Barsaat Ki Ek Raat

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Budhwa. - Yes, boss?
Abduct and bring Gaurang's daughter Motiya. - Yes.
But chief.. - Do as I say! Go!
Move. - Yes!
Who? Who's there?
Father! Help! - Come on!
My daughter!
Save her - Father! Help me.
What happened? - They've taken my daughter!
Leave me! Help!
They abducted her. - What happened?
What happened? - He has taken my daughter!
Kali's men have abducted my daughter.
What? - Yes.
But will all of you just keep watching?
Let's go to the police station. - Let's go!
Let's go. Let's go.
Is your daughter the epitome of virtue?
What can I do if she ran away with Kaliram?
Disturbing my sleep in the middle of the night!
Leave quietly, or I'll lock up all of you, got it!
Yes, you'll do that! You'll never give us justice!
Uncle Gaurang, let's go and meet the senior officer.
He'll definitely help us. - Yes, let's go and meet him!
Yes! Come on!
Sir, we can't endure this daily brutality anymore.
You're our only hope, please do something.
Go without any worries, I'll do something.
Let's go.
Hello, is this the D.S. P.?
Greetings, Mr. Sahay! How are you?
What? Kaliram did all this?
Kaliram and his father commit all their crimes in public.
Smuggling, black marketing, violence.
They've completely bought over the police of this area.
You don't worry. I'll handle everything.
"Our gardens are situated at the riverbank."
"The sky hovers above them."
"Our gardens are situated at the riverbank."
"The sky hovers above them."
"The crystal clear water sparkles like a mirror."
"The morning looks at itself in the water."
"The crystal clear water sparkles like a mirror."
"The morning looks at itself in the water."
"God wakes up in the temple of lord Shiva."
"If there's a bird, I'll make a cage for it."
"Our gardens are situated at the riverbank."
"The sky hovers above them."
"If anyone is captive, I'll protect it."
"I find it impossible to control my restless mind."
"If there's a bird, I'll make a cage for it."
"If anyone is captive, I'll protect it."
"I find it impossible to control my restless mind."
"The sky hovers above them."
"Our gardens are situated at the riverbank."
"The sky hovers above them."
"Some magician made the sun and the moon."
"He brought out one and hid the other."
"Some magician made the sun and the moon."
"He brought out one and hid the other."
"The entire world is a play of magic."
"The entire world is a play of magic."
"Our gardens are situated on the riverbank."
"The sky hovers over them."
"The sky hovers over them."
Sir! Sir!
Sir. - What's it?
This is foreign stuff!
If you buy it first, I'll be extremely lucky.
Showing me booze so early in the morning?
At breakfast time? You idiot!
Okay, keep it. - Give. - Here.
How much is it for? - Sir, why worry about money? Taste it first!
Taste it!
Mr. Thapa, did you again give..
..stuff to Kali free of charge? - What to do?
If we don't keep him happy, our business will end at once!
Sir, Mr. Pradhan can't be seen anywhere.
How far do we go? - Let's go till the bridge and see.
Look, it seems someone's coming. - Yes.
Hey you! Can't you see us? Out of our way!
Get out of our way!
Didn't you hear what I said?
Muniya, tell them that I never move out of the way.
Get out of our way, or else..
Else what? When I'm coming.. you'll have to move out of my way.
Really? Budhwa. - Yes, sir?
Teach him how to get out of the way.
Right away, sir! - Sir, even I'll accompany him.
Muniya, they seem to belong to your species.
Shall I take care of them? What do you think of yourself?
Hey, tall guy! What do you think of yourself?
Move aside.
You idiot! How dare you?
I swear I'll skin you alive!
You're getting angry over nothing!
This isn't some toy for children to play with!
I'll get hurt! What are you doing?
I'm telling you that..
Your whip broke!
Wear it like a tail behind you..
..and roam the entire village, understand? Here!
Let's go, Muniya!
Sir, don't forget to wear the whip!
You idiot! I'll.. - Let it be! He isn't worth the trouble!
Let's go to the gardens for our collection.
Else, they'll all run away with their salaries!
Here's 50 rupees. - Thank you.
Give it, let's go!
Oh God.. - What happened?
Hey Chote! Trying to escape without paying your debt?
Accountant! - Yes.
What's his amount? - Lotan.
Rupees 20 interest for rupees 50. Total 70.
Come on! Give me 70 rupees!
Rupees 20 interest for rupees 50!
Didn't you remember while taking the money? Bring it out!
Did you borrow so much money for liquor? - No!
Sir, please excuse me this week!
I'll excuse you every week.
Just send this girl to me.
Here's your money! Let's go!
See her attitude! Who does she think she is?
She threw the money!
Sir.. - Sir! Mohini is running away!
Hey, Mohini!
Where're you fleeing?
Bring out my money! - Excuse me this time, Mr. Kali.
My child is very ill.
We've to buy medicines. - Am I the child's father to let you go?
Budhwa. - Yes?
Don't spare anyone! Take money from all of them. - Right.
I'll see whether the senior officer has come to his office.
Bring it out. - Leave me!
Here's your diary and your file.
Don't worry. I'll take all of them.
Dear, even though I have eyes, I can't see properly.
How do you know all this?
How do you know all this? Shall I tell you? - Yes.
Close your eyes. Come.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Now you see how I know.
It was difficult in the beginning. But now I'm used to it.
Ok, dear, I'm going now.
Return early from office, father. - Yes, I will!
Greetings! - Greetings! - Greetings!
I've brought foreign cigarettes for all of you!
Take it! Don't feel shy!
Hasn't your officer come? - He'll be here any moment.
If you hadn't come, we'd have gone to meet you!
Why? Did you have any work with me? - The festival is approaching..
..and you're our biggest supplier.
So, a little donation..
I'll give the biggest donation. But I swear..
..your company has delayed so many bills of mine..
..that I don't have money.
Let me get my money and I'll give you a hefty donation. - Alright!
Sir has come!
Greetings, sir. - Greetings. You're here, Mr. Kali?
Yes, father has sent me to meet you.
He said that, since the festival is approaching.. if you pay our bills..
I'm helpless. We got many complaints about the goods.
The matter has gone to the senior officer.
For us, you're the senior officer.
If you wish, then.. - No, I can't pass your bills.
It's better if you speak to Mr. Sahay.
Did you hear, accountant? He can't pass our bills!
Because he controls everything!
I swear! I too will see how our bills aren't passed!
Rest here, Muniya. I'll be back.
Brother. - Yes? - Is there any vacant room here?
There's one upstairs for 15 rupees per day.
But your food. - It'll do. Fine with me.
For how many days will you stay?
Can't say right now. I may stay for 10 days, or 10 months.
I am telling you.. my work is like that.
I got it. - Did you?
You seem to be quite smart. Here's your advance.
Thank you, sir!
Okay. Here's my bag.
Put it in my room. - No problem!
There's one more thing. - Yes?
Where's Mani Ram Jewellers?
Go straight, then turn towards the market.
Thank you. I'll be right back.
Chandi. - Yes!
Keep sir's luggage in the room upstairs. - Yes!
What do you want, sir? - Greetings!
Why do you call me sir, Mr. Mani Ram? I'm an ordinary man!
Did you make all these things? Wow, they're beautiful!
Only I make such things in this entire district.
Yes, I heard a lot about you, that's why I'm here.
Is it?
I've some stuff with me. - Is it?
See this.
Gold biscuits. - Talk softly!
If anyone hears, I'll land up in jail!
But this is contraband.
What're you saying, Mani Ram?
Won't only contraband goods come from across the border?
Listen to me.
Just melt it in fire and it'll become legitimate.
You seem to be a very smart man. I don't do such illegal business!
Please, leave! - Listen! If you don't do it..
..then at least introduce me to those who do.
My work will be done and you'll get 10 percent commission!
Really? But it shouldn't give rise to any trouble!
What're you saying, Mr. Mani Ram? I'm saying that.. - Alright.
You don't have to say anything more. Let's go and meet Mr. Sahu.
Come on. - Ok!
Put the goods inside. - Yes, sir!
