Gospel for Asia Christmas Gifts

Uploaded by GospelForAsia on 03.10.2008

My name is Jerry Witham
I'm the pastor at The Ridge church
It has been our privilege as a family to be
supporting Gospel For Asia for over the last year
Our family decided to give a gift to the
GFA Christmas catalog last year to impact those on the other side of the world
" I had to watch my children go hungry
We were on the edge of starving
And like most people in my village my job as field laborer only provided seasonal work
So for many months there was no money at all."
This year
Christmas is not about what we get, but to
literally redirect what would usually be going towards us or toward our kids
to someone who
truly needed it
And we told Noah and Grace
Here's our chance to give to somebody else who will not receive presents
Our kids selected
they did
based on what the people in the villages would truly use for a long time
"A tiny house was all we had
Our situation was so grim, it
seemed like nothing would ever get better
But then things began to change
The Bridge of Hope center in our village offered my son Ajai the chance to go
They even told us someone had given us a pig
On the day we received the pig my family was so happy
My son was smiling from ear to ear."
Thinking back to our house on Christmas morning
what was neat to know was that as they were opening their gifts
we're sharing in the joy of that, to know that there was someone
overseas who
was doing the same
"This pig was going to be a major source of income
for many years
My kids won't have to be hungry anymore."
We also wanted to
teach our kids the real meaning of Christmas
That it wasn't just about them,
about them
opening gifts on Christmas morning, it was about
giving a gift to truly bless others
"My wife and I are so thankful
this gift completely changed our lives
And through this kindness we know that Jesus really
cares about us."
This really is about serving
and helping others
that's why Jesus came and
we get to teach our kids that
by saying hey, we redirect our wealth
that God has blessed us with to other
people in the world who need it a whole lot more than we do
You can dramatically transform the life of a family in Asia
The Gospel For Asia Christmas gift catalog
offers you a way to give invaluable gifts to those with incredible need
These gifts, whether a goat, pig
or other life changing item
not only minister to the physical needs of the recipients, but also open doors for
the message of Christ to be shared as well
These tangible blessings can provide a poor Dalit family with the means to have a better life
And giving gifts like Bibles, gospel tracts, or a bicycle can help a
native missionary share the gift
of eternal life. What a great thing to teach your kids
Christmas was never supposed to be about us
I really think they understood what they were doing and
how they were helping
They don't forget quickly what they give
I would encourage families to
sit down and do this together, make it fun
let the kids pick
and have fun doing it
I guess it's time to start thinking
what are we going to do this year! You can extend this gift even further
By giving a gift in someone else's name
To send a gift this Christmas that will last for years and change
someone's world for eternity
visit our website at www.gfa.org/gift