have an appointment with Mrs. Park tomorrow at 3 p.m.
And as always Mr. Kang has sent you flowers.
And as always throw them out.
Mr. Bong from Gangwon Province is waiting outside.
That hick loaded with cash? l mean, Mr. Bong?
Yes, he's been waiting for an hour.
Mi-jin, tell him l have
- urgent business to tend to - Uh, well, he's...
Bong Bong lndustries
You could've just wired the money.
Shouldn't take such trouble coming here. You live so far away.
Nah, it's not too far l get here in a jiffy on a chopper.
Here's the 300 million Won l promised.
Stayed up all night countin' the bills twice.
How'd you bring all this money in cash?
And why is there soil?
Oh, l buried the money in the potato field and dug it up.
The land is honest, you know.
- But l don't know what to say - Why? Not feeling well, Ji-won?
No, just that the fund's rules have changed to 1 billion Won minimum
Why do the rules change so often?
l came with 300 million 'cause you told me so last time.
l'm so sorry, sir.
l won't keep you from transferring your account to another bank.
Oh, don't say that l'm staying where you are.
- So, is 1 billion enough? - Yes.
l'll bring 1 billion next time Don't you worry.
Just wait for me l'll have 1 billion ready.
Will it be in cash again?
Yeah, it took three days digging up 300 million.
So, 10 days for 1 billion.
You know, l keep my money buried in my potato field.
How large is the field, may l ask?
Well, somebody told me it's the size of a small city.
- Ji-won,you should come visit some time. - Uh?
Of course! l will!
l'd love to see it The field you've worked so hard on.
l'll wait for you.
Well, Mr. Bong.
How is it? Will l'll be alright?
l'm sorry.
You should prepare yourself.
You have a month, perhaps?
First, transfer this house
and the stocks to Ms. Jung's name.
Yoon-ho, l don't want it.
l don't need them, Yoon-ho Don't need anything.
Sorry, but to my knowledge your house is already put up for auction,
and your stocks in the company went bankrupt last month.
They're not listed anymore.
There must be something else.
Your real estate took a bad turn and it's worth nothing.
Oh yeah l also saw in your mailbox
that the utilities bill
is five months overdue.
They'll be cutting off gas unless you pay the bills. l'm sorry.
Damn it My life is worthless.
Yoon-ho, don't worry! l'm here at least!
You have me, Yoon-ho!
l'll stay by your side till the end.
Please, don't do this He needs to rest.
- l don't know what to do, Yoon-ho - Please, he needs to relax.
l've been a doctor, an undertaker l've been everything for you.
You should act your age.
- What did you say? - l mean.
Dad, your heart is still young lt beats like a young man's.
Of course, boy When you're my age,
health is everything.
Yup, you have too much of it.
Anyway, l don't know what to do with that woman.
ls she nuts or what?
Told her l'm broke and will die soon but she still clings on.
- Because you're so sexy - Cute, kid.
She looks okay Why notjust marry her?
l told you l've got you from my marriage and that's enough.
l told you time and again.
When all else fails honesty works best.
Then she'll get hurt, dummy.
You need to have some respect for women.
Don't know if in your days such hoax is considered respect,
but for our generation honesty is respect.
l'm gonna go and take a shower.
Now that's my boy.
Ji-young, baby.
What are you doing my lovely goddess?
Oh, Min-jun, please stop.
- Why? lt's because l love you - You're too much.
- My goddess, sleep tight - You, too.
l'll come to you in your dreams.
- Dream about me - l'll wait for you, sweetie.
She's loving every bit of it Yeah, l'm still good.
We're done, ma'am - Thank you.
Just a minute. l'll be right out.
- ls the director here? - Yes, ma'am.
- Hey, who's that cutie outside? - Not again. Not again.
l dunno, he comes here often with different girls.
l think he's a big player.
He's so hot l'd like a bite of him.
Guess you're finished with your new boyfriend Do-chul.
You know, he's handsome And he's a rich doctor.
You should be grateful for having him What's the problem now?
You won't believe it Last night at dinner,
he kept calling his mom and sisters asking them what they ate.
l just found out he has six older sisters.
- And he has no younger sister? - Of course he does.
His battery ran out before he could ask her what she had for dinner.
Should've seen how disappointed he was.
Oops, sorry.
Rotten girl.
Hey! lt stinks!