Govinda, what've you brought?
Rice, sir! - Rice! Let me see.
Govinda! Why did you bring wet rice?
People make holy offerings with this!
We'll be committing a sin!
But the rice is dry.
Is it? - Yes.
Whatever it is, I won't pay you more than..
..1.50.. no, 1.25 rupees per kg.
That's it! - Yes, only Rs. 1.25.
Sir, that'll kill me!
Why do you speak of such inauspicious things?
Okay, I'll pay you 1 paisa more.
Put the goods inside. - Yes!
Mani Ram? Come, Maniram!
Greetings, Mr. Sahu! - What brings you here?
Who's he? - He's brought stuff.
I got it. Come in.
Please, come. Sit down. I'll shut the door.
The matter's secret.
Do you understand? - Yes, I do.
I've understood everything, sir. - Show me what you have.
Gold biscuits!
Is it real?
I am telling you, it's completely genuine stuff, sir.
Then I too will pay you a genuine price. - How much?
At the rate of 500. - But the current rate is 1,000.
That's right, but this is illegal stuff.. the price.. - Yes, you seem to be quite smart!
Okay, bring out the cash! - What? - Bring out the cash!.
You seem to be an honest man.. I bought all your stuff.
By the way, what do you do?
Just what you do. Supplying things from here to there and vice versa.
Then you're a really nice man! Listen..
..bring everything straight here! Here.
I will Mr. Sahu, but at present..'s a bit difficult to go that side. - Why?
The police of that area are on my track.
So I'll have to remain this side for a few days.
Then do so! Bring it whenever you get a chance!
But secretly, understand?
Mr. Sahu, I understood.
If I have to deal with you, then I've to deal secretly.
Okay, I'll take your leave.
Greetings, sir.
Come, Mr. Pradhan!
Greetings, Mr. Sahu! - Greetings!
Kali went to fetch you in the morning, but you didn't come.
So how's your health?
It's wonderful, Mr. Sahu.
But that man.. do you know him?
I don't. It was only today that..
Why! What is it? Do you know him?
I think I've seen him somewhere before.
But I don't like the look in his eyes.
What're you saying?
Mr. Pradhan.. Then I shouldn't keep all these here!
What things?
Gold biscuits! He had come to sell them!
I suspected that something was wrong!
Therefore he took half price.
Take them away from here!
Melt them into statues and bury them! I'll get them later.
You're right! That man is highly suspicious!
Else, why would he agree at half the price?
Phulwa! Phulwa! - Hey Phulwa, are you buying bangles?
Phulwa, where are you going?
I swear, just agree once and I'll adorn you like a bride!
Oh God! - What happened?
Oh my God.. I'm ruined! You broke all my wares!
Rogue! Do you own this street to walk in the middle?
I was crossing the street and you banged onto me!
It's your fault! You'll have to pay compensation!
Was it my fault? - Yes!
Will I have to pay compensation? - Certainly!
Take this!
Oh God! See, everyone! Kali is assaulting me! Help me!
Help me from Kali! - Shout and call your father!
Go on, you idiot! - Help me.
Help me, somebody! Help me, somebody!
Oh God! - Wow!
Your hand is extremely tough!
It'll get spoilt, so put it inside your pocket!
You? - Yes, me.
I say where your tail is. The one made of that whip?
You fool! I'll teach you a lesson right now!
You're getting angry over nothing!
You broke the watermelon!
I swear, I'll bash you to pulp or I don't deserve to be called as Kali!
Wonderful, boss!
Here you go! I am telling you, Mr. Kaliram..
..if I start you up with this handle..
..then you'll start running without petrol.
So, let a vehicle part remain in the vehicle.
Got it?
Oh God!
You've hit me so hard!
I too will have to show you a few samples now!
The tall guy is proving too much for him!
Police.. - What's going on?
Are you creating trouble?
Sir, he's creating trouble, not I!
He.. where's he gone? Come.
He broke his pots and then assaulted him! - Yes, inspector.
Do you hear.. - He's lying.
Am I lying? Then all of you, say what the truth is!
Tell him. - He's right!
What's over is over! Go home now!
Go home! Great.
Will you let him go without punishing him?
Shouldn't he be punished? Shouldn't he be punished?
Okay, if you insist, then I'll take him to the police station.
But who'll stand as witness?
I! Let's go.
But first arrange for his treatment.
Take him to the doctor.
After his first aid, bring him to the police station.
Sir, would you like some first aid too..
No. Let's go.
Come, Mr. Kali. There's nothing to worry about.
It seems to be serious. Let's inform sir.
Rama. - Yes?
Where's sir?
He's inside. - Sir!
Sir! - Why are you shouting? What do you want?
Why are you shouting? - The police have arrested sir.
Alright. What? Why?
He knocked down Gopi Kumar with his jeep.
Kali keeps creating trouble all the time!
Police case! Where's Gopi Kumar?
Shut up! He's been taken to the dispensary.. - Let's go.
Come fast to the police station. - Not there..
Then? - We'll meet Gopi first.
Let's go!
Greetings, inspector! - Greetings. Come, Mr. Sahu!
Greetings. - Why did you bring Kali here?
Sit down first.
As soon as I got the news, I came running. - Ok.
Poor Gopinath has been injured!
But why did you bring Kali here over such a small matter?
I say you're wrong. It's a matter of law.
You're here?
Why? - There's nothing to worry about, Mr. Sahu!
I've kept our deal a secret.
This is a different matter.
Mr. Kali knocked down Gopi and broke all his wares.
Moreover, he also injured his face.
So, was I right in bringing him to the police station? Was I right?
Kali can't do that!
He's a very peaceful boy.
Well, is he?
Yes, Gopinath, tell us.
Was Kali friendly with you, or did he assault you? Speak up.
Speak loudly! Gopi is a bit short of hearing!
Is he? So you turned him deaf too?
Stop your nonsense! Let the victim speak!
Speak, Gopi.
Yes speak, Gopi.
Yes, tell us what happened, Gopi.
The officer's here! You've nothing to be afraid of!
Sir, I'm short of hearing.
Mr. Kali honked, but I couldn't hear it.
I went in front of his jeep.
I was unlucky that all my wares broke.
It was my fault! Mr. Kali is not to blame at all.
O' God! Listen to him. I say, Gopinath..
..if he didn't smash your face, then how was it altered?
I fell onto a stone, that's why I got injured.
You can hear very well.
How much were you paid to act deaf?
You keep quiet! - Why are you scolding me, sir?
Okay, let him say what you wish! I'll keep listening silently.
Go on, speak!
What's left to be said? You've heard everything.
Inspector, we're going. - Yes, you can go.
Gopi, come with me.
Inspector, I'll pay for Gopi's wares.
Son, you should drive carefully!
You're still a child! Salute the inspector.
Greetings. - Come, Gopinath.
I'll meet you again. - Really?
You let him go! Wow! What justice you've done!
I say that.. - Don't say anything more!
Trying to act as a leader?
If you try it again, I'll lock you up, understand?
I did, sir. I understood everything.
Keep an eye on that guy, Kali. He looks suspicious.
He'd even come to our warehouse this morning. - Why?
To sell gold biscuits! - Is it?
I felt then that he's not honest.
Don't worry, father.
I promise I'll find out everything about him or..
..I don't deserve to be called as Kaliram.
Glory to lord Ganesha!
Mr. Pradhan, did you melt all the gold?
What gold?
That scoundrel has duped you! Yes! - Yes.
How? - Except 1 or 2, all the biscuits were made of brass.
They were only coated with gold. See this.
My money has gone waste!
I won't spare him!
Bahadur. - Yes, sir?
Who's there?
Sir, you? Welcome!
I'm so lucky that you've come to my house!
We got information..
..that this man crossed the border..
..and sold gold biscuits to you, Mr. Sahu.
Who? He?
What're you saying? This is a big lie!
Open that safe, we want to search it.
Search it? - Yes.
Then come and search it! Come on.
Check it. Check it, sir!
Biscuits! - Yes.
Did you keep these edible biscuits here? - Yes!
I have to do it to protect them from the rats!
