[FCU2 - GALAXY Note] Ep. 4 Fly Like A Buttress

Uploaded by factcheckersunit on 21.12.2011

Boy’s, I’ve got an assignment for you.
Oh, Jordache, We’re exhausted. I wanna get back in time for the costume ball fundraiser thingy, and Dylan’s hallucinating from lack of sleep.
You have a sheep’s face. You have a sheep’s face. Okay, buddy. Alright.
Jordache, what is that noise?
It’s my pig, Mr. Deluise. It’s the latest pet trend in Sri Lanka. Okay, listen up guys.
I heard that DMC from Run DMC thinks he’s a king, and has locked himself in a castle. Check that fact, Fact Checker. Alright, will do.
Sheep face. Mr. Deluise.
Whoa. Alright, we gotta figure out a way to scale these walls.
Is this castle real? Is anything real?
Dylan. Snap out of it, man. Get it together. You’re still hallucinating.
Ah ah ah. Snakes snakes. Stop. Maybe we should just go solo on this one. Agreed? Agreed.
Is this real? This is real.
Intruders beware. Announce thyself. We’re fact checkers from Swag Magazine.
I thought you were some sucker MCs trying to seize my castle. My bad, my bad. Come on in. Okay.
Of course I don’t think I’m a king. I’m shooting a music video for my new song “I am a King”.
A music video? That’s fly like a buttress. How long you been shooting? Two years.
Obviously you don’t really think you’re a king, and we should probably get to a hospital, so…
A hospital? That’s just a fresh wound. Kerry! Yes Sire.
Bring the surgeon, and assemble my people. Now peasant. Yea, stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Walk this way.
We have guests. Treat them kindly, and maybe your king will grant you an extra ration of bread.
Who are these people?
This is my video crew. Let’s get you into makeup. Oh. Oh oh.
Surgeon. Remedy their wounds.
Oh hoho. First the maggots. Then the leeches. Hehehe.
You guys are funny. You would make great court jesters in my music video.
Get these two costumes now, or it’s the dungeon for all of you. This is gonna be so much fun.
Dance, dance, dance for your king. Dance. Better.
Entertain me, Fact Checkers.
What are you doing?
It’s your fault? It’s not my fault.
It is your fault. It’s not my fault. Stop blaming me, man.
Arrrgh. I’ll take your hat off.
Stop. Stop. I’ve had enough. To the guillotine with the bof of you.
What? Please. No, no. R& No. Aaaahhh.
Nice. Okay hay hay ay.
Now you can juggle for me.
It’s the sucker MCs trying to seize my castle. Things are getting real.
Here you are, sire. I’ll see you in Hades. Aaahhh. Aaahhhh.
Okay, let’s go. I’m staying. I need to serve my king.
What are you talking about? He’s not really a king. He’s insane. That doesn’t mean much coming from a guy with a sheep’s face.
You’re still hallucinating. You need to eat something.
My king will provide me with ample nourishment. I’m coming sire. Heeeeahhh.
My name is DMC, aka Darryl Mac. And if you want the truf, you got to check the facts. The king DMC is the rhyme projector, and I’m getting down with the real fact checkers.