- What did you eat for lunch? - Spicy noodles.
l was starving and ate two bowls Guess that troubled my bowels.
Keep sniffing and numb your nose.
She had salmon salad?
Maybe l should have some, too.
Mom, l'll call you back in a minute.
Almost done, honey.
l just wanted to introduce you to my friend.
Sorry you had to get an expensive facial 'cause of me.
1. Don't worry. l'm rich Don't worry. l'm rich.
2. lt's okay. Your friend is my friend Besides, your friend is my friend.
3. Don't say that. l'll get mad! So don't say that. l'll get mad.
4. Do you want one, too? Hey, why don't you get one, too?
No thanks.
Noh Do-chul, age 31 and owner of S Plastic Surgery.
Kang Sung-mo, age 31 Shinsung Securities' HR Director.
What are you? My father or something?
Why are you meddling in my business?
l can forgive you for dating casually before our marriage.
You know me l'm an open-minded person.
Honey, close your eyes.
Like this?
- Come here and lay down - Lay down?
- But this is... No, no, l won't. - Don't open your eyes.
But, don't you think this is too risque for the daytime?
And this place... This is naughty.
Ji-won, you're a bad girl.
Relax, relax.
Hope you walk out of that room a changed man.
Ji-won... Ji-won.
- Yes? - Cut the deck, girlie!
- Very good! Very nice! - Really? That good?
You're like a baby who after ten starving days
has found his mother's breast.
You are in luck! You're a good-luck talisman.
So keep her with you.
l told you we're perfect for each other.
No, that's not it. He's very lucky
- But you, girlie, no good. - Sorry?
You've done him many wrongs in your previous life.
But if this relationship is good for him,
then shouldn't it be good for me, too?
Yeah, you're smart, ain't ya?
Did 'you' come here to do the fortunetelling?
While he's with you, he's gonna strip you of everything.
That's your karma. Yup Look. See this card?
lt's all black. That's your fate.
And you know this card counts for double.
Double the bad luck.
lt's sad. l feel for you.
Listen, if you stay with him you won't last till forty.
- l'll die? - Yup, before forty. Uh-huh.
This toad here is getting empty.
He's lost weight His cheeks have shrunk.
What a loss.
But can't go on like this.
Good work, Doctor.
l'm so sorry The surgery took too long.
- You must be tired of waiting - No, it's okay.
Honey, l wanna take you somewhere.
Darling, let's pray.
Holy Mother, we kneel before you to make a vow of love.
We will love each other no matter what hardships we face.
Let his eyes go blind so that he sees no other women.
l will love him though he be blind.
l fear he may speak sweetly to other women.
Let him go dumb.
l fear he may touch others.
Sever his two arms, dear Mother.
Break his two legs, Mother so that he may stay by me forever.
Allow all this to come true, Amen!
God is my sanctuary
Only one l can rely on
What hardships there may be Do you believe?
l have peace in me
Our soul so barren
Give us new life
Grant us eternal rest in you, My Lord
God is my sanctuary
Only one l can rely on
This is getting boring.
Let's be friends.
Love is no game
Love is truth
What the hell?
Oh, l'm terribly sorry. l was just trying to pass by,
but this huge car suddenly zipped by me.
l nearly jumped and... l'm terribly sorry.
1. Don't worry, l'm fine. 2. Are you hurt anywhere? 3. lt's my fault for parking here. 4. How about a drink instead?
A huge car?
When? When?
Anyway, l'm very busy Give me your business card.
Ms. Han Ji-won?
You know Seoul Hospital, right? See you there at lunchtime.
Ah, sure.
To be honest,
my parents passed away when l was a child.
Must l do this?
No, l'll just pay up.
No way l'm doing this for money darn it.
- You're here - Yes.
You don't look so well.
Yes, l had to work late to make money.
Anyway, are you feeling better?
l got up in the morning,
and ouch it does ache here and there.
But nothing terrible, l suppose.
Luckily, my friend works here and l signed up for a check up.
Your friend?
Car accidents are like that.
You may seem fine now but worse symptoms can come later.
What's invisible is the scariest.
Shall we go?
Ms. Han Ji-won?
- Ms. Han - Yes?
Go on in.
Go on in? Me?
you seemed so out of your wits to see if you were hurt.
So go on in. l've asked the doctor to take good care of you.
So it's not you
but me getting a check-up?
l'm fine Being too healthy is my problem.
Private banker?
