Real Estate Investing Christmas Gift

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hi thanks for your real estate investor online and i want to take a minute and
wish you and your family
the absolute mary test of christmas is happy holidays have been doing your
whatever help holiday is already in this time of year i really hope it's
absolutely wonderful
the other is that i want to make the g_o_p_ who want to give you a little
holiday again after we talked up in a minute
is a shot of the pasture
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and know what i would also be said they don't believe that i had a press three
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with the doctor and
jack-in-the-box in a few samples and
case keychains and
paris stop look at the moment that is not belong here
this is the elvis presley thank you very much
such as closely as a pastor is part of a holiday cheer
hi also like i said i've got a gift for you
and i'd like to have to strike down below
from six to eight hours of real estate investor training and i really hope that
you can use it
to profit in the upcoming year to have your best investing your life
there's so much time for this video
i think it's a little over an hour
how did the other way properties that you're either going to rehab
to sell retail or rehab
long-term original or hunger wholehearted buyer is going to be
evaluating properties
if you're also producing property so
please watch that there's a lot of great information talks cardinal properties
value-added properties were five properties
if i must say so myself as a great training
there's also a super interview
but that was jeopardized
and rode out
jeff injury or a little bit literally holds its worth reveals a week
not a month that's right but they said when i first got in trouble for the
the may corrected
they're close links with reveals a week there were the biggest wholesalers
it will be disposed of the operations
in the state of florida
almost all over sales projection fires
and they go to details on how we fight these fires
how they thought the properties where they find the perfect properties how
they work with realtors
these guys are inflicting short sales
and they don't live in which issues whatsoever it's that's that's the war to
arlington it's a super session
animal or a lot from
there's also a video down there thanks video made you know i don't know it is a
video notes hahaha
cargo should get the it's getting in the bush efficient strategies teaching you
how to get what you want
in any situation
beers a equal
on the law of attraction twelve and
uh... highlighted
you'd basically get a check up from the mecca
and how to learn how to
program yourself subconsciously
to succeed power broker wealth using the law of attraction which was
began to make things right will be the secret
escobar's videos that we one of them is about commercial investing incident is
loaded with terry hale about a year year and a half billion in two years ago
but if you want to add zero ever check that you take it down
you answers is equal to commercial investing and there's a great training
session down there
there's also did you want to know
with my good friend and are you tell
and jaguar
and uh... at the end of the best thing for
many many years
jackie is doing three to five deals at once
wholesale again
it's a great interview we talk about marketing
we talk about my block building a buyers list
we talk about all i ask that all facets
of investing in
and like i said i think it's kind of additional six seven eight hours of
training and i really want you to have all
as my gift
this holiday season feel free to send the whittier frances causey it's just a
little bit sore so this more fish assault could stop them
one-to-one comes from which is based on big changes
to the v_i_p_ program you might know that
uh... rewriting the f_b_i_ p member and we've had that
v_i_p_ program
here real soon restaurant for quite a while
we've got a brand new format and took a poll
about six months ago
and i asked questions hopefully it's a purple
sada questions i would like
what which like changed what would you like it here
disagreements about what to do
the people i work with
are asking for so the biggest thing that you asked for
here and uh... it'll flat out so lowered the price
this but he said i was a lot of
for well over here a long time is maybe seven dollars a month disaster estar
existing members
and we just lower the price of forty seven bucks a month
now i have this is the sales pitch if you'd like to drive and stay with us
that's fine but i think they're obviously you're on the website so its
offer exit to give for maitland
witness lower the price for some boxes that was the main
two forty seven
that was amazing the people arrested for a lot of people submit i'd love to join
i need the help
by california usa march two months
haha most pretty much just about clinton himself
if you decide to become a member donors will perform at going to be every month
gifts for our existing members
your pay seven dollars a month now
starting this month your famous would well before it starts as a Real Estate Investing Christmas gift for you
i just got your payment almost in half of it
no reason why should you do have a seven-month everybody else spent forty
cents off but what do you have reopened abernathy really watched him super
super holiday season
and set some goals for yourself too
to really get talking about how the park
this coming year
if you do decide to join there's a few other things you can read about it all
fell below
if you watch all trading sessions
but there is one of one of the decided to one hundred newsletter sent to your
house every month
full articles
there's a puzzle on the back cover that's become somewhat famous