Lord Ganesha uses a rat as his carrier!
So they eat the biscuits before he does!
Did you see, sir.
He keeps edible biscuits in his safe and not gold biscuit!
You brought me here for nothing!
I don't do illegal work. - You keep quiet!
Do you know this man?
Hey! I'm seeing him for the first time. - Really?
I'm an honest businessman dealing in grains and timber.
I swear on lord Ganesha that I don't do any illegal business!
See what a religious, upright man he is!
He always swears on lord Ganesha!
There's nothing suspicious going on here!
For no reason..
I say that.. - Shut up! You escaped this time!
But if I catch you again, I won't spare you!
Let's go!
What unnecessary trouble! Is it of any use?
Okay, Mr. Sahu, I'll take your leave. - Where are you going?
You'll tear it! Leave it! Leave it! Leave it!
Return my money!
Money? - Yes.
What money? - What money?
That, which you took from me by selling me brass as gold!
But you told the officer just now..
..that you don't do such work. But now..
I see!
Sir. - No! - Sir! - Where are you going?
Keep quiet! Silence.
Think you're too smart?
I'll have your legs broken!
My legs! Yes, you can do that.
You showed your influence at the police station.
Wow! You were wonderful.
Everybody is in your grip!
Can I go? Glory to Lord Ganesha!
Bloody idiot!
The police have got a hint of it, Mr. Sahu.
Be careful.
I will.
But I've lost so much money in vain!
Sister, have you come out for a walk?
Is it Phulwa? - Yes.
No, I just brought Tommy out.
Is your work over? - Yes.
Then come home,
I've kept sweets for you. - Really? Let's go!
Let's go.
Phulwa, who's this girl with you?
So, Phulwa won't speak!
Budhwa. - Yes?
Do you know her? - She's the senior officer's daughter.
I see! She is senior officer's daughter. Greetings!
How strange that I haven't seen you till today!
My name is Kaliram. You must've heard it before.
Let's go, Kancha. Phulwa. Let's go from here. - Let's go.
Are you going? Goodbye, we'll meet again!
Look in front!
Phulwa, who was that man?
He's Hariya Sahu's son.
He's a idiot! Forget about him now.
Give Tommy to me.
Tommy! Tommy! Tommy!
Tommy! Tommy!
Tommy! Tommy! - Tommy! Tommy!
Who's it? - Whoever I might be, but what if you'd fallen?
Couldn't you see this deep ravine? - Ravine!
I can't see.
I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Don't mind what I said. - No.
Why should I mind? You've saved my life.
But I don't know you.
How will you?
My name is Abhijeet Rai. I've come here recently.
You can say that I'm an outsider.
Ok. Then you have two names.
Abhijeet and Outsider.
Whatever you may think of me!
Consider me a stranger till you get to know me better.
But can I tell you something? - Yes.
In this state you shouldn't go out alone. - I was not.
My servant was with me. But my dog ran away and he went after him.
Sister, what a useless man you come out with!
Kancha can't even catch a dog!
If Tommy runs this way, he'll run that way!
You call her sister, but leave her alone like this!
I didn't, sir. I ran after this dog.
Come, I'll take you home. - Don't take the trouble.
I'll go with her.
But please come to our bungalow. - It's there, in front, sir.
I'll certainly come.
Goodbye. - Bye.
Let's go. - Ok.
Phulwa, who was that man?
Did you see him before?
Yes, I saw him at the market once.
Kali had knocked down Gopi with his jeep..
..and then assaulted him.
Then sir arrived and fixed up Kali!
Is it true?
Yes, sister. I saw it.
Kali was so scared of him!
But sir is so handsome! That great height and big eyes!
Shall I tell you something? - What?
When he was standing near you, you made a perfect couple!
Quiet, or I'll hit you! Let's go.
Okay. Did Mr. Ghosh send you?
At least he remembered me by your pretext.
We're very, very old friends!
Yes, he told me about you. - Did he?
Did you call me, sir? - Yes.
Meet him. He's Mr. Abhijeet.
And he's Mr. Suresh, our chief accountant. - Greetings.
A very old friend of mine has sent him here.
He'll stay here for a few days.
If he faces any difficulty, please help him.
Don't worry, sir.
Come, Mr. Abhijeet. - Let's go.
Go ahead. - Thank you.
Sister, who're you making the garland for?
Just like that.
Really? Could he be coming by any chance?
Who? - That stranger!
I'll thrash you! Go away!
Okay, I'll go, but if I come across that stranger..
..I'll tell him that you're waiting for him with a garland!
"From which direction has that stranger entered my heart?"
"From which direction has that stranger entered my heart?"
"That stranger."
"I hope I don't drop like a flower into a bag..
..allowing him to take me along in a palanquin."
"I hope I don't drop like a flower into a bag..
..allowing him to take me along in a palanquin."
"From which direction has that stranger entered my heart?"
"That stranger."
"My inhibitions used to surround me from all directions."
"They were higher than peaks and deeper than the ocean."
"My inhibitions used to surround me from all directions."
"They were higher than peaks and deeper than the ocean."
"From which direction has that stranger entered my heart?"
"That stranger."
"I couldn't stop him from coming."
"So how will I be able to stop him from leaving?"
"I couldn't stop him from coming."
"So how will I be able to stop him from leaving?"
"From which direction has that stranger entered my heart?"
"That stranger."
Who's it?
I, the stranger.. I mean, Abhijeet.
When did you come?
I was passing this way and stopped on hearing your song.
You sing very well. - Ok.
So you were listening to me on the sly.
That's really unfair.
You tell me, what could I do? You were singing so beautifully that I..
You were caught stealing.
So you'll have to be punished for that.
What punishment?
You'll have to come for a cup of tea. - Wow!
I'm ready to suffer such punishment everyday.
You sound so good when you talk like that!
Really? Talking this way has become a habit with me!
Okay, I say.. come with me!
I feel astonished when I see you.
Don't you feel sad?
Sad? Why?
Because I'm blind.
No. In fact, I feel very happy.
After losing such a great blessing of life.. never allowed darkness to envelop your life.
You happily accepted everything..
..and never complained to anyone.
If you can't get anything by complaining..
..then it's better to accept your situation.
That's why I'm happy, alone in my dark world.
What's the use of complaining?
Mr. Abhijeet?
Greetings. - Please sit!
She's my daughter Rajni. Have you met?
Yes. - Father, he's the man who saved me that day.
I see.
You don't know what a great favor you've done to me.
How shall I thank you?
What are you saying? Please, don't embarrass me.
Rajni is my only daughter.
God didn't grant her eyes. - What're you saying?
I think you haven't eaten anything.
I've eaten so much.
I'll take your leave now. - So soon?
Yes, I'm in a hurry today. Okay, Rajni.
Come, I'll escort you till outside.
If you get time, please come again.
I live in a dark world.
So whenever anyone comes, I feel very happy. - I'll definitely come.
Bye. - Goodbye.
Look, Mr. Manik..
..there're many discrepancies in Sahu and company's bills.
I don't want you all to ask them for any assistance during the festival.
Okay, sir. - We'll manage it somehow.
There's nothing to be disappointed about.
I've got Mr. Sahay to sanction rupees 5,000 for you.
Then we'll have enough to hold the festival with a great pomp, sir!
Okay, then do it.
You can go. - Thank you.
Say.. - Hail Goddess Durga!
Say.. - Hail Goddess Durga!
Hail, mother! Bless me, mother!
Sir, I had come to seek blessings of the Goddess!
I'm fortunate to see you here! - How are you, Mr. Sahu?
Everything's fine by your grace, sir! I had a request.
Request? - Yes. A bill of rupees 70,000 is pending.
If you could release the payment, then I'd be grateful to you.
Is this the occasion to talk about payment?
It's the occasion of a festival! Eat, drink, enjoy yourself.
Discuss official matters in the office.
Okay sir, I'll meet you in the office.
Okay, I'll go, sir.
Everything is fine. See if anything is needed. - Ok.
Sir, I'll see you in the office!
Mother, please get my payment done!
Have you come to witness the festival?
