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Lord, this pain from sorrow
Come, see for yourself
The flame of life is erupting
See for yourself
A salute by a proud beauty...
as she prepares to leave this world
Behold a budding beauty turn to ash
Doctor saab! Doctor saab! Doctor saab!
- Who's there? - A sick man from out of town.
ls Doctor saab there?
l'm afraid he isn't. He's gone to Bijnor.
He'll be back the day after tomorrow.
Day after tomorrow?
How can l wait till the day after tomorrow?
Are you from out of town?
Yes, indeed.
ln that case, you could stay over in this town for a couple of days.
Stay in this town?
ln the middle of night?
ln this strange place, where will l find somewhere to stay?
Don't worry.
Where there's humanity, there's always a place for a traveller to stay.
You could go to Pindiraj Mazoom's guesthouse.
You should be able to find a place to stay there.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
l don't even know if l'll be alive till the day after tomorrow.
Death is just one step behind me.
Who knows when it will reach out and grab my hand?
- Carriage driver, do you know the way to Maaji's place? - Yes, sir.
- Then take him to her place. - Yes, sir.
- Who's there? - l'm a sick man, from out of town.
l'm looking for a place to stay for rent...
ls this any time to search for a place? Move on.
Please at least listen to me...
Where are you just barging in?
lf l say, "come in the morning", l mean "come in the morning".
You can't just force your way in.
No, sir, l'm not trying to force my way in. l'm just requesting you.
Look here, l'm very ill. And l'm new to this place.
lf there's any place vacant, l'd be very obliged.
- Ramu? - Yes, Ma'am?
Who's at the door?
lt is me, Ma'am. A poor man, from out of town.
l'm very ill. All l want is a temporary roof over my head.
- Ramu, have Bihari give this gentleman a room if any is available. - Okay, Ma'am.
Sharan! Sharan!
Greetings, Lullaji.
- Bihari? - Yes, Sahib?
The terrace room in our adjoining building, when did that get let out?
Last night at 1:00 A.M., Sahib.
And to whom?
l don't really know.
Maaji didn't even bother to ask them. Just gave them the room.
How many are they?
There's an elderly gentleman. And there's his daughter.
Both father and daughter look very ill.
Oh Lord, you are my refuge
l have entrusted myself to you
Oh Lord, you are my refuge
l have entrusted myself to you
Please hold on to me, oh Lord...
or else my heart may stop beating
Let no woman ever be able to say...
that she died due to her Lord's neglect
Oh Lord, you are my refuge
l have entrusted myself to you
When you look at me and smile
When you laugh and play that flute
When you dance and hum your tune...
the whole world sings your tune with you
Oh Lord, you are my refuge
l have entrusted myself to you
Sharan! Oh Sharan!
Sharan! Sharan!
What's happened to you?
You don't have a fever.
But you look like a sick man.
What's the matter?
- Has somebody upset you? - No.
Your exams didn't go well?
Nothing of that sort.
Then why are you like this, looking lost?
Since last evening, you haven't come downstairs.
And you've been up here all day today too.
There's something going on, for sure.
Now what is it that you're hiding from me?
Oh Lord, you are my refuge
l have entrusted myself to you
Oh Lord, you are my refuge
l have entrusted myself to you
You encompass my entire spectrum
On your own, you've presented yourself to me
You go and tell him just this much on my behalf...
that l feel very bad about his situation.
And l am also ashamed of it.
When l looked, you became shy
So tell me, who won and who lost
Lullaji has said you need not worry.
Nobody will get to know.
- Who? - lt is l, Doctor Ali Bakar.
l understand there's somebody here who needs my help.
lndeed. Please do come in.
l was out of station. l've just got back.
The moment l got back, my assistant told me...
there's a patient from out of town, waiting for me to see him.
So even before l entered my own house...
l decided to come over to see him first.
Thank you.
- Who? - The doctor.
Doctor! Please save me, doctor. l'm dying.
And l don't want to die now. l want to live.
l want to be healthy for one day. Just one day.
See for yourself, my liver has gone to pieces.
See for yourself, the blood in my body is not flowing properly.
Do something to stop this.
This powder is out to finish me.
lt's out to take my life.
Show it its place, prevent it from winning.
Powder? What powder?
- He'd been imbibing this powder. - Oh!
Hear it from me. Hear about this shameful matter from my own mouth.
l did imbibe the powder. lt's a sort of aphrodisiac.