This is uncharted territory lnteresting.
A famous architect?
Attractive. Quite a dish.
- The food is okay? - Yes.
Excuse me.
Hey, you promised me a birthday party What's keeping you?
Oh, it's you, Yoon-ho.
How dare you call your father by the first name?
Ah, so you're with a woman.
Yeah, l'll be there in awhile.
Hurry, boy! The girls here are hot!
Okay, but be a good boy.
Don't drink more than two bottles, okay?
You little prick. Okay, l got ya.
Bye, Yoon-ho.
l love you. Bye.
Yoon-ho's a physically-challenged kid We're like brothers.
l used to visit him once a week But lately l've been too busy.
- He really looks up to me as a brother. - l see.
Physically challenged? You're dead meat if you're lying.
Death to liars!
- Ah, yes. - Hello?
lt's me, Soo-jin.
Oh gosh, it's been so long.
You crazy bitch.
l saw you yesterday What do you mean 'long'?
And what's with the fake voice?
l'm fine, too So what made you call?
Anyway, where's the The Hot Motel?
Near Don't Tell Mama, the club.
How could you forget? l told you a hundred times.
Come on, l can't find it!
Walk out the back door of Don't Tell Mama.
Turn to the right at BY Motel There's a karaoke bar, remember?
No? lt used to be the Pegasus Motel.
Yeah, walk straight up the side street and you'll see The Twins'.
Next to that is the motel with a sign that says Love Chair Available.
Oh, my! A chair? Doing it on a chair?
My friend wants to try cross-stitching.
l gave her the directions to a place but she can't find it.
l see.
Yeah right, cross-stitching?
Cut the hoax!
Playing the good girl!
What would you like for dessert?
- l'm quite full. - l'm okay as well.
- Shall we leave? - Yes.
What's this?
Thank you for this evening.
- Ms. Han, just a sec! - l knew it.
l hope you won't think me rude for saying this.
No, what is it?
l think you're wearing your skirt backwards.
lt was designed like this.
This is the latest fashion Didn't you know?
ls that so?
That's strange lt looks very uncomfortable.
- Well, take care - Yes, you, too.
How humiliating.
Mr. Suh Min-jun so you want to put up a fight, huh?
l accept the challenge.
Suh Min-jun!
Born in 1976.
Graduated from Columbia with a B.A. in Architecture.
Currently CEO of his own construction firm.
- Phone number... - So what?
Why are you harassing me at my workplace?
Relax. Relax.
But, you know already.
That l'm very open-minded.
By the way l have something to give you.
She's adorable.
Come in.
l apologize.
My place is a mess.
No, it's quite nice.
Wow. You have a library here.
Come on, a library?
l had too many books,
and threw out most of them when l moved here.
l'm addicted to reading.
l get nervous when l'm not reading something.
l'll just go and get changed in a minute.
Very impressive.
Simatiga He actually reads this stuff?
Prince of R ed Tea
Doolie's Book Rental Shop
Yeah, yeah, l knew it.
What is all this crap? lt's all fake.
You really went out of your way.
Ji-won l'll be done in a sec.
Today's special, Spaghetti Carbonara.
You might faint after taking a bite.
l haven't seen a woman who hasn't.
By any chance did you put apple vinegar in this?
Yes, what's the matter?
l knew it l'm allergic to apple vinegar.
Allergic to apple vinegar?
l'm okay with persimmon vinegar.
Do l look that easy?
l can't believe this girl.
ls that so? l didn't know that.
l'll make you another one.
No, it's okay l'll just have the salad.
This is really good!
- Ji-won? - Yes?
l put apple vinegar in that salad, too.
lt's okay when l eat it with veggies.
Excuse me.
Where are you, honey? l'll wait until you come. Your darling, Sung-mo!
What is it? ls there something wrong?
lt's nothing.
Nothing really. Excuse me.
Send me another message, you ass and l'll crack your skull!
l placed an order in lndia to get this tea.
lmported tea usually lose their aroma
during the long distribution process.
Hot! Hot!
ln Europe they say if you stir red tea with a silver spoon
on a full moon night a lovely fairy will appear.
But it seems tonight that magic will not happen.
Since l already have
a lovely fairy next to me.
You must really love comics.
l've also read Prince of Red Tea.
And you borrow books from Doolie's, it seems.
Looks like stainless steel not silver.
The tea smells really nice.