Yes, I'm seeing it for the first time.
It's decorated so well. - The laborers do all this.
Their program is about to begin.
Really? - Yes, they dance very well.
Come. - Let's go.
Come, sister. Greetings, sir. - Greetings.
Phulwa, when will your performance begin?
How will it take place? Look, Babu and Madna are drunk!
Drink more.
Who'll play the drum?
Won't the program take place if there's no one to play the drum?
How will we dance without music?
If you say, shall I try?
You? - Yes.
You'll play the drum? Will you be able to play it? - Yes, I'll try.
Hey, get the drum here.
Master, have this! This is something special!
Master, this tall fellow is very smart!
He's playing the drum amongst the girls!
Is that music? He's just beating the drum!
Master, you play it!
Shall I? - Yes!
Make way for me. - Move aside!
The master's coming!
Phulwa, why are you dancing to his tuneless music?
I'll play the drum, you dance!
Hey, get the drum. - Right away!
Hey Phulwa..
..if he's so fond of playing the drum, then..
..tell him to compete with me.
You're challenging me?
If you have the courage, then come on. - Come on, Kaliram.
Let's see how courageous you are.
Alright. But remember that if you lose..
..I'll tie this drum around your neck and make you parade.
I agree.
But if you lose..
..then swear that you won't take off the drum and run off from here.
I swear, I'm a man of my word. I'll wait here for you.
Come on. - It'll be decided what you are.
What happened? - Kaliram's drum burst!
Kaliram's drum burst!
"The crow tried to become as a swan."
"The crow tried to become as a swan."
"A donkey tried to become a horse."
"Try to be in tune, try to maintain the rhythm."
"Try to be in tune, try to maintain the rhythm."
"Try to be in tune, try to maintain the rhythm."
"Kaliram's secret is out."
"The drum burst in public."
"He is defeated."
"Hail the Lord."
"Hail the Lord."
"This is not everyone's cup of tea."
"Kaliram's secret is out."
"The drum burst in public. He is defeated."
"Hail the Lord. - Hail the Lord."
"We witnessed this show for free."
"We witnessed this show for free."
"After getting intoxicated."
"Oh, brother.. a mouse challenged a lion."
"This is like.."
"This is like..
..eating more than you can chew."
"Kaliram's secret is out."
"The drum burst in public."
"He is defeated."
"Hail the Lord. Hail the Lord!"
Sing the praise! Blow the conch!
Bow your head!
"O' mother Durga! Explain to this fatso!"
"I request mother Durga to let go this demon!"
"I request mother Durga to let go this demon!"
"This fatso is like a demon. Twist his neck!"
"O' Mother Goddess, take his life!"
"O' Mother Goddess, take his life!"
"This is a priceless sacrifice!"
"Kaliram's secret is out."
"The drum burst in public."
"He is defeated."
"Hail the Lord."
"Hail the Lord. - Hail the Lord."
"This poor fellow lost the match!"
"He's ashamed!"
"Go, someone, drop him home!"
"Go, someone, drop him home!"
"Or he might die of shame!"
"One who loses one's honor"
"One who loses one's honor"
"has no value!"
"Kaliram's secret is out."
"The drum burst in public."
"He's defeated."
"Hail the Lord."
"Hail the Lord."
"Hail the Lord." - He's running away!
"Hail the Lord." - He is fleeing scared. Nab him. Nab him..
Don't let him go!
Why are you losing your temper, dear?
The drum can be repaired.
But if the business is ruined, we'll lose everything.
Think big, son. And for that, keep sir in your control.
These are festival days.
Give him some money.
And take a sari for his daughter.
For that girl? She's a fool!
She was laughing when my drum burst!
Girls are like that! Let her laugh!
Bear everything this time.
And recover your dues.
Cool your temper..
..and go to his house tomorrow morning itself.
The day of the festival was nice.
Obviously! You defeated Kaliram!
Walk slowly.
What's the hurry?
Is anybody waiting at home? - Who'll wait for me?
I'm absolutely lonely there.
At least you're with me here.
Mr. Abhijeet, who else lives with you?
Nobody. I lost my parents when I was a child.
And I'm absolutely alone.
So many birds?
Yes. These birds migrate here soon after winter begins.
And then they go back when winter's over.
They mate and make a nest in the journey.
Then one day, leaving everything..
..they get lost in the journey.
But man doesn't want to get lost in the journey, Ms. Rajni.
He wants to make a home, a world of love.
Those who can't see, even dreaming of love is a dream for them.
Let's go.
"From which direction has that stranger entered my heart?"
Who's it?
Who's it? - Are you scared?
I swear, I'm not some wild animal.
I'm Kaliram.
Why have you come here?
What for? - I've come to your house.
Ask me to sit, talk to me. You're just asking me why I've come.
Whenever that fellow comes, you show good hospitality!
When I've come.. - What nonsense are you talking?
I haven't come to talk nonsense, but for some important work, Rajni.
You've nothing to do here. - I do.
I do. I've brought an imported sari for you. It's very pretty.
Who asked you to bring it?
Please, take it back! Go!
What happened, dear? - Father, look!
Mr. Kali, you're here. - I came here with some important work!
But before I could speak, she started yelling!
On the occasion of festival, father..
..has sent an imported sari for her and some cash for you.
For sweets!
Convey my regards to Mr. Sahu.
But I don't need these things.
Please take them away! - Wow!
Father and daughter speak in the same tone.
I swear, sir, it's 2000 rupees. Take it.
And after passing the bill..
You want to bribe me?
You want to buy our honesty with money?
You want to make us base and animals like you?
What did you say? I'm base, animal!
You're worse than that! - Enough! Enough of it now.
Sir, ask her to mind her tongue. Or else..
Keep quiet, dear.
Mr. Kali, discuss official matters in the office.
Now, please leave!
I didn't come here to stay. You take the money, do the work.
You don't take it, you won't.
You don't need to be so angry.
I swear, Kaliram is not used to listening to anyone's nonsense.
Even if it's a girl.
Remember that.
So, you have come here to flirt?
Mr. Kali, if required, I can even straighten guys like you.
Really? - Yes.
Yesterday only the drum burst.
Be careful, this shouldn't burst.
Let's see what bursts.
Did you see his guts, Mr. Abhijeet?
When I didn't pass his false bill, he came here to threaten me.
Why don't you take an official step?
Talk to Mr. Sahay, everything will be fine. - You're right.
Mr. Sahu, in all the gardens of the company..'ve supplied low quality goods.
And you didn't supply any goods here.
And you submitted the bill.
Sir, I swear upon God!
I've supplied pure and adequate goods!
I haven't committed any fraud in the bill! You may ask the supervisor.
You involved him also in all this.
That's why the company has suspended him.
Sir, he's your employee!
Whether you suspend him, or promote him, what've I got to do?
But if you don't take the delivery..
..the goods worth thousands will rot in the warehouse!
I'll be ruined, sir!
What've we got to do if your goods rot?
You're compelling me to go to the court.
The company has sued you for a damage of rupees 200,000.
So, you've made the case strong!
Then listen to me, sir.
I won't tolerate this injustice. - You may go.
Good day, sir.
Sir, beware of him.
It was a well established business without much investment!
I only enjoyed the profit.
But ever since that Suresh has come, everything's ruined!
If we don't get rid of him soon, we'll have to starve to death!
Don't worry, father.
I swear, I'll give him a miserable death..
..or I don't deserve to be called as Kali.
Will you be able to do it? - Why not?
Go and begin your job.
Lord Ganesha! Fan properly. - Yes.
Brother Lotan!
Are you at home?
Hey scoundrel, why've you come here?
You're abusing me? I don't mind. But say it sweetly.
Master has come to meet your father!
To hell with your master! Get lost..
..or I'll thrash you!
Go away.. - What're you doing, Phulwa?
Look. - Budhwa, what brings you here?
Brother Lotan, master has called for you!
Am I his servant to go running whenever he calls me?
Don't be angry. There's a reason.
What is it? - Listen to me! This is it!
I see! Master has called me? - Yes! Let's go!
Father, where're you going?
Why are you grumbling?