So that the dying flame in this old body would be replaced by the spark of youth.
And that l could once again live and enjoy life with my wife.
My wife, who is so many years younger than l.
You've seen her, haven't you?
That young, beautiful woman?
And now look at me.
This old, greedy man.
You've seen my pretty wife?
There she is.
That woman there.
Looking at her, nobody would say she's my wife.
- She's your wife? - Yes.
- That woman there? - Yes, that woman is my wife.
- Was that you coughing, my dear? - Yes.
- lt's dangerous. ls this where you sleep? - Yes.
Under this open sky? At this time? That's not good.
Take care of yourself, my dear. This is dangerous for you.
Come, close the door behind me.
l'll start the treatment tomorrow.
And not just for your husband, but for you too. Goodbye!
Doctor saab, he'll get better, won't he?
Yes, of course. God willing, he will.
- Please treat him with full attention and care. - Of course, l will.
- Thank you and goodbye. - May God bless you.
Come into my world, l have no one
Without you, for how long must this heart ache so?
Come let our eyes meet in such a manner...
that we lose ourselves in each other
All efforts from the town to find us will be but in vain...
for we'll be washed away in the storm of love
l want to lose myself in your scented breath
l want to sleep in the shade of your eyes
You are the one who's the damsel of my dreams
Why should l not deny all for you?
Come into my world, l have no one
Without you, for how long must this heart ache so?
Come into my life like the moonlight
Let there be not a sound, come so softly into my heart
The sky is our enemy, and the earth no friend, either
Let's not end up with just sighs and nothing else
Come into my world, l have no one
Without you, for how long must this heart ache so?
- Have your medicines please. - Yes.
Maaji wants to visit.
Please come. Please come.
- Behari, go get Doctor saab quickly! - Yes, Ma'am.
Who are you? Please help me.
Please call the doctor urgently.
We've called him. You go!
Make way. Move out of the way. Why do you want to kill yourself?
Go outside. With the patient in this condition, it's very dangerous for you to be near him.
l am very sorry to see your father's condition, my dear.
lf there's anything we can do for you, just let us know.
Treat us as one of your own.
l'll take your leave now. l'll come another time.
l'd gone there.
And l was very sorry to see that...
the father has roped his daughter in also with his life-threatening disease.
l am sure you can understand...
that in this situation, no mother...
can possibly be party to a decision that results in her son being killed.
Come into my world, l have no one
Without you, for how long must this heart ache so?
Here, please take your medicines.
You are so loyal to me!
- Sheetal? - Yes?
- Let down your hair to caress my eyes. - As you wish.
ln its dense shade, my breathing finds comfort.
With it as a shield, l am not visible to death.
The web of these silken threads saves me from drowning.
l burn along with the lamp
Like a flame burns the wick...
my heart burns so
l burn along with the lamp
Like a flame burns the wick...
my heart burns so
l weep silently
l stay awake all night...
like the moon bereft of its beloved chakor
My heart burns so
My heart burns so
This crazy night...
reminds me of a love story...
blows like a monsoon breeze
My heart burns so
l burn along with the lamp
Like a flame burns the wick...
my heart burns so
l burn slowly
l've not yet turned to ash, though
This lamp will burn till dawn
Who're you?
Your neighbor.
Where have you come from?
What brings you here?
For treatment.
- Whose treatment? - His treatment. He is ill.
- He? He who? - He...
- Your husband? - He...
ls your husband ill?
Yes. But who are you? l've never seen you here before.
Me? l'm Gomti. And this is my maternal home.
Only today l've been brought here. To be put under house arrest.
Put under house arrest? Why?
You don't know?
What are unmarried girls put under house arrest for?
No, l don't know.
Then... you've never fallen in love?
You probably haven't. That's why you don't understand.
- When a girl is put under house arrest. - When?
When she begins to invite frowns from others.
When, like a wounded deer, she gets jumpy at the slightest sound.
When she begins to look for that one place at home...
when she can quietly sit and be at peace with herself.
You understand what l'm saying?
Now you understand what this crime is?
l'll be right back.
Oh come to me, there is no one in my life
How long will my heart yearn for you?
What's the matter?
- What's the matter? - There's a letter for you from the government.
A letter for me from the government? What does it say?
lt's addressed to you.
And it says that your application has been received but...
your request to have your monthly pension...
sent to your new address by Money Order cannot be accepted.