Doesn't it?
But l'm really sorry.
l don't sleep well on caffeine.
l'm a bit of an insomniac.
Do you have anything decaf?
Come on people would think l drugged you.
She said to me,
Don't be angry. 30 Won is burning at your finger tips right now.'
What a bummer!
That woman was really uptight, huh?
So what happened next? What did you say to her?
Well, then l just gave her a knuckle rub on the head.
Good work. She deserved that.
Anyhow, she really sounds dull.
lt's really nice looking out at the sea.
Well, the problem is getting back home.
l've stood up two nights straight working.
Of course you can't drive While being drowsy is dangerous.
- You think so too, huh? - Of course.
That place looks alright Shall we relax just for two hours?
Be careful.
Ji-won, it's been so long l almost forgot your face.
Thank you so much, Mr. Bong.
What's there to thank? Your mother being ill and all.
l only found out a couple of hours ago.
And that man over there ls he that famous?
The best cardiologist in Korea Dr. Kim Sung-il.
l had a hard time getting him here.
Anyway, your mother
seems so ill all the time it really breaks my heart.
And you, Ji-won you're really a caring daughter.
lt is only natural for a daughter to do so.
My mother is waiting l must go to her.
- l will give you a call later - Yes, l'll be waiting.
Dr. Kim Sung-il, come sit here.
Why are you sitting down there?
l'm fine here.
The bath and spa in that hotel was superb, wasn't it?
Look, my skin's so soft.
- The men's wasn't so excellent - No, you're too modest.
Your face is simply glowing.
By the way do you always carry that gown?
lt's my friend's.
l may not have a friend with a chopper but l have many friends with gowns.
Ji-won, press the button
Ji-won, you know me.
l've always wanted to propose to you in a special way.
Please marry...
Kang Ji-won
You clean it up, you bastard!
What a nutcase!
- Hello? - Hi, Min-jun.
Hey, Ji-won. Just a sec.
No, not there! Yeah, put it right there!
Okay, good!
No, not busy at all.
Go on.
There's going to be a lingerie party Can you come?
You sound surprised.
Surprised? No.
l've been to one in New York.
Don't worry. lt'll be mostly couples.
Sounds like fun.
Okay, sure.
Suh Min-jun How much are you worth?
l'll buy you.
Hi, Min-jun.
How do you like it? Pretty cool, huh?
Yeah, well... But l only see women.
l know lt was supposed to be for couples.
But l guess Korean men aren't ready for this kind of thing.
Sad, don't you think?
l should be thankful for the chance.
But, there is a problem.
What do you mean?
There aren't many things to put up for the auction later.
Can you help out?
ls it something l can help with?
What kind of auction is it? For personal treasures or something?
Well, you see...
lt's a slave date auction.
Don't worry. lt's for a good cause.
The proceeds will all go to children with heart disorders and...
l'll make sure to buy you.
Up to 3 million Won.
3 million?
lt'll begin in ten minutes. Over there is a room. You can wait there.
You promised to buy me.
Trust me.
This isn't right.
Min-jun, wait.
Have you been exercising?
You have such muscles.
Nothing to brag about really.
Maybe l should go to the ATM and get more cash. l'm worried.
Nah, there are a lot of guys with muscles like these.
- Over there? - Good luck!
Great! Sold for 1 .5 million Won!
Now, now, next! Guy No. 3, please come out!
Look, everyone!
He is the hottest item we have tonight, Ladies!
Everyone, get ready and
500,000 Won!
You're quite in a hurry! That's good!
- 700,000! - 700,000! Anyone else?
- 1 million! - 1 million? Ladies, it's getting hot here.
- 1 .2 million! - 1 .3 million!
- 1 .5 million! - 1 .5 million!
We have 1 .5 million! Anyone else?
One! Two!
1 .8 million!
2 million!
The top bid for tonight at 2 million! No one higher, is there?
One! Two!
- 4 million! - Amazing!
Will we have a 4 million Won slave tonight?
One! Two!
- 10 million! - 10 million...
Anyone else?
One. Two. Three!
Sold to Mrs. Park for 10 million Won!
Have a great night!
How old are you?
Thirty, ma'am.
That's not good.
You call me ma'am and it puts such distance between us, no?
Call me Ji-sook instead.
We've just met,
but l feel so comfortable.
Could we have been lovers in our previous life?
My, you are so adorable.
