Russell Brand talks about CoppaFeel! with his mum

Uploaded by khallenga on 09.11.2010

Who's coppin a feel?
Russell Brand: I want my mum to be in it.
Hello, i'm Russell Brand, the human being. This is my mum
We're here to talk to you about about CoppaFeel
Now, do you understand what it is mum? Russell's Mum: yes, i do.
Russell Brand: Explain it then:
Russell's Mum: It's young girls, must be vigilant and check their boobies
Russell Brand: they've got to check their boobies. Now, some young girls, they might be too busy to check their own boobies.
should i do it? Russell's Mum: No, you're a married man.
Russell Brand: I'm still available for medical science, to check boobs if it needs to be done
so i am available. Thank you. CoppaFeel....of each other's boobies. Check each other's, we'll film that.
No, just CoppaFeel. Look after yourselves girl's eh mum?
You had breast cancer didn't you? Russell's Mum: I did.
Russell Brand: you're alright now though? Russell's Mum: I'm very, very well.
Russell Brand: You are quite anoying though, is that connected? Russell's Mum: only to you.
Russell Brand: I find you very anoying. That's the end of the video, thank you very much, CoppaFeel, here's this thing. Alright?
mnn, crikey, ohhh. We could have such fun checking for tumours. There's a dark side to all of this. CoppaFeel. Thank you.
Russell Brand does. Do you? CoppaFeel!