Therefore, until arrangements are made to send it to your new address...
you'll have to collect your pension from your old office.
This is a big problem now, Sheetal.
l have no choice but to go.
But how can you go in this condition?
This illness... and that too, travelling such a distance...
Desperate situations calls for desperate measures.
lf l don't get my pension, how will we survive in this strange place?
We can't even survive for a day without my pension.
Sheetal, you don't worry.
l'll leave by tonight's train and return the day after tomorrow.
Meerut isn't that far anyway.
As you wish.
Okay, so l'll take your leave now.
Please wait for a moment.
Please take this picture of me with you, also.
l will always be with you. Looking at you.
You can go now.
- Sheetal? - Yes?
- My precious, don't worry. - l will not.
ls your husband out of town?
You look unhappy.
Of course, you would. lt's only natural.
Because your husband must be loving you very much.
Like a lark.
And you're so beautiful, too.
You are indeed very pretty. Just like a doll.
He must be always keeping you right in front of his eyes.
He must be secretly smiling to himself all the time.
So are you blushing now?
lt looks like you are also extremely fond of him.
So, is he also very handsome?
ls he? Tell me!
He must also probably be very handsome.
Like a God.
After all, to find a match for a beautiful girl like you...
a lot of care and attention would have gone into the process.
People would've gone out with a lamp looking for the right man.
l think when the two of you sit next to each other...
it must feel as if a poet, having written a few lines of poetry...
has stopped writing.
l have not yet seen your husband.
When he returns, l'll definitely peek and have a look at him.
You'll show him to me, won't you?
Sheetal! Sheetal! Sheetal!
- Good day! - Good day!
The doctor has sent these medicines.
These two bottles contain your husband's medication.
To be administered in the same dosage as before.
And this is for you.
Four doses, once every four hours.
And the doctor wants to know how your fever and cough situation is.
l'm better now.
Okay, then, l'll take your leave. - Goodbye.
Could you please tell the doctor to come here right away?
- l'd be much obliged. - Of course.
Sheetal! Sheetal! Sheetal!
What's this blood about?
This isn't blood. lt's just a color.
- A color? - Yes, Gomti.
Just like a vessel that, when full, begins to overflow.
My life too, in its spring, is full of red...
and is oozing from my body.
This isn't blood.
What sort of talk is this?
You are ill.
No, Gomti, l am not.
Then this coughing, this blood on your lips...
these dimmed eyes, this pale skin... why all this?
When a traveller gets weary of his travels on the road...
then he tends to look a little like this.
He tends to look somewhat ill.
No, my dear friend, don't say this sort of thing.
You are quite ill.
- Good day! - God bless you.
- How are you feeling? - Fine.
She isn't fine, Doctor saab.
Look at this.
- Can l get some hot water? - Sure.
l've been sending you medicines. You've been taking them, right?
Yes, l have.
Do you want to die?
Why do you want to die?
Tell me, my dear.
Doctor saab, when the sun sets, it is evening in the world.
And when it has set completely, it is night time.
But if the sun completely shut down, what would happen to this earth?
- This earth would be destroyed. - Yes.
Because this earth can't live without the sun.
- Without my husband... - l understand what you're trying to say.
l can assure you, the event which worries you so much...
is something that shouldn't worry you at all.
Your husband has such a strong desire to live with you...
that this dangerous illness is not able to break his resolve.
His determination to live is so strong that...
it's difficult for him to leave you so easily.
Now don't keep abusing our good intentions.
- Understood? - Yes, doctor.
- May God be with you. - Good bye.
You're feeling better now, l hope?
Are you feeling sleepy?
Why are you silent?
What are you thinking about?
Where are you?
Where is your mind wandering?
Listen, oh beautiful eyes
Let no one hear of my sorrows
Promise me you'll never speak of them
Don't tell him
Listen, oh beautiful eyes
l stay awake, my loneliness troubles me
l call out to sleep, but it doesn't come
The night does not pass
Listen, oh beautiful eyes
Let no sorrow spill out of my heart
Let no tears fall from my eyes
Bear your sorrows quietly
Listen, oh beautiful eyes
- Sheetal? - Yes?
- Sheetal? - Yes?
- My precious! - Yes?
