Tumamao's Picks: Cowboys and Raiders to win

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To talk sports, I have Tumamao Harawira with me, live in studio.
Tena koe, Tu.
NRL semi-finals - Manly vs Cowboys tonight?
Let's just say this - Manly's going down.
Last week I said Manly was going to lose,
and this week, with Jamie Lyon's injury,
it's a huge hit for Manly.
And with Johnathan Thurston and Matthew Bowen on form as well,
no doubt the Cowboys will win.
They're saying the Cowboys' backs are good,
and on top of that, Steve Matai and Jaime Lyon
are ruled out of Manly's line-up,
so you're right, it'll be tough.
But let's not forget North Queensland's experienced forwards.
You could even say that the two best props in the league right now
are James Tamou and Matthew Scott. So they need to be careful.
Manly can still win it. They have a lot of great players.
But the tables have turned.
Last year Manly thrashed the Cowboys,
but now the tide may have turned.
So Cowboys will win? - Yes.
You'll eat your words later.
Rabbitohs vs Raiders?
Raiders, for sure.
The black horses of the league are the Raiders.
Backs like Reece Robinson and Blake Ferguson –
these up-and-coming stars are really strong this year.
At the start of the year they weren't up to scratch,
but within the past two or three months
the 'Green Machine' has finally come alive.
So Cowboys and Raiders? - Yes.
I'm picking Manly and Rabbitohs.
Now tomorrow - All Blacks vs Springboks?
How will the ABs fare?
They'll win, but let's not think it'll be an easy win.
There's still that fierce rivalry between the two teams.
It's unfortunate that Aaron Smith won't be in the first 15,
but Piri Weepu is his replacement,
and thinking back to his performance last week, he did really well.
I'm still one of his toughest critics,
but I won't say he's lacking at the moment.
The idea has been floated to put on a boxing match
between Nadia Ostopchuk and Valerie Adams.
Who do you think would win?
Man against a woman?
That's not allowed.
Tumamao Harawira, thank you for your time.