So very very adorable.
How could you be so cute?
What's your name, cutie pie?
- Suh Min-jun - Suh Min-jun?
Do you by any chance know Tae-hoon?
Lim Tae-hoon?
You're Tae-hoon's mom, aren't you?
Remember me?
l came over and you cooked us dumplings.
They were really good.
Were they?
Well, dumplings is my best dish.
- l beg you, please - Don't worry, Mrs. Park!
l won't say a thing to Tae-hoon!
Mr. Lee. Let's go.
Good-bye, Mrs. Park!
Han Ji-won.
Suh Min-jun
lt's him again.
l'm totally screwed lf he catches me, l'm dead meat.
l might be sold off to a shrimp-fishing boat.
What if he does?
You wench! This is funny to you, huh?
Come on, wouldn't you laugh if you were in my shoes?
could he have gone all the way with that hag?
l dunno. Probably.
Mrs. Park stopped calling me and closed her account.
l'm dead.
You really like him, don't you?
lf l don't like him you want a shot at him?
No, not exactly that, but...
Hey! Give it up.
Our daily event at Tribeca!
Let's go nuts.
The Sexy Dance Contest!
Get off the stage! Out!
Look at her go.
What are they doing? So vulgar. Lunatics.
What if their parents knew? So disgraceful.
Why? lt looks like fun.
Today's contestants are pretty bad!
Anyone else who would like to take a shot?
Your prize is a flight to Europe.
What? Europe?
- l'm going! - Again?
Do l have to do it for her again?
You dummy you're trembling like a wet dog.
Satisfied now?
Wouldn't you be?
lt's Min-jun. l'm sick, okay?
What brings you here?
Got drowned or something?
No, l'm sweating because l'm very ill.
She told me she was sick but l dragged her here for a beer,
and she got even sicker.
How could you let her get so ill?
She could die from dehydration!
Ji-won! Ji-won!
She's losing it.
l'm taking her to the hospital!
Ji-won! Ji-won!
Hang on! Ji-won!
Oh, my back.
Han Ji-won.
Ji-won! Ji-won!
Ji-won! Wake up! Ji-won, wake up! Ji-won!
Yeah, you bastard Just kill me, will ya?
Ji-won, please wake up!
Ji-won, please wake up! Ji-won!
Please, calm down first!
- Check her blood pressure - Doctor, please save her!
- 190/140! lt's very high! - 40.2 degrees.
But why is there so much water on the patient's body?
lt's sweat. Her sweat.
- Sweat! - Sweat!
She has severe dehydration.
Ms. Kim, a shot of Ativan and get a 1 liter of D5W.
Yes, doctor!
The doctor's going to give you a shot.
Two shots, in fact.
- Wait a sec! - What's the matter?
- ls she allergic to something? - No, that's not it.
Ji-won may be angry to see needle marks
on her delicate arm.
Now you're talking.
Couldn't you give her the shot on her rear?
Shit! He's asking for it.
- She seems heavier than l thought - l'll do it. Allow me.
Yes, sure.
Please step outside for a second while l give the shot.
She's my wife.
Spasm! Spasm!
- Hold her down! - Down?
No, that's enough! You'll suffocate her!
l gave her a shot so she'll be better soon.
Thank you.
What's that smirk on his face?
That face...
ls he laughing at me?
How's that?
Ms. Han Ji-won's guardian!
- Yes? - Please fill out this form.
No. Gotta hold on.
Suh Min-jun. Just you wait.
l'll finish you no matter what.
There's no change!
200 joules. Three, two, one, shock!
Still the same, doctor!
- What do we do? - 100 joules higher!
Patient:Han Ji-won Guardian:Suh Min-jun
- No change? - None.
Did l go too far?
Did you know this?
Stir red tea with a silver spoon on a full moon night,
and a cute fairy will appear.
Cute like moi.
- You haven't had sex lately, have you? - No, why?
Then...then, why does your skin
glow like those really lucky girls
who get a dozen orgasms every single night?
Hey, sex is not just making out naked.
l know that.
So, you pull your top down a bitjust so...
And do oral sex like this.
Making a man want me so bad at times.
Just stealing a look at his eyes or lips.
All that can also be sex.
- Are you a pervert? - l bet Min-jun thinks the same.
Yeah, you weirdos are perfect for each other.
l bet Min-jun is dying right now.
lf my calculations are correct by this weekend...