If you return drunk, I'll bash you up! Remember..
She's made my life miserable!
Shall we go? - Come on!
Brother Lotan, do you know what you're supposed to do?
Do you think I'm a fool?
I'm his loyal servant!
His problem is my problem!
It's our problem! Right, Haren?
Yes. - You are right!
Here's some money. I'll give the rest after the job is done.
You remember what you've to say?
Of course! Everybody say together!
We won't allow.. - Sir's high handedness!
Dismiss the.. - Middleman!
Down with sir!
Long live the supervisor!
Down with sir!
Down with sir!
Master, now sir's finished!
Down with sir!
Long live the supervisor!
Down with sir!
We won't allow.. - Sir's high handedness!
Dismiss the.. - Middleman!
Long live the supervisor!
Down with sir!
Long live the supervisor!
Sir, this strike is called because of me.
My conscience can't bear the company's loss.
Please, transfer me.
Mr. Suresh, this can be considered later.
I won't transfer you because of this strike.
And I won't tolerate these rowdies.
You go and inform the police. - Yes.
Informing the police won't help.
That man has bribed the police.
Where did he come from?
Don't worry. I'll settle the matter right now.
No, Abhijeet. They've become violent.
What'll you do all alone? - Just watch what I do.
We won't allow sir's high handedness!
We won't allow sir's high handedness!
Dismiss sir!
Dismiss sir!
You've become big leaders. - Yes!
May I know what you have to say?
What should we say to sir? - Dismiss him!
Dismiss him! - Yes.
What'll you not allow? - His high handedness!
Now tell me, what'll you not allow?
We'll allow everything!
What shall we do to him? - Nothing!
You got drunk and came here to call upon a strike at his behest!
If you don't get to work within five minutes..
..I'll shoot you! Go to work!
Come on!
He's firing! - Get lost!
He's firing! Run for your lives!
Your game is over, Kaliram!
Go home!
If you try to mess with us, you'll be doomed!
He wanted to call for strike! Idiot!
You can't make a man brave by just claiming that he's brave!
Did you think these cheaters will go on a strike for you?
They'll mess with the company?
If I knew they'd betray me, would I take them with me?
We lost a huge contract!
Bills worth thousands are unpaid!
Listen! Recover the money given to the porters..
..along with interest this week!
We won't have any link with them. Got it? - Yes.
I swear, I'll straighten everyone.
Hey Budhwa. - Yes, sir?
Bring that idiot Lotan and others here. - Yes. Right away.
Hey, come with me!
Hey Lotan! - Hey idiot, Lotan!
Who's it?
Come on, master has called for you! - Who's he?
Come on, get up!
Hey! Let go off me!
Here he is! - Leave.
Out with the money!
We've returned the interest!
Not that! Who'll return the money I gave for the strike?
So we did call upon a strike!
So you did? - Yes!
You ran away like a coward, seeing that idiot!
Out with the money!
Oh God! Why are you hitting me? You're forcing us?
We'll go to the police station! We'll call the police!
You'll go to the police station and call the police? - Yes
Go ahead, you idiot!
What happened? - Phulwa, they're hitting your father!
Come. - Father.
Oh God! - Get up, you idiot! You'll go to the police station!
You'll lodge a complaint!
Move. - Leave my father!
You scoundrel! - They are hitting my father. Help my father.
Someone help! - Shut up.
Budhwa, set the entire village on fire. - Yes, sir! - Father!
Move. - Father!
We are ruined! - Somebody, help us.
They are torching our house!
They are torching our house! - No!
Now tell me, will you give the money or should I throw you in the fire?
I don't have money. - You're lying, you idiot!
If I don't get the money by morning,
I swear, I'll take your daughter away.
No! - Father.
Budhwa, let's go. - Douse the fire.
Who set this fire? - Kali has set the fire.
Please save us! These beasts won't spare us alive!
Kaliram, you're crossing your limits!
Wait! Oh my God!
The whole shanty is.. - Who set this fire? This is injustice!
Kali has looted us, sir.. - He has ruined us, sir!
Mr. Samar. - Yes, sir?
Do you see this? - Yes!
I want you take proper action for this!
Yes, but where did Mr. Kali go?
Will he wait here to be arrested?
You can't cheat so many people like Gopi Kumar.
Go and trace Kali.
Samar. - Yes, I'll see what I can do!
Reverse the jeep!
Mr. Suresh, I'll take Lotan to the hospital, you go to office.
Make this report tonight and send it to the headquarters tomorrow.
Ok. Let's go, Lotan. - Abhijeet, will you come with me?
You carry on, Mr. Suresh. I must see Kali.
I've never come across a fool like you!
I told you to get the money from them!
And you broke the law! You thrashed the workers.
What else could I do? I demanded money from them..
..they acted smart with me! So, I thrashed them all!
Trashed them.. Now forget that!
The inspector has informed that the police are helpless this time.
So listen to me. Go to Mr. Pradhan across the river right now.
And go underground for some days.
Should I cross the river in this rainy night? - Yes!
Or else it'll be difficult to escape if the police come!
Who's it?
It's me. Bahadur. - Bahadur.
What's it? - Master, the police has called for you..
Inspector! Police! Did you tell him that Kali is here?
No! - You go, I'll be there.
Kali, the police have arrived! Escape from the window! Go!
Mr. Samar.. Mr. Samar, what's this? Will you really arrest Kali?
Mr. Sahu, actually..
Mr. Samar.. Mr. Samar I'll do anything for you! - Mr. Sahu..
But please don't arrest Kali!
I say, where's Kali?
You! - Yes, it's me. Where's Kali?
Who're you to ask this? Kali didn't come here!
You're lying.
What?! - Yes.
Mr. Samar.. if you suspect, you may search the house.
Of course, we will! It's our duty. - Wait.
Mr. Samar..
Now it's no use pretending to search.
I know that Kali must've escaped by now.
Mr. Sahu made him escape and is pretending to be innocent.
And you're pretending to do your duty.
What? - Yes.
Had you not wasted your time at the police station..
..then Kali wouldn't have been able to flee.
You're responsible for all this.
Shut up! Do you realize who you're talking to?
I know, Mr. Samar..
To a man, who has sold himself to these beasts and forgotten his duty.
A man who's a stigma on the police.
But remember, Mr. Samar.. However hard you try to save Kali..
..he can't escape from me.
Kancha. - Yes, sister?
Take this tiffin for father.
It's raining heavily.
Don't leave father alone.
Bring him along.. - Alright, sister.
Master, you, at this hour!
Give me two bottles of imported liquor.
You may have four, master. But it'll be better if you don't drink here.
The police are hunting for you.
To hell with the police! Do as I say!
Gachuwa.. Close the door! - Move aside.
Master, listen to me. Let's flee. - Shut up!
Do you think Kaliram will run away like a coward?
Where's he going with the tiffin?
That means sir's not at home.
Please, don't go! I beg of you! - Shut up!
Gachuwa, let's flee. Better save our lives.
Who? Who's it?
It's me! Kali!
Where's that old man?
He's in the office.
You may go there.
In the office? That's very good!
Open the door! - No. I won't!
You won't? - No! Please go away!
You won't!
It opened!
Don't come in!
Go away!
Go away!
I swear, you're looking very pretty.
Such a beautiful night. You're alone.
And you're asking me to go?
What do you want? What do you want? - I want you.
I want you.
I will. But I swear, before I leave, let me embrace you once.
Go away! Go away!
You idiot!
No! let go off me!
No! Help me!
You wretched girl!
Help! - Nobody will come to your rescue.
Scream as much as you want!
Don't be afraid, Rajni. I'm here.
Rajni! - Father!
You idiot! Didn't you feel ashamed trying to ruin a blind girl?
Rajni. - Tell me, will you do this again? - Father.
Mr. Abhijeet, what happened? - Father!
Mr. Suresh, this idiot came to ruin your daughter.
Don't worry. You take care of Rajni..
..I'll take him to the police station.
Come on, Kali. Come on, I say!
What's this? Mr. Kali!
Mr. Samar, I told you that I'll bring Kali one day, didn't I?