lose sidhu cohort crossword puzzle or a game puzzle or something like that
because i was written by me
installed articles written by the end of last longer
grossly investing experts
uh... from the big-name gurus that i'm sure you've heard of
oregon will tell you about a rough
who was quietly
making himself a six-figure income the real-estate industry
pumped to get that once a month to decide to join something we've just
added is a thirty minute one one call with me it's a private what i want to
if you become a member
and that's just between you and it was an appointment will call we'll talk
might help with anything i could help us at your business up how could i read
your deals
work do you feel
you need the help
that's why i'm here for if your existing member this was something we can offer
before if you're an existing member
sent me an email hooking up and
and i will have the time of it so much of a little bit better
that's what the reasons why i don't want to get to know the numbers
that i have the past so each members who get a thirty minute one on one private
just for joining
we also have a new section
our forum at ril statements from mine dot com forward slash
whichever way that is to give
forward slash forum
or are you have there's a new password section only for me i give others sort
of european member needs help in these are fast you go there
to post a question on the forum
and you'll get priority access to be going to be the first person i answer
now anyone's eventually go they go out to be a p a v_i_p_ record for miss
uh... it's just a networking
it's about working source for all of us so-called there and use it for a v_i_p_
bumped every month as a member of the victim five different videos it's
collected elements could be anywhere from five to ten hours of training
trade from a trace mother foresight interview
we're also added a section and walter but some of the bball this month as well
one section soon be called check up from the backup and it's going to be
thank you know he was thinkin thinkin as i call it
motivational things
articles ball persistence up house eccles that type of thing
we also have under section on calling
the business of business and
it's going to be a training session but that's not specifically realistically
realestate related like this month
doubled its mark on how to negotiate it's going to things like that one of
you're also going to get
as a bonus your own realestate investing website
and you can go
go to real estate investment online
dot com
forward slash webdesign
and you can pick out your website there's has become a member you'll get a
free medical free website as opponents just for joining
and it's a good websites that to someone page that
details about the business
your you drive yourself or is there
and they can get your contact information there
there's a form that they fill out telling you all about the house
they hit send and all their information shows outright in your mailbox there's
nothing for when you're talking was so hard to know everything about the
before we can start the closet call number ready regular traps you know what
you know that he loves you know what your opportunity
and that's all that sort of the website
another boat
that you get the future mein
you get a four-c_d_ set four different tracy's
that have been hit recorded
just for the specific offer
wallace mistakes
investors with
and it's a it's a great entertainment inventories of rio
few months ago we talked about
mistakes that we both made
we were doing the business and sometimes when the result of the business
hi what your
word from our mistakes
another one of the cds that redirect mailed to mail to you
is how it started and realistic talks while starting the business what should
be looking forward priority shoreline
would send you another cd that's a full-blown training on how to find deals
realestate business
and finally a cv power find cash fires teacher problems buyers list
more importantly
how fun cash fires that you could focus
focus your effort
and focus your time
next month if you get to become a member is going to be
an article about programming an article
an audio training on how fun private lenders
well most of the law
there's a lot more got to remember this private lenders alliance for the great
arcgis degraded require haskins
right about this whole business with virtual assistants here the u_s_
yet out of the u_s_ and it's a great article on how source almost everything
you're doing your business so we got a lever to get that next month
forget about next month
the smoke is what's important with the become a member of that
just take your time
bookmarked this page
come back and see what works
listen to all this material was it was but it sounds like
so it's your friends
which were set up a Real Estate Investing Christmas gift
it is going to go out as you see below if you decide to become a mattress forty
seven bucks a month
that probably will be gone up sometime in january but actually positive
when yet
the likes of just cut the price almost in half so
but if you joined up the price is guaranteed never ever to go up
i don't know how long the boast of four cities that were sent out
people instead of along for the website is going to be obama's but right now
it's so
if you do decide to whomever just when i woke click other whatever it says join
click on it become a member i'd love to get to know a little bit better
but not again just a wonderful christmas
eat a lot
don't read too much
well these don't read too much dr
but i i i want to be a wish
all the best
to you
your family
and helping her to let's that's
but set some goals and have a great two thousand eleven
this is made from real estate investor online
thanks for watching enjoy the real estate investing gifts this Christmas and have a wonderful