- Hi, Min-jun. What is it? - Hey, Ji-won.
Do you want to go for a drive tomorrow?
Uh, sorry, but l have a seminar.
What? A seminar? On a weekend?
And, it's in Cheju lsland.
Cheju lsland?
Cheju? You're not going to...
Yeah, l'm disappointed, too.
lt's gonna start at six and end in one hour.
That's great. l can go to Cheju.
Really? You mean it?
You said it was just an hour l can wait.
Well, if you say so, Min-jun.
l'll see you at the airport at two.
What was Cheju lsland about?
A seminar? On the weekend?
Yeah, right.
Don't wanna make the first move, huh?
Sure, of course You have a reputation to maintain.
You should never go to him Have him come to you.
He's coming to Cheju to see me.
That means l won and he lost.
Ji-won, l respect you You are perfect.
- He's calling me again - Really? Again?
Min-jun, what is it?
l'm sorry.
Something's come up l can't make it tomorrow.
l ordered some crabs on a home shopping channel,
and they're delivering them tomorrow.
Uh, well, that's too bad.
l understand, bye.
Oh gosh.
His Dad is in a critical state.
l heard it all, dummy! You got picked over crabs.
And l'm drinking tea with a loser who's no better than a crab.
A shame.
Those crabs do look yummy.
Why am l, the hottest girl in town home on the weekend?
lt's Min-jun!
Hi, Min-jun.
lt's no fun You know how seminars are.
What? Where are you?
l'm telling you. l'm in Cheju.
Can't you hear the tides?
What do you mean why?
The crabs arrived in the morning.
l'm here to pick you up after your seminar.
Where shall l go?
l'll call you after the seminar's done.
Okay, okay already!
Be patient, darn it.
- Yes, Min-jun? - Ji-won, are you almost done?
- What? - There's a problem.
We're waiting for some execs to arrive from Seoul.
Can you wait a little bit longer?
l'm sorry.
This will take forever.
Darn it, how do l get out of here?
That's it.
Giddy up! Giddy up!
So Min-jun you want a piece of me, huh?
Come and get it.
Stop calling me, damn it.
Hi, Min-jun. l'm on my way.
Where are you? The lobby or the room?
What? Lobby?
- Room? - Oh, it's you.
Thought you were someone else.
What the hell are you doing with that bastard?
What l do and where l go with him be it Cheju, Siberia or Alaska,
is none of your business!
Hello? Hello?
God ofjealousy show me what you're made of.
Giddy up!
Gimpo Airport Flight to Cheju
Cheju Flower Shop Flower B Set
Those beasts!
lf it weren't for the seminar we could be back.
l'll call the airport you call the Cheju port.
Yes, if not the airplane we should take a ship.
No? Then how about Asiana?
- No? What? - The number you have called is not exist or
- Because of the high tide? - you cannot reach.
- No budget flights or light aircraft? - Press 1 for daily weather updates.
lf not, one of those small fishing boats would be fine.
Yes, l understand.
Sorry, sir.
What? You have only one room?
And even that one room just became available due to a cancellation.
Ji-won, what should we do?
l don't know Let's check out another hotel.
l'm sure the situation is similar in other hotels.
To get a room on a weekend without a reservation
is nearly impossible.
Darn, what should we do?
l guess we have no other choice.
Give us that room lt's a twin room, right?
This room is a double.
But if you want we can give you an extra bed.
- No thank you! - No thank you!
Sir, l'm very sorry but is this your card?
Of course, why?
- lt says it's a stolen card - What?
That's impossible.
- Try this one - Thank you.
No way.
That's okay!
- Here is my card - Yes, thank you.
l don't get it.
lt happens with computer system errors.
Don't worry. lt's probably nothing.
Ma'am, this too is a stolen card.
This is my card See? lt says 'Han Ji-won'.
That bastard blocked mine, too?
Nothing. Never mind.
Exactly three minutes.
Let's eat! Yum, it looks good.
lnstant noodles in a cheap motel?
Suh Min-jun, is this all you've got?
Why aren't you eating?
You haven't had anything all day.
l've lost my appetite.
Heard of a fish called saw-edged perch?
Saw-edged perch?
Raw saw-edged perch is an exquisite treat in Cheju.
lt's a bit pricy but they say it melts in your mouth.
lt's a Cartier in cuisine so to speak.
Su-jin told me l should absolutely try it.
