Maxime Musqua - La Tour Eiffel

Uploaded by maximemusqua on 28.09.2011

Aww.. Ah, the Seine!
I’ve been living in Paris for two years now,
and I love this city so much that I decided to do a little tour.
Hmm, delicious!
Well, I’m going back down.
The Eiffel Tower is great,
but be aware that under the Eiffel Tower, there's even more amazing than the Eiffel Tower :
it’s the Game of small Eiffel Tower !
Let me explain the rules : there are two teams.
On one hand, people disguised as police officers, On the other people dressed as African.
People dressed as africains detain a bunch of small Eiffel Towers,
and they must distribute as much as possible to tourists,
before people disguised as policemen catch them.
But beware! There's a subtlety : the playing area is under the Eiffel Tower,
and when a player disguised as African comes on the grass
players dressed as police officers are no longer allowed to touch him.
That's the game !
What's great is that everyone can participate,
so we must enjoy it ! Here we go !!
Gotcha !
Go! Go go go!
[Maxime] - So gimme your stuff ! [Seller] - Why ?
[Maxime] - I won ! I’ll take all of it.
Wouhouuuuu !!!
Hop hop hop ! Gotcha !
Search ! Search, search ! Go go, here we go !
Hey you, bad player ! Just switch sides, if you're that bad !
Rah damn, not in the grass!
Raah I'll get ya !
I'll wait here. I'm not moving.
Oh shit. Excuse me...?
Could you hold my little Eiffel Tower for two seconds ? I need to tie my shoes.
Hey hey ! I found one! Get him ! Go ! Go !
Catch him, catch him ! He’s just there !
But it's the Game of the small Eiffel Tower !
[Policeman] - What's the Game of the small Eiffel Tower?
There's one team who dressed up as African, they hold small Eiffel Towers,
and the team dressed as policemen have to race the disguised as African people,
and they must recover the small Eiffel Towers !
Hey, you give me one ? Thanks !
Hi guys! I got three of them !
What about you ? Did you guys get any ?
[Policeman] - No, no no...
Oww... Yet there are everywhere ! I saw lots of them there!
Well I got three, that's enough, I stop playing ...
Good luck then! [Policemen] - Thank you...
Oh ! By the way, you can join my Facebook page to be informed of upcoming videos,
and you can also go to my website,
so you'll see that I’m not just some guy who keeps on running after Africans.
Damn it !
Subtitles : Aurore Taddei