Apple iPad

Uploaded by rogeliomonter on 27.01.2010

it is true would win something
exceeds your ability to understand how it works
it's it it becomes magical
and that's exactly what the election
since the incident
a couple of months ago
we've learned so much from
but to help somebody if they think that always of the opposition's the baltic countries are
good things was truly
they call
yeah it does
you experience
so greatly things we choose everything
they sit apart
he's pretty much too
that's it
it's not even a single mistake
there's no
he's never mind when it holds
I think change myself
that the proper a six me
we looked into my eyes decided
to redesign
let's design
we did that
every single time
it's the largest planet
you get back to that are just a little bit
and they're smaller
you can't pass that on
I've had these the best way
or a magazine
the newspaper here
the end of the year
you can just see
more of the way
answer sir
did your time
top story
the religious right
he's some
the streets
do you
I can use the world class
it's incredibly fun
but jerry brown
we go through quiet really quickly and it's positive
you're too tall too
what's his post at UBS support the matter
the slides up to the bar
and just doesn't work
practically the same size
as a laptop
it's a lot of focus
on a single message
it's pretty worker
everything else
it's out of the way it seems to concentrate on the continent care
I had this absolutely desk share voters
every one of her albums their it's just a stack of photographs
and you can just
Joe thank you
and is that
don't think they're looking for
if you're short friend
what over the eye
not automatically flips the photo to the trek to ring to it
this is the unbelievable
thanks for watching
user interface to build for this
when you say something
the treasury your fingertips first place
there's no do it
quality of this video
isn't he said
though the full story
does the building
rebel not with it
I think he's ever seen year before
another apple really excited about is called I bought
the high-risk well it's a blessing read the book
he's just such a pleasure
and not only
can you read books on
what do you like actually
flips over
to reveal
the bookstore behind
how your finger
you can purchase dalma
in almost two hours
and Monday night
the items stored
and the maps door and now the eyeballs
we still got
more than a hundred
now also still only answer
as well as the war
on the right
so you've got to use it every day
it all begins
flying a kite
with the release of the I've had a state case
developers the building
this video
is most for instance idaho
the additional product released to hertz itself
this small tube such as the largest that we've ever built in
and it's on multicultural his sights should be in the field power and performance
but putting all of the thousands
pressure is on
some of us
the drug problem
it's playing it
the their customers experience
the back way the system
christmas and colorful it splits it
and that means I guess
my peers is we know at this point
the kitchen not only great experience with it quickly
but also all things in the shooting but police
the reason why this product respond
this because of
of some sort
that means something
it's really built
and what that it has a look
it also it
it lasts all
go ahead rita
when all those things together
I did not
for parts
because this
that's right
thank you
I mean it seems to be familiar with
he's the street
stay with us