Look, I've brought him.
What's this?
You don't understand. - No!
I'll explain to you. He's the culprit, who you couldn't catch!
Who burnt the houses of the poor and ruined them.
And who tried to ruin a blind girl today.
I've brought him for there. - Inspector, it's not true.
Believe me.. - What's true and what's not will be decided later, Kali!
Mr. Samar, arrest him.
We want proof and witness to arrest him!
I'm a witness myself! Now I order you! Arrest him!
Order, how dare you! Who're you to give me orders?
You want to know who I am?
See this. This is what I am.
Salute, sir! Sir, I failed to recognize you!
You didn't recognize me?
I hope you'll obey my orders now. - Yes, sure!
Now, come on. - Bhuvan, put him in jail!
And inspector. - Yes?
Remember, once you told me that you'll put me in jail.. teach me a lesson?
Yes, I remember.
Even I've made arrangements for you. - No, sir!
You're suspended.
Please, spare me this time!
You're indefinitely suspended! Now get out!
Why have you come here? - Please, have mercy on me!
Please, withdraw the case! I'll always be indebted to you.
I can't do anything.
The case in the hands of the police now. - Police!
If you help me, then I'll handle the police too.
You just say yes and go to your village free of worries.
Get your daughter married.. - What're you saying?
Don't worry about money!
Your daughter is my daughter. I'll bear all the expense.
You want to shut my mouth with this money!
No! No, sir.. I'm talking about your daughter's welfare.
If you go to the court, there'll be rumors.
Your daughter will be defamed.
Then the hopes to get her married will be over.
I very well know what's good and bad!
I can't trade my daughter's honor!
You may go!
Alright. I'm going.
But do think about what I said.
It's not so easy to find a groom for a blind girl.
Especially, when she's defamed.
Good day, sir.
Sister, Mr. Abhijeet.
You may go.
What's all this? - We're going from here, Mr. Abhijeet.
Going? Why?
There's no other option.
I'm blind.
But I know this.
That I cannot face anyone with this stigma on me.
But whatever happened, it wasn't your fault.
Still. - Rajni..
The leave is sanctioned.
We'll leave tomorrow morning.
Good that I met you here. I wanted to talk to you.
Rajni just told me that you're going from here.
Do you know that if you go, the case will be dismissed?
What can I do? I can't Rajni's condition.
My innocent daughter is shattered.
She often keeps crying.
I'm losing courage seeing her tears.
That means you'll tolerate such a big injustice.
You won't fight it.
You'll go away from here like cowards.
I'm helpless.
You won't understand the pain of being a father..
..of a helpless blind girl.
Abhijeet, you've done a lot for us.
But.. But I won't be able to listen to you.
Please, forgive me.
What difference does it make whether I forgive or not?
If Rajni learns that Sahu offered you money to keep your mouth shut..
..will she be able to forgive you?
I accepted money from Sahu! What're you saying?
Sahu offered me money too. I returned it.
But what've you done, being a father?
No, Abhijeet. I swear upon my daughter.
I didn't accept money. - Then why are you going?
Only for Rajni.
The case will go on. The lawyer will ask various questions.
He'll ask all sorts of things.
People will talk about it. We'll be disgraced.
You tell me, who'll marry my daughter after hearing all this?
All her life, my daughter will live with this stigma.
I won't be able to bear this! I won't be able to bear this!
Is this the reason? - Yes.
What if a decent boy is willing to marry her?
Where can I find one?
Who'll marry my daughter?
I will.
Abhijeet, you? - Yes.
If you get your daughter married to me..
..I'll give her the honor of a wife.
Abhijeet, you're saying this!
Rajni, listen to what Abhijeet is saying!
You're so fortunate.
No, father! No, father!
This isn't possible!
You're having sympathy on me! - No, Rajni.
I didn't realize when I fell in love with you. - No.
My life is a curse.
I don't want your life to be ruined.
It's not a curse to have you, it's my good fortune.
Abhijeet.. Abhijeet..
Rajni! - Abhijeet..
Rajni, do you hear the sound of birds?
The birds are migrating back to their destination.
Today even I've found my destination.
It's seems as if a star has shone in my dark life.
And the name of that star is.. - Abhijeet..
Hey, put off the lights.
What? - Put off the lights.
Why? - Please.
I put it off.
Liar! Put it off. - I did.
No. - How do you know?
I can identify light in the dark.
Like these eyes have identified you too.
Not only identified, I also attained you.
If I had sight, I'd see you to my heart's content.
What? - How my Lord looks like.
Rajni, did you hear?
The verdict for Kaliram's case has been given.
What's the verdict? - He's sentenced for five years.
Very good. - Yes. Very good. Have you packed your bags?
You both are going to Sonarpur tomorrow itself, right?
Yes, father.
But I don't wish to leave you alone and go.
Don't worry about me.
The good news is that Abhijeet is promoted.
He'll be in charge of four police stations in Sonarpur.
That's alright. But you'll be left alone.
Who'll look after you? You also come with us.
Silly girl! I'll visit you often.
What's this?
Wipe off your tears. It's a joyous day.
My daughter will go to her house.
On this occasion, you should smile, not cry.
Dear, don't cry. Don't cry.
Rajni. - Yes?
This is our small house.
Look, there's a garden ahead.
A river besides it and a mountain on the other side.
Come. Come.
This room.. - Yes. This is our drawing room.
The house is very beautiful, right?
I wish I could see.
So what?
You'll see with my eyes.
Yes. - Come.
You're always watering these plants. What's the matter?
Just like that. - What do you mean?
You won't understand.
But I understood.
That just like these blooming flowers.. want a little bud to blossom in our life too.
Hey Budhwa, Kali is coming today. Arrange for the garlands. - Ok.
Florist, make 2 nice garlands! Our master will soon be here!
Please, come sir.
Mani Ram. - Welcome, sir!
Greetings. - Greetings.
Mani Ram, I hope the pendant is ready.
Kali's sentence will be over today.
We're going to receive him. - It's ready, sir!
How can I delay your work?
Here it is. - Wow! It's beautiful indeed!
O Lord Ganesh! Have mercy!
God, may Kali live peacefully after wearing this!
O Lord Ganesh!
Our master has come after five long years!
Honor him with the garland!
Give me your blessings. - Bless you, my child!
My son has become so weak! - Yes.
Did you have problems in the jail? - No, father.
Sir, the talisman!
Oh yes! I forgot!
Take this, son. Wear this talisman.
May god bless you! - It's pure gold!
Yes, 40 gms.
You'll have lots of responsibilities now.
You go home. I've to meet the chief.
Budhwa, take him home. Go, dear.
Come, sir! Please come! Sit.
Great, sir! Just the perfect place!
He's out of the jail? Welcome, sir! Welcome.
Get me two bottles quick. - In a moment, sir!
How dare you sit in my way? Get lost!
Get up from my place.
In five years, all the cowards have become brave.
Sir, be seated. You've come back after five years.
What's the use of fighting now?
Thapa, bring the drinks soon!
Budhwa, where's that blind girl and that inspector Abhijeet?
They left this town after getting married.
Just forget about them! - Forget about them?
I was sentenced to five years for no crime of mine.
And you want me to forget about them? Never!
Take this!
What's this? I don't want this trash!
Get me my foreign brand. Take the money later. - We don't have it.
Did you forget those days..
..when you offered me a drink every time I passed this place?
But today you don't have it?
Go and get my brand or else..
Else what? Will you use force on us?
You were in the jail for five years, but that hasn't changed you!
How dare you say that?
You don't know who Kali is!
Budhwa. Go away! Leave me!
Budhwa. Go away! Leave me!
How dare he insult me?
He had the audacity to call me a ruffian!
And it's all because of that scoundrel inspector Abhijeet!
I swear..
I'll find him wherever he is. And I will avenge him for this insult.
Rajni! - Yes.
Just a moment.. - What're you doing?
Oh! Again you're dressed as devotee. - Here.
What's the occasion? - Do you have the time for that?
I have to call you to come home.
I was really very busy today.
I know very well what it must've been!