Oh Lord, you are my refuge
l have entrusted myself to you
You appealed so much to me when l saw you
l've been unable to sleep since that moment
The evening star locks eyes with me...
and then vanishes at dawn
Oh Lord, you are my refuge
l've entrusted myself to you
l will never leave you
l will stay up all night
l will keep singing, crying, and making others cry
l give you my word that l am yours
l am yours
Who's fallen down?
Who fell down? Who fell down?
Sharan Kumar.
Oh, what's happened?
Sheetal, that Sharan Kumar has fallen off the balcony of his house.
You seem to be hell-bent on giving up your life.
Don't do anything of this sort. All your demands will be met.
Just like, when somebody has a terminal illness, all rules are ignored.
l am sending you this photograph.
You can see for yourself. l'm a married woman.
- Who is it? - lt's me, Bihari.
- What is it? - Maaji has sent a letter.
Okay, wait.
They've invited me tomorrow night for dinner...
with a request that l should definitely attend.
That day she'd come here on her own, inquiring about my condition.
They seem to be very kind people.
l should definitely accept their invitation.
- But you can hardly get up from your bed. - That's true.
But l can't refuse their request. l must go.
As you wish.
But please don't eat anything there.
Otherwise it might harm your condition.
No, l won't. l will excuse myself from eating and drinking there.
Then it's okay.
l'll feel awkward talking to a stranger about an alliance.
- You do the talking. Okay? - Okay, l will.
But usually women are better at this type of talk.
Yes, but that's only when it's between women.
Anyway, you start the discussion, l'll take it from there.
He's come, Maaji.
Greet the guest respectfully, understood?
- And behave properly, okay? - Okay.
Please come in.
- Greetings! - Greetings!
- Greetings! -Greetings!
Say "greetings", my boy.
- Greetings! - Greetings!
Please sit down.
Thank you very much.
Take him inside.
Come with me.
So how are you feeling now?
Oh, l'm feeling much better now.
Otherwise l wouldn't have been able to come here today.
l'd have had to politely decline the invitation.
Please have some sweets.
You've got to excuse me. l just cannot have sweets.
Why not?
l'm not supposed to.
Then at least just taste it a bit. To start off the evening.
Your mouth will be sweetened.
l'm sorry l just cannot.
So what is really your complaint?
Complaint? What can l say?
When l visited the other day, you were in very bad shape.
l didn't even get a chance to talk to you.
l told the girl, if you needed anything, to consider us as your own.
Yes, Sheetal did tell me about it.
She's a very sweet girl.
l instantly took a liking to her.
You are indeed very fortunate.
lndeed, l am.
He, who has such a diamond at home, is the wealthiest man in the world.
That's why she's dearer to me than my life.
Of course. Who wouldn't want to protect such a precious diamond?
You must be a bit worried about her, l suppose?
Of course.
What can l say?
On the one hand, l have this illness to think about.
On the other, l keep worrying about her.
To be honest, right now, it is only for her sake that l somehow remain alive.
For how much longer will you keep worrying like this?
One of these days, you'll have to make arrangements for her.
What arrangements can possibly be made for her?
Other than me, she has nobody in this world.
After me, what will happen to her, where she will go, what she will do...
l really don't know.
Every minute l keep thinking only about this.
And maybe l will even die thinking only about this.
lt's only now l think l made a big mistake in marrying such a young girl in my old age.
Okay, please leave this entire matter to me.
l'll somehow take care of it.
- Greetings! - Greetings!
By just tossing the ball like this, and staying up all night...
you cannot change your destiny.
lf it has to change, it can even change in your sleep.
What are you saying?
That you've stayed up all night, for no good reason.
lf after a night, one is destined to see the next day...
he'll see it, regardless of whether he's slept well or spent the night sleepless.
So tell me then, has my day dawned or not?
Yes, but after night, you have the wee hours of dawn before day actually breaks out.
Then take me out of this deep morass that l find myself in.
- So that when the sun's rays come up at dawn, they'll fall on me too. - Hmm.
So tell me.
ln pursuit of his desires, nobody should be quite as desperate as you are.
For every event one wishes to happen, one should be prepared it may not happen.
lf l say your day hasn't dawned yet, what will happen?
Then l will die during the night, Professor saab.
Then l will not say that.
Then l'll say the day has dawned, but there are clouds in the east.
However threatening clouds may be, they never stay in one place.
- Understood. - Yes, l understand.
Now that you've understood, l'll take your leave.
Remember, there's always a distance between the traveller and his destination.
