The Scorpion King (2/9) Movie CLIP - Fire Ants (2002) HD

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[ Groans ]
Fasci_ati_g, is_'t it?
The smoke, it causes the fire ants to abandon their homes, you see?
All the sooner to feast on our naked heads.
[ Laughs ] You think this is funny?
lt's a little bit funny. Yes. You see, l am about to escape,
whileyou are about to die a horrible death for leaving me to die last night.
So what areyou waiting for?
He's been drinking that Yak piss for about an hour now and sometime very soon--
Ahh. You see?
[ Groaning ]
[ Sotdier Urinating ]
Hey! Where's the horse thief?
- Ooh! - [ Screaming ]
[Sotdier Sputters, Gasps ]
[ Grunting ]
All right. Come on. Get me outta here.
Do_ou, uh, promise not to kitt me?
Yes, l promise. Remember,
you are an Akkadian. You make an oath, you always have to keep it, right?
That's right.
Promise to take me with you and share in the spoils ofyour adventures.
What? All right. Fine. Yes, l promise.
All right. Now hold still.
Oh, here's one. Ah. That's a big one!
My! Here comes the mother.