Catch thieves, lock them in a cell and then you torture them.
No Rajni, that's not the case. Look..
..even I've a family.
And soon there'll be a new member in our family.
So, I wouldn't torture lest I get cursed.
Instead I want them to pray for us, so that..
..nothing inauspicious happens in our lives. Understood?
I don't know why..
..but I'm afraid of one thing.
I just hope that our child is not like me.. - Shut up!
Do you know what Dr. Sen said? - What?
He said that you should always.. in a happy mood in this condition, got it?
Hello. Yes, Mr. Gopal, tell me.
Sir, we've information that..
..smuggled goods are coming through the river across the border.
Okay, I'll be there in a moment.
I think there's no checking on the bridge today.
Good morning, sir. - Morning!
Where's the truck? - There it is, sir.
Block the road as soon as they reach the middle of the bridge.
I'll cover them from behind. - Alright, sir.
Oh no! They've blocked the road.
Break the barrier and go on. Come on.
That's inspector Abhijeet.
Idiot! He has opened fire! Come on!
Through the bridge! I'll handle him.
See, dear. This is the most strategic place of our dealings.
Rope trolley.
A lot more! It's the wheel of fortune!
It's with the help of this rope that..
..smuggled goods are transported here, from foreign countries.
And then from here, it's transported to the local market.
Great, father! Our business has really flourished.
I'm impressed. - That's not enough. You ought to know the business.
Come with me. I'll show you something else.
Why did the truck return? Come with me Kali, let's see.
Where's Mr. Sahu? - Upstairs.
Why did you come back, Mr. Pradhan? - A grave problem, Mr. Sahu.
The police was on my trail. I just managed to escape.
O' lord! But you said that the road was clear.
It was, but inspector Abhijeet reached there.
Abhijeet? - Yes, the very same person who had imprisoned you.
That idiot has been transferred to Sonarpur.
You're shouting as if you've come home very early.
Being late has become a habit for you.
Oh no! I had been to the market to buy some things.
So I got late. I've brought something for you.
What is it? Tell me.
A cradle?
For the new member in our family.
Will our child sleep in the cradle? -Yes! Where else?
In my lap. - No..
..he'll sleep in the cradle. And..
..I'll sleep like this in your lap.
And then you'll sing a lullaby and put us to sleep.
Will I stay awake when you both are asleep? Never!
Who'll feed him if you go to sleep? - Shut up!
Okay! You just think about him and not about me!
Who else but you will I think about?
You mean everything to me. Look..
..if I've bought a cradle for him, I've bought a sari for you too.
Where is it? Show me.
Is it silk? - Yes.
Which color is it? - Red stripes.
Now wear it soon. - Why?
You forgot?
It's our wedding anniversary today!
We'll go out somewhere and celebrate this occasion.
Oh! So, you remember our marriage date? I thought you..
..remember nothing else but your work.
You're taunting me again!
Oh no! I was just joking.
Let's go. - Let's go.
Sir, this is the way to Sonarpur. - Shut up! I know!
"Our dreams of.. came true."
"Our dreams of.. came true."
"My lips sing songs of joy."
"Forgetting about the whole world, two soul mates united."
"Our dreams of love came true."
"Our dreams of love came true."
"If I could get eyes for a moment.."
"..I'd see all that I've heard of."
"I'd read your eyes."
"If I could get eyes for a moment,"
"I'd see all that I've heard of."
"Without seeing, see everything with my eyes."
"Our dreams of love came true."
"Our dreams of love came true."
"The paths strewn with thorns, are now strewn with blooming buds."
"So dance and rejoice!"
"The paths strewn with thorns, are now strewn with blooming buds."
"Let's go and tell everyone, beloved."
"Our dreams of love came true."
"Our dreams of love came true."
"Whenever I take birth, I wish to marry only you, my love."
"You be my bride."
"Whenever I take birth, I wish to marry only you, my love."
"And you take off my veil."
"Our dreams of love came true."
"My lips sing songs of joy."
"Forgetting about the whole world, two soul mates united."
"Our dreams of love came true."
Rajni, this night is so intimate.
There's such solitude here and it's raining.
It seems like only we exist in this whole world.
Just you and me.
And no one else.
Rajni, many more nights will come but..
..this rainy night will never come again.
Why not? Rainy nights will come next year too.
By next year, we won't be only one, but three of us.
You, me and him.
So what? Even he'll be a part of us.
Yes, but he won't let us sit peacefully like this.
And then, he'll have more right over you than me.
No, that can never happen.
I'll see your image in him.
When you're away from me, he'll never let me miss you.
Is it? - Yes..
..he'll bring us closer.
Then our love..
Damn! The telephone is the other woman in your life!
Wait, let me silence the other woman.
Sir, I'm the sentry from the check-post.
Saentry? From which check-post?
From Teesra Bazaar.
I've information that a truck carrying..
..smuggled goods, will pass from here.
Okay. - Did you call Mr. Gopal?
Yes sir, I did. But he's not home.
Is it? - Yes..
Make sure that the truck doesn't leave.
Block the road, I'm coming. - Ok, sir.
You'll go out in this stormy night?
Rajni, I'll have to go.
A smugglers' truck has been spotted.
They escaped the other day..
..but they won't today.
The inspector has left!
Let him die in the rain!
Go and switch off the mains.
Go. - Hurry!
Why did the lights go off?
Sister. - What is it?
Give me the torch. The lights went off.
How did the lights go off? - Maybe the fuse blew off.
What happened?
Hey, Kancha!
Why don't you speak?
What happened?
Who's it?
Who's over there?
You called me. - No, sir.
Didn't you? - No, sir.
Looks like someone played a prank.
Alright, stay alert. If a truck comes along.. the police station.
Alright, sir. - Open the gate.
Mr. Gopal!
Sir, you? At this hour? - Yes.
Since how long are you home? - Since two hours.
Is your phone not working? - It is. What's the matter?
No, nothing. Good night.
Good night.
Sir, the inspector's coming.
Why is it dark here?
Why are the lights off?
Where did they go?
Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
I'm Abhijeet.
Don't be afraid, I'm with you.
Don't be afraid, I'm with you.
The moment someone touches me, I feel that..
..devil has come again!
If you can give me even a small clue about him..
..I won't spare him!
Tell me something about him.
No, I don't have any clue!
My hands were tied, my mouth was taped!
He didn't say a word!
Just killed my baby! Just killed my baby! Just killed my baby!
Don't cry, dear! - What do I do now?
I'm ruined!
Calm down, dear. Calm down.
What happened?
Doctor, I wanted to ask her..
Mr. Abhijeet, please come here.
Why don't you understand Rajni's condition?
She's suffered a sudden shock which caused the abortion.
Do you know how much blood she has lost?
Please, let her rest.
I'm sorry, doctor, I couldn't stop myself.
I'm burning with rage.
I understand.
But it's not right to question Rajni now.
Let her recover. Come with me.
You go, I'll stay with her.
Good afternoon, sir. - Good afternoon.
Good afternoon, doctor. - Good afternoon.
I just got the news.
I was shocked. I really feel very much for you, my boy.
Dr. Sen, how is Mrs. Abhijeet?
The crisis is over.
Thank you doctor. - Thank you.
Abhijeet. I want the criminal arrested!
You'll get whatever help you need.
Thank you, sir. - Do you suspect anyone?
I cannot pinpoint,
I've been informed by the check-post, that the goons' jeep..
..had fake number plate.
Rajni cannot give any clues about them.
It was a rainy night. All clues have been washed away.
So I cannot get any definite clue.
But I'm confident I'll trace the culprits.
The fingerprint expert has sent a report..
..that all marks on this tape have been washed off due to the rains.
I'm going home now.
If you have any more news, call me at home. - Right, sir.
How's Rajni, father?
She's fine. She doesn't say anything.
She just sits near the cradle.
Who's it?
Why are you sitting here?
What else do I do? God snatched everything from me.
My happiness, my peace, my..
Tell me, what sin had I committed..
..that god punished me so?
No, Rajni.
Don't dishearten yourself like that.
Everything isn't over.
You'll see, happiness will return to our lives again.
