11 September - Bolivar Arellano fotografo del New York Post - with English Translation

Uploaded by wearechangekc on 18.10.2010

Tell me what has happened, in Spanish
Ok. I came to cover the event and
then I saw the 2 buildings on fire (burning) above
when I heard "Run run run run!" and then explosion
I looked back and got to take a picture of the explosion
and ran but it was not enough because I was only about 30 meters (100 feet) from the building
parts of the building began falling around me
Fortunately all that fell on me was dirt and dust
I protected (gave cover) to a fallen firefighter
this ... it was for the second explosion
I was inside another building
but the force of the explosion as I shot about 20 meters
and 20 feet
I was blown into a wall
and that was when I injured my knee
What is your name - To what division you belong?
Bolivar Arellano, photographer for the New York Post
Thanks bro