How sad.
l had this last night, too.
So you can't take ramen noodles and a rundown inn, huh?
- Ji-won? - Yes?
l'll be back in a minute.
- Where to? - Uh, to the restroom.
Be back quick. l'm scared.
l will.
- Hurry - Just a minute, okay?
Yeah, it's about time you showed me what you can do.
Darn it, l'm starving and all l get is a cup of noodles.
You bad boy and girl.
Han Ji-won.
Think you can get away from me?
You and your lover boy
are dead!
He's weird.
Mind your own business!
This is the captain speaking.
We will make an emergency landing at Gimhae international airport.
No! You can't land here!
Please, sir! Sit down and fasten your seat belt!
Don't touch me!
Don't you land here! Go straight to Cheju lsland!
lt's very dangerous! Please take a seat!
Dangerous? Ha! You make me laugh.
Your face is far more dangerous.
How's that? One to zero, okay?
500,000 Won!
Come on this is a very expensive watch.
Stop eating for a sec and please take a good look at it.
You know, this watch
is a Gio Monaco!
- Gio Monaco? - Yes!
- So you know - 300,000!
Gio Monaco is a very costly watch Only three of them in Korea!
Where is the third one, l wonder?
300,000! Yes, 300,000!
- ls it that good? - Yeah, it's so very yummy yummy.
- You should have some, too - l'm fine.
Shall l give him a little prize for his efforts?
Why are you sweating so much?
Look at all this sweat.
Does it look like sweat to you?
But you're lovin' it.
So her highness is giving me a prize.
Well, it feels good, l admit.
Okay, this is enough.
l'm so full.
Are you finished already?
Yes, true connoisseurs of raw fish eat three pieces max.
Wish we could have a glass of wine.
Rain makes me want wine.
- Ji-won - Huh?
l'll be back in a sec.
Going to the men's room again?
You go too often, darling.
- You're right - Don't be too long.
lt's as good as they say.
The shell is really good.
A glass of soju would be perfect!
Soju and raw fish, the best combo!
l didn't expect to find such great wine in Cheju.
lsn't it a sweet surprise?
l feel the wine all over me.
Yeah, and l feel the cold coming over me.
Yes, it is such a sweet surprise.
Anyway, why do you keep coming back from the men's room so wet?
Took a shower or something? You'll catch a cold.
l dropped my handkerchief.
Shall we move a bit farther?
You're very wet.
Let's go now!
So fast?
There's still plenty of wine.
l drink
only one glass at a time
before going to bed.
Shall we go?
But what about the bill?
lt must be quite a lot.
l ordered too much, didn't l?
Don't worry.
- Ji-won - Yes?
Why don't you wait outside?
Now, Min-jun what are you going to do?
Run! Run!
Oh goodness! My umbrella!
They won't chase us all the way down here, right?
No way!
- Oh, Ji-won, you were really fast! - You should exercise more.
You could've gotten caught running so slow.
Some nerve.
Feel better now after running, huh?
Shall we go in now?
l guess.
Let's go.
- Ji-won - Yeah?
l have to run to the men's room.
You wait inside.
He does try so hard.
What took you so long?
l nearly died coming here and that's all you've got to say?
Are you nuts, boy?
Remember that time when you owed me one?
- l got there in one hour! - lt was bright and sunny that day!
Today, l nearly flew to Japan and came back 'cause of the current!
Whatever, just give me the stuff l'm busy.
Boy, l truly despise you.
l love you, Dad.
Don't worry. l got everything ready.
Thanks, Dad.
- Gotta go - Son, wait! l almost forgot.
Come on, Dad.
Son, this is my favorite kind strawberry scent.
Dad, l don't have time forjokes l'm in a hurry.
l'm not kidding lt really smells like strawberries.
Dad, hurry on to the wine bar l'm gone! Thanks!
Bastard only thinks about girls!
My love?
ls my sweet goddess there already?
Why don't you have some of the wine l have in keeping.
l'll be there soon.
Wait a little while, darling.
Thank you.
This place is really classy.
You don't have any money so how did you?
l dunno.
Ji-won, come on.
This is the outfit for you to change into tomorrow.
These are some cosmetics.
And this is your underwear.
l got them for you since l know you packed for a day.
lt was too late and all the shops were closed.
l had to beg to go in some of the shops to get these.
So don't complain even if you don't like them.