This darkness will disappear, Rajni.
'Only I make such things in this region.'
'Wow! It's very pretty!'
Son, think again, fighting those goons is like playing with fire.
Whether I've to play with fire or clash against a mountain,
I cannot hold myself back.
Who'll trust a police officer who can't avenge his wife's insult?
Who'll believe that I can protect their life and honor?
This isn't just a matter of Rajni and my honor.
It concerns the prestige of the entire police force.
No father, I won't spare him.
No! I won't let you go!
You don't know how dangerous they are! They'll..
I know anything can happen to me.
But the one who wears this uniform has to take risks.
His life's always in danger. - No!
The brute who tied up a hapless woman like you and..
..tried to ruin you..
..until I don't arrest that animal..
..I won't rest in peace. - No!
I can't take that risk!
If anything happens to you, how will I survive?
I can't stake my husband's life!
Don't be stupid, Rajni!
Don't weaken me. You're my strength.
If you get disheartened, then how'll I do my duty?
I swear by you, before the sun sets tomorrow evening,
I'll have that fiend at your feet.
He's going. - Let him go, dear.
Let him do his duty. Have courage.
Mani Ram!
Welcome, inspector! I'm lucky that you visited my shop!
Can you tell me who made this locket?
This.. How do I know, sir?
You don't know, but I do.
Remember, you told me one day that in this area..
..only you've such craftsmanship.
I had, but I haven't made this.
You haven't? - No, sir.
Now do you know? Tell me.
I don't know, sir! - Who did you make this locket for?
I don't know, sir.
The owner of this locket has ruined my life.
You're a co-conspirator, so I won't spare you either. Tell me!
I'll tell you!
What're you saying, Mani Ram?
The inspector has Kali's locket?
Damn! We'll surely be finished now!
Kali! - What's it, father?
You didn't reform even after five years of imprisonment.
What happened?
Had you gone to Sonarpur? - Yes.
Why did you go? Why?
To take revenge! - Revenge!
The inspector has come to know! He's coming here to arrest you!
Let him come. I swear, he won't go back alive.
Have you gone mad? This inspector will mince you!
You escape through the back door!
I'll handle him. Go!
O' Lord Ganesh!
O' Lord Ganesh!
Come, inspector!
Where's Kali? - I'm seeing you after a long time!
Get some sweets! - Where's Kali?
At least sit. - I haven't come here to sit.
I've come for Kali.
Who? Kali!
He's not here. After being released from jail,
I sent him to Calcutta to get him treated.
You're lying! - What are you doing?
Tell me where is Kali?
No sir! I'm not lying!
Kali is not here! You can search the house if you want!
That will be futile because I know you've made him escape.
But remember..
..however smart you may act..
..but I'll arrest him by evening. Got it?
He's sir!
Help me lift him. - Yes. - Careful.
Congratulations, Mr. Pradhan! I've succeeded!
Welcome Kali. What's the matter? You look very happy.
I killed the inspector today. - What?
Inspector Abhijeet is dead?
Yes and by now, wild animals must've made a meal of him.
Wonderful! We must celebrate then!
Liquor. We'll also have liquor! Budhwa..
Ok. - Go to the village and bring all the dancers here!
Alright. - Phulwa!
If she refuses, pile her on your shoulder and bring her here.
Right, sir!
Phulwa, I've promised your sister..
..that I'll arrest him by tomorrow evening.
Do you know his den?
No sir, I don't.
Phulwa! - Who's it?
It's me, Budhwa! Sir has called you!
Sir? - Go.
Why has he called me? - He has thrown a party!
And without you, how can we have a dance?
Alright, we'll all come there! Where're we supposed to come?
The rope trolley bungalow behind the mountain!
We'll be there!
"O' beloved!"
"O' beloved!"
"Hey naughty girl! O' beloved!"
"O' beloved, what street is this?"
"O' beloved, what street is this?"
"This is a street, where if one comes here once..
..he cannot go back."
"You'll be fortunate if you can escape from here."
"O' beloved, what street is this?"
"O' beloved, what street is this?"
"This is a street, where if one comes here once..
..he cannot go back."
"You'll be fortunate if you can escape from here."
"O' beloved, what street is this?"
"This is a secret not to be revealed."
"There's a way to come in, but no way out."
"This is a secret not to be revealed."
"There's a way to come in, but no way out."
"Seems like this is a maze."
"Hold my hand."
"If I lose myself here, even you will get lost."
"O' beloved, what street is this?"
"O' beloved, what street is this?"
"Now that I'm here, where'll I go?"
"I've come here, ready to stake my life."
"Now that I'm here, where'll I go?"
"I've come here, ready to stake my life."
"It's not good to be stubborn, my love. - Beloved!"
"Be sensible. - I am!"
"You've lost your heart, at least save your life."
"I leave the rest to you."
"O' beloved, what street is this?"
"O' beloved, what street is this?"
"O' beloved."
"Even if I miss anyone."
"Even if news about me is spread elsewhere."
"Even if I miss anyone."
"Even if news about me is spread elsewhere."
"Yet I'll develop wings of the winds and escape from here."
"And the world will be left staring."
"O' beloved, what street is this?"
"O' beloved, what street is this?"
"This is a street, where if one comes here once..
..he cannot go back."
"You'll be fortunate if you can escape from here."
"O' beloved. - What street is this?"
"O' beloved. - What street is this?"
"O' beloved. - What street is this?"
"O' beloved. - What street is this?"
"O' beloved. - What street is this?"
"O' beloved. - What street is this?"
Phulwa, who was the guy who was dancing with you?
He's my to-be husband. - Is he? Then where did he go?
He was here just now. I don't know where he went.
You don't know! Until he comes..
..come and dance in my room.
Leave me! - Come on, you wretch!
Leave me. - Shut up!
Mr. Pradhan, I find something fishy.
You keep them all back I'll get the story out of her.
Leave me! - Guards! Surround them!
Make sure that no one escapes!
Tell me..
..who was that guy?
I said I don't know! - You don't know!
Tell me, or I'll kill you!
That was me.
Recognize me?
You? - Yes, me.
I've come to return your locket to you.
You had left it at my bungalow by mistake.
No. That locket isn't mine.
The impressions of sin are very deep, Kaliram.
They cannot be erased so easily. Take!
Don't worry Kaliram, I'll beat you..
..but not kill you.
I've promised Rajni I'll present you before her before sunset today.
Take, wear the handcuffs.
Inspector, now my men will take your corpse to your wife before sunset!
You're mistaken, Kaliram. You can't escape.
All the dancers outside are policemen.
Hold on to me.. or.. I'll die.
No Kali, I won't let you die.
I'll fulfill my promise.
I'll take you home alive.
Kaliram, just one shot from this gun can kill you.
But I don't want your corpse, but your hands.
You'll have to come with me before sunset today.
Come out!
Look, I've brought him!
You're back! - Come.
Yes, Rajni. I kept my promise.
The sun hasn't set yet and I've brought this animal to you alive!
No, take him away! His blood, his breath is poisonous!
He killed my baby.
Don't worry! I'll crush him to death.
Come on!
Let me go.
Let a fiend like you go?
No Kali, I can never let you go.
You killed my baby, Kali.
I won't spare you.
Father, what happened? - No, dear! Abhijeet is fine!
How did this happen?
Inspector, I had come to kill you.
What have I done?
Brutes like you should be punished like this.
Good I didn't commit this sin.
Take him away!
Mr. Gopal, arrest Sahu and his men.
Okay, sir. Arrest them. Take them.
Abhijeet, are you hurt? - No, sir, I'm fine.
Until we have officers like you, law will triumph.
I congratulate you, my boy. - Thank you, sir.
Take them all! Come on.
Abhijeet! - Get up
Abhijeet. - Rajni.
Abhijeet. Are you hurt? - No Rajni, I'm fine.
You're not hurt, are you? Tell me the truth. - No.
Really? - You're not hurt, are you?
"The paths that were strewn with thorns..
..are now strewn with blooming buds."
"Let's go and tell everyone, beloved."
"Our dreams of love came true."