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Hello and welcome to CityEdition
the city of Bend's video news magazine.
I'm Justin Finestone. The surface
water improvement project is the biggest
infrastructure project in the City's history.
The City Council will make some critical
decisions in the coming months and here's
a breakdown of some of those options.
It's one of the, if not the largest
infrastructure project that the City of Bend
has undertaken. It's important
for the city because it really
sets the table for economic development
the infrastructure that we need
to continue growth in the city. We're looking at
the City of Bend intake facility
which is on Bridge Creek
and behind me is a 90 year old
building that was built in the 1920's
for the original surface water
project. There's a small dam that
captures water off of Bridge Creek
and takes the water in here thru this building
that houses some screens

The water in Bridge Creek
originates miles upstream
and comes out of springs
at the base of Broken Top
so it's spring fed
in a drainage basin
that comes down to this facility here.

Bridge Creek joins Tumalo Creek
downstream of this
intake facility and also downstream of
of Tumalo Falls.
Water from Bridge Creek does not impact
Tumalo Falls in any way.
We have a century old water rights that
prevents us from taking any more water
than we need and
it keeps and restores the
flow of Tumalow Creek so
Bend is fortunate enough to have
two supply sources of water. We have the surface
water coming from
Bridge Creek and then our ground water
About 50% on each source.
And it's
would be good to have both sources
in case one becomes contaminated
it would be important that we had another source.
The advantage is that in the
winter months we can rely
totally on the gravity
surface water
supply which reduces our energy costs
in the summer months when we have
high peak demand we have the advantage of then
using our groundwater supply. Two things
have really instigated
this project being undertaken now by
the City of Bend. The main one is
the Federal guidlines requiring additional
treatment for our surface water
Even though the City of Bend has award winning
water, some of the cleanest water in the nation
we are still required to
meet the US EPS federal guidelines
for surface drinking water
City Staff has been talking to staff over the last
few years about
treatment options including UV
as well as membrane. This is a very
significant decision with
dollars associated with it so we want to make
sure that council is receiving
all the information
so we have
just as important we have
lines that are from the
1920's and 1950's that are aging
and we're finding signs of deterioration
and the Forest Service land
there are trees growing over and on top
of our pipe on private
property the pipeline runs
thru easements that have been
encroached upon and built over.
and that puts our pipeline
at risk. So there's definitely
an enourmous amount of
fuels in the watershed to ingite
a fire and it's not a matter of if but when
a fire could occur but we
want to do is try to prevent the
having to shut down the
temporarily or permanently the watershed
as a supply source for the City of Bend.
That factors into the decision
of filtration and what's going to really
help us keep that water
shed operational in the event of a fire.
We're specifically looking at
filtration, micro-filtration that will
also address
anything that could result from a fire
and the effects of a fire
on our watershed. Our thinking is
the council is to make a decision
based on facts, some good
information that our city staff is going to be presenting
to us is going to be
done by engineers and
everybody that's involved in the water situation
in this community. So for this system
we have about 1,000 ' of energy
head that we could capture if we
decide to go forward with a hydro facility
Some of the initial
incentives that were on the
table last year to encourage us
to go forward with the hydro part of
the project - even though some of those
have gone away, there are still other
incentives that we're looking at
No matter what
a hydro facility will always be
a revenue generator. An advantage that we have
with this project is the
timing opportunity with re-construction of the
Skyliner road. The County would like to
reconstruct that road that's on the Forest Service
capital improvement program
and we would like to put the new
pipe in the road so we want to make sure that
this is all coordinated and we're looking to
have that occur sometime in
2013. The water system
and the sewer system here in Bend
is paid by the rate-payers which means
me and you and everybody else
that lives here in this community
including the business's. This is a significant
project that requires some creative thinking
and funding and we are being very
aggressive in applying for Federal
grants asking for appropriations
I'm very confident that the
city council that we have right now will reach
a consensus on these issues and that
we will make a good decision based on facts.