Of course l won't.
l'm sure l'll like them No, l do like them!
You are soaked.
You might catch a cold.
You're even wetter.
- You okay? - l'm fine.
l'll go take a shower first.
Suh Min-jun, you're no amateur.
l like it!
Bad boy.
ls he peeling off his skin? What's taking him so long?
Darn it.
lt's so steamy in here.
Min-jun, do you want a rub?
Thank you, doctor.
Yes? Feeling better?
l'm dizzy.
You look a lot better to me.
No, l'm ill. Very ill.
- l'm a patient - You won't die. Don't worry.
Feel better now?
Yeah, 'cause of you.
What do l do now?
Han Ji-won what are you going to do?
- Well... - l'm...
- You go ahead - No, you can speak first.
You know, my dad wants to meet you.
No need to feel uncomfortable about it.
He does? That's wonderful!
Since you've mentioned it,
l told my parents about you and they're dying to meet you.
lf it's okay with you,
they're thinking of visiting Korea to see you.
No, we should go and visit them.
How about we go next week during the holiday?
This may sound really corny,
but my parents want us to go to a fortune-teller.
That's not corny at all.
Listen to the elders and you'll be rewarded even in your sleep, they say.
- Shall we go? - Go where?
There's a really good fortuneteller.
No, l've actually reserved the best Let's go!
How did you two come together?
You know who you are!
l don't know. Can't see anything.
What should l do? l dunno.
Brother, my life's so difficult.
Why are you laughing?
Because you are.
Why are you laughing?
Because l could tell you were going to laugh.
- Well, take care - Yes, you, too.
- Good bye, Min-jun - Okay, bye.
Three months later
- Good evening - Hi!
Well, this may sound a bit forward,
but feel free to tell me what you need,
be it money or land.
Money goes rotting in my closet.
- Yes. - Please sit here.
- Nice place! - lsn't it?
- What's the matter? - Nothing much.
See over there?
The rich housewife type of a woman?
l dated her a while ago.
Stop looking. She's gonna see us.
So what?
lt's nothing Just feels a bit uncomfortable.
lrish coffee, please.
Cow milk for moi.
Excuse me.
l need to go to the men's room Sorry.
So humiliating.
Come on.
Darling, we meet exactly ten minutes later, okay?
l got it.
But what do l say to him?
Well, just say some emergency has come up at home.
Tell me, am l the only one for you?
Of course, baby.
You got something on you right here.
- Here? - Yeah, you got beauty on you, baby.
You're a darling.
Wait a sec.
- Who's this? - Who's...
Have fun
Those amateurs, how dare they try little tricks before us masters?
Yeah, they're funny, huh?
Anyway, your taste for women seems to have changed.
l mean that woman looked old enough to be a teenager's mom.
Oh yeah?
When you walked in,
l thought you were giving your old uncle a city tour.
Hey, l'm still a head-turner.
Last night at a club they asked me for my lD.
Probably thought you were a policewoman under cover.
Min-jun, l'm saying this out of genuine concern for you.
Want me to fix you up with a nice girl?
No need to be embarrassed.
See that couple over there?
You are amazing.
That crazy bitch.
You turn me on!
Why the hell is she here?
Let's forget about them.
Yeah, let's.
How about them over there?
- Yeah? - How many minutes?
Whoa, don't strain yourself.
How about you?
lt has to be fair. Ten minutes.
What's in it for the winner?
Let's see.
The loser grants one wish whatever it is.
Sure, l have a designer bag l want.
lt's been a long time.
What? Give up already?
Give up?
Ten minutes is too long for them l can smoke one.
Do you realize that 300,000 Won is burning at your fingertips?
Then, l'll go first.
- What? - lt's me!
My new boyfriend has a son who is a real stud!
He's supposed to be everything you wished for and more.
She's hotter than Britney Spears.
lf you don't fall for her in 10 minutes,
my pretty goddess will take us out to dinner.
ls that so?
- Sure, l'd like to meet her. - Min-jun. l've decided to take this.
Yes, Dad.
Alligator leather.
lf only l hadn't smoked that one cigarette.
- Satisfied? - Yeah.
Sir, l'm sorry but your card's registered as stolen.
No way.
You fools.
Remember me?
Kang Sung-mo
is back.
Why do those damn rules change all the time?
Three more days of digging and l'll have 10 billion ready.
Ji-won, wait for me, darling.