And to cover that distance, it takes time. And some effort.
How did you have it in yourself to tell such a big lie?
l have not told him any lie.
l only placed him at the crossroads of hope and disappointment.
For how long?
Only until we're able to find a beautiful girl for him to marry.
But how is he going to agree to marry another girl?
We won't try to make him agree.
We will play a trick on him.
And how?
First of all, we will get our place vacated by that sick man.
We'll tell Sharan they've gone to their village to make wedding arrangements.
Sharan doesn't even know where they're from.
Wherever we take him for his wedding, he'll assume that's where they're from.
And when he discovers the bride isn't this girl, then?
Then, instead of a firefly sometimes burning in the distance in the night...
there will be a bright moon right in front of him.
You understand what l'm saying?
- Now l'm going to tell you something quite bizarre. - What?
l'm telling you Sharan does not love that girl.
Because he's never even seen her up close.
He's never spoken to her.
From a distance, seeing a fallen flower from a flowering tree, he got carried away.
lt's one thing for lightning to flash in the clouds in the sky.
lt's quite another for lightning to break away and strike the earth.
You must have understood my point by now.
"lt will make you unhappy and you'll be inconvenienced too...
but we are constrained to request you vacate the premises at the earliest."
"We hope you understand our constraints and will vacate within 2-3 days."
"We trust you will excuse us for the inconvenience."
What is this now?
One moment, they are really kind and welcoming...
the next, they are so inconsiderate.
What can we do now?
We don't even have any big amount with us...
to pay what we owe here, and pay a deposit for the next place.
This only means that yet again, l need to leave you, and go house hunting.
But why are you looking so worried?
Sheetal, you don't worry.
Go. Go to sleep.
You must be tired, taking care of me all day and all night.
Go, go to sleep now.
- So you think this girl is more beautiful than the girl next door? - Probably.
Okay, in that case, please come with me now to Sharan.
And see how l manage to convince him with my story.
You go. l'm already uncomfortable with all this.
l'm happy to just be a silent spectator to whatever happens.
Please do come along. You'll feel comforted with what you see.
Please come.
On my advice, your decision to be patient has borne fruit.
You devil! Go play somewhere else!
Our efforts have been rewarded. You've got what you wanted.
They've accepted our proposal. Congratulations!
What they've decided is to leave for their village in a couple of days...
and start making arrangements for the wedding.
Meanwhile, we'll consult the astrologers and decide on a suitable date and time.
l think all this will take about a month, at the most. What do you say, Maaji?
The best thing is that your mother is also very pleased with this alliance.
So you should also now spend these days being happy and enjoying yourself.
Let's go now, Maaji.
From now on, you have happy days ahead.
You should be looking forward to them and smiling. Smile!
That's good! May you live long!
Let's go!
Nobody knows that life has already gone out of my body.
How naive they all are.
ln their ignorance, they are happy.
But they don't know they're just trying to indulge a corpse.
There are no tears in my eyes
But closer within, my heart burns
My heart burns
There's the blood of desire on my lips
But there's a saw cutting into my heart
My heart burns
When my sorrows come to the surface, it's hard to describe my feelings
lt's hard to describe my mood at that time
l feel a slow and torturous pain...
when somebody tries to massage my heart
My heart burns
Oh, this pain in my heart, what is it?
ls this to be our last night?
Every heartbeat is now filled with pain
And every breath feels like the stab of a dagger
My heart burns
There are no tears in my eyes
But closer within, my heart burns
My heart burns
l have given up and lost to this sorrow now
l cannot take it anymore
When a moth burns
And the flame sheds a tear
My heart burns
There are no tears in my eyes
But closer within, my heart burns
My heart burns
- Gomti! Gomti! Gomti! -Sheetal, what's the matter?
Help me! Help me!
Sheetal! Sheetal!
What's happened to you?
What illness is this?
Talk to me! Tell me something!
This is the remedy for the illness l'm having, Gomti.
- Sheetal, may l ask you something? - Sure.
Tell me the truth. Only the truth.
How long has it been since you last laughed, smiled?
Since you were last happy?
- Just two days. - Just two days?
- Yes, it's only been two days since he left. - Lies!
You're hiding so much pain while telling me this.
Tell me the truth. lf you do, your pain will become lighter.
l... l understand your pain.
But l don't want to say it myself.
Listen, l know what you think is my problem.
This thing you've been asking me indirectly all these days...
l'm going to give you an answer today for it.
To have a roof over your head...
that is a temple too, where the deity is adorned and bedecked in gold.
And that is a temple too, whose walls are in dilapidated state.
Those objects that please the eye, are desired by the body.
And those that are worshipped, they are desired by the mind.
They are placed on a pedestal.
l've understood why he's now going back on this wedding.
Somehow, he also learned she's not the sick man's daughter, but his wife.
He'd reconciled himself to the thought that he'd never get what he wanted.
That's why he deliberately allowed himself to be played by us.
Then why has he refused now?
Because he thinks maybe he can now once again get what he wanted.
What do you mean?
lt should be quite straightforward to see what he's getting at.
- That he can now marry a widow? - Yes.
How can that be possible?
l'll tell you how that can be possible.
l can give you instances...
l can quote from the scriptures...
and l can prove to you that it's possible.
What are you on about, Kedarnath?
- Please listen to me. -l don't want to listen to anything.
You will have to listen.
Because this is the matter of life or death for somebody.
You're laboring under a big misconception.
Not allowing a widow to remarry is a manmade custom...
and a most cruel and selfish one at that.
lt is not so dictated by God.
No faith does injustice with anybody.
No faith encourages man to commit a crime against another.
Religion doesn't exist only for men. lt also exists to protect women's rights.
To treat a woman as not belonging to humanity anymore...
and to crush her forever into nothingness is inhuman.
Those who blindly follow a thought process...
and refuse to step out of their belief system, can never act fairly.
They can't distinguish between good and bad...
between truth and untruth, and between reality and illusion.
By sticking to your beliefs, you're causing your son to die.
But l would like to bring to your notice...
that you are defying all the Vedas that are out there in front of you.
And you are bringing dishonor to all the sacred texts in the world.
Please look at this.
Please read what the Parashar text has to say about this.
lt very clearly says that...
"if a woman's husband dies in an accident..."
"or due to an incurable disease..."
"or is missing, or is unsuitable to be a husband..."
"or has been ostracized from society..."
"then, in any of these five situations, the woman is allowed to marry again."
Fine then.
So you've given your consent to this marriage?
Maaji, the place next door will be vacated today.
This is the rent that has come from there today.
My friend, don't forget me. Don't forget me, my friend.
- Greetings! - Greetings!
- Greetings, Mataji! - Greetings.
Gomti, just get some chairs from inside.
No, there's no need for chairs. We're fine sitting on the floor.
l was extremely sorry to hear about the death of your husband.
- Greetings! - May you live long!
l heard that you're leaving today?
Yes, l am.
Are you going to your in-laws' place?
No, there isn't anybody there anyway.
So then, are you going to your parents' place?
No, there isn't anybody there either.
Then where will you be going?
l have a distant aunt.
She's the only person l have. She's the one l'll be going to now.
- Mataji, she is the same person, isn't she? - Who?
The person whose photograph Uncle has got under his pillow.
- That's true, isn't it? - Keep quiet!
Sorry, sis, he's very mischievous.
- Where does your aunt live? - Chandapur.
- Where exactly? - Chhoti Sadak.
- What's her name? - Prabhavati.
One day we'll come to meet her.
- You will? - We have to ask her for something.
- What? - There, there, see... there's Uncle.
Uffo, keep quiet, boy!
Why are you working now? Why now?
My brother, l'm your sister!
What is all this noise about?
- lt's for the wedding. - Whose wedding?
- Should l close the window? - Yes, close the window.
l'm not able to get sleep.
What are you up to?
- l'm packing my things. - Why?
- We're leaving tomorrow morning. - Where to?
Some other place.
And where are you off to, all decked up?
Don't you want to come along to see the wedding procession?
That l can see from here.
Yes, but you can't see the bride from here.
l'll manage to see her from here.
There it is, the wedding procession. Okay, l'm going now.
l'll come tomorrow morning to see you.
Tell the bearers to set the palanquin down
Tell the sky to bring the moon
May the clouds sing and may the stars dance
Make the bride lift her veil
Tell the bearers to set the palanquin down
The groom's mother is excited
She has tears of happiness in her eyes
The groom's sister calls out joyfully
Tell the bearers to set the palanquin down
There are gifts from the bride's family
The bride is at the end of her childhood...
with desires in her heart
Tell the bearers to set the palanquin down
There is a shower of moonlight on you